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Christ The White Oppressor, His White Friends, And The Instruments Of Freedom

This is a tweet from Shaun King, one of the BLM kingpins and, apparently, not even Black.

Wait before you laugh at the tweet. Reflect on this:

  1. This guy is influential in its own circles. BLM has gained a lot of traction in the last months, courtesy of reckless Democrats and cowardly Republicans.
  2. What is madness today can be fashionable tomorrow. The idea of getting rid of the police would have been laughed as a childish fantasy only two months ago, it is now the official policy of a city like Minneapolis.

These people are satanical bastards. Predictably, Satan uses them and their (probably never sincere) social grievances to attack Christ.

I have great confidence in the ability of the American people to choose sanity in the end. But make no mistake, there is no sanity within BLM, and the melanin issue is merely a cover to achieve a fundamental destruction of all that is good and holy, and the annihilation of Christian America.

If all fails, if the police cowards away and the politicians kneels and the army looks the other way, it will come down to the AR-15 side of the discussion; a side in which our corner enjoys such superiority that it is not even funny (actually, it is; but one is supposed not to say it).

In Europe, you can’t get a rifle for personal defence.

In the US, you can still get an AR-15 with a (fitting) Psalm verse etched into it:

I am not sure Mr King would not call an AR-15 an “instrument of oppression”, like Christ. I, for myself, would call it an instrument of freedom.

People like Mr King remind us that we are never more than one generation away from tyranny.



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