Little Liberia, Or: How Are You Liking The “Summer Of Love”, Mssss Mayor?


I remember when the Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, said that the lawless anarchist zone in Seattle – the one she propped and helped to survive – might become a “Summer of Love”. This level of incompetence and stupidity clearly tells us this woman is a Democrat.

Only a couple of weeks, and the Chaz already counted his first violent death. Plus one wounded. Plus other episodes of violence. Plus the local anarch0-communists impeding the police’s (I mean, Dem police) “safe access to the victims” (what drivel, by the way; one of the two might have been the culprit; perhaps both committed crimes).

The linked article, from the communist, and in the past slavery-supporting, Guardian, tries to paint a positive picture of the zone, but not even they are so blind to reality that they cannot see that this is going – predictably , for everyone with a brain – down the drain very fast.

More shootings since the murder. No one knows much more, because this is a no-go zone now.

Congratulation, Mssss Durkan. You win the 2020 “Stupid Mayor Contest”.

Let us say one death in two weeks, makes an average of around fifty a year. For a zone where people live (or camp) numbering, I would say, no more than the low thousands. Makes Chicago look like a garden. Actually, it makes the Chaz look (because it is) a third-world chaos place like Charles Taylor’s Liberia. This is what the Dems do: they create and promote chaos, and hope they will thrive amidst the rubble. Their lives, their fridges, and their ice cream will be first class anyway.

It appears Mssss Durkan has now changed her mind. People more intelligent than her must have managed to get into her head that the Chaz is going to end very, very badly; that Trump is drawing more capital from its very existence by the day; and that it is now time to cut her losses and declare the entire stuff a failed experiment, perhaps trying to persuade everybody that there was so much lurv at the beginning.

She will now forever be tarnished, in the estimation of everyone with a brain (yes: many of them Democrats), as the Mayor who not only allowed lawlessness and anarchy in her city, but actually praised it as some sort of beautiful experiment.

This is not all: for the poor, dumb Mayor, even cutting her losses might now cause more losses. She is trying to get the anarcho-communist occupation to end peacefully. She might or might not succeed. If the criminal elements in the zone (many of them; the others are largely brainwashed cretins or culpable liberal residents) decide to put up a fight, this will become very fun as we will see another stupid Democrat politician being good at exactly nothing, failing in the promotion of anarchy and in its suppression alike.

I think they will just give money to the criminals and persuade them to go away. Who knows, the criminals might get the money and stay instead…

Little Liberia is going down after only weeks of just another senseless leftist “experiment”, ending like every leftist “experiment” does: violence, oppression, and general ruin. However violently – or not – Little Liberia dies, Liberals will be at pain to fantasise about the “positive aspects” of the “experience” etc.

Meanwhile, countless people with a brain, a family and a mortgage will decide that Democrats can’t be left in charge.




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  1. As an American, I really don’t know what is going to happen. Yes many people do see how violent and insane the Democrats are, but the speed of this takeover and it’s once-hidden true allies is astounding. It is hard to get a definite read on who is who, but even Fox News is suspect, it’s online highly rated conservative shows make them money, but the online content is pure mainstream. I’m shadow banned there, for conservative comments. Whatever I type, usually only I can see. The usual suspects are all in for the revolution. Nancy Pelosi said they are going to win the House, the Senate, and the White House, and the “American nightmare will be over”. Others begin. Almost all media defend the anarchists.
    The Communists have been allowed to pull down statues and riot unimpeded. I have a hard time imagining America will ever be the same. I know President Trump can’t run the country by himself, but it is devastating to see the level of capitulation to these mobs and violent demons who shriek and attack innocent people. They are right out of hell. Women screaming in police officer’s faces.
    Bishop Barron now says it’s up to the laity to protect our religious statues! As usual, the church is totally useless. Not a word out of them really, on St. Junipero Serra or the violence. They confirm once again they are in the tank for Communism. No surprise at all. What traitorous cowards.
    The Catholic Church, 99% of the media, all of educational institutions, universities, etc., Hollywood, the music industry, pop culture, corporations, have all gone over to madness, violence, lies, anarchy, manipulation, disruption, hate, venom, jealousy, resentment, license, calumny, and all things evil. Their father is the father of lies, a murderer and a liar from the beginning.
    Please pray for America.

  2. I just read Kate’s comment Mundabor. She is absolutely right. I have never seen anything like this even in the late 60s with the riots. The most troubling is the total capitulation of those tasked with upholding the law. The police have been so demonized they can’t do their jobs. And defunding is actually happening in little Liberias in our country. Even under Trump the Republicans are cowering feckless morons that apparently don’t realize they will be out of a job (and maybe much more) once the Communist takeover is complete God forbid. Generations of brainwashing in the Marxist colleges that everyone so foolishly revered as the key to success for their children in our land of the free is now coming to its rotten fruition. Unbelievably I’m not convinced of a Trump win And if he doesn’t win then the populace is much scarier than the Marxist democrats. God help us.

  3. It’s no coincidence that these protests occur in cities led by democrat mayors who have ordered their law enforcement to stand down. Joining the mayor of Seattle/CHAZ/CHOP is another out and proud lesbian, Lori Lightfoot of Chicago; leftist Mayor Wheeler of Portland, home base of Antifa; liberal black mayors of Atlanta, Washington, DC, and Richmond (my pitiful hometown where war is waged against statues); and the little boy mayor of Minneapolis where it all started, just to name a few other contenders for the “Stupid Mayor Contest”.

    These recent spectacles are free campaign ads for President Trump. It shows people a preview of life under a democrat administration which drifts further and further left: defunding/abolishing police, mob rule, loss of our rights and freedoms, and a “fundamental transformation” to socialism. I hope normal Americans are paying attention.

    • I honestly think they are.
      It would be difficult not to.
      Arms sales smashed the old record in May.
      People listen. They don’t talk, but they learn..

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