Black Voices Against Madness Matter


This guy is seriously good (bar the tattoos, of course).

I discovered him yesterday, when I watched this video. He has solid common sense, and actually talks like a man who refuses to be indoctrinated and brainwashed.

He has already had 1.65 M views (yesterday were less than 1.6 M), and I can well imagine that a good number of these views were actually by Blacks.

Things are changing. As the Economist keeps virtue signalling with a laughable prediction that Biden has an 87% probability of winning  (mind; Hillary had 91%!), people like this honest man start singing a different tune.

In 2016, I remember Diamond and Silk. I think Candace Owens came later. Now we also have Officer Tatum at 1.6 million views on this video, and 797k subscribers on his channel. We have the Hodgetwins at more than 500k subscribers. A sample below



Listen to them and you will really understand how much is changing, and how the likes of the Economist’s shills with their fake polls live in Cuckoo Land.

First, we need to have Trump win in November. At that point, the dam gates in the Black community will open.  In time, they will address issues like single motherhood, abortion, all the evils coming from life in the plantation, courtesy of the Democratic transfer policies.

Congratulations to these counter cultural warrior for a better world, and against the darkness of Black Lives Matter.

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  1. What a joy to behold! The twins are really funny and right.

  2. Thanks for the videos. I posted the one of Officer Tatum on Facebook. I keep waiting to see which FB friends will unfriend me. There’s one lady who can’t get through the day without vilely bashing Trump. It’s been going on for three years. She alternates these with posts saying we should all be kind to each other. She’s a Democrat and a Catholic. For her the Democratic Party is her religion and the Catholic Church is her party. As Catholics we’re taught to put our religion before our party so I assume she’ll be cancelling me. 🙂

  3. My parents had friends from every neighborhood when I was growing up, & we would socialize with Brother Jackson (not sure his denomination) and his neighbors for potluck meals or at restaurant banquet groups. The one thing we all had in common was being conservative. These videos reminded me of those friends and I really enjoyed them. I’ve sent them to my sons.
    I should mention that Annie’s ‘FB friend’ reminds me of my Irish family. My Mom was nearly disowned when she became a republican. My grandmother had a picture of the Sacred Heart and a picture of John F Kennedy hanging side by side in her living room. There was a candle between them and I always wondered who it was meant for. 😉 She loved JFK.

  4. I love these guys. Another one is Amazing Lucas. Oh. My. Goooooodness!

  5. If you have the chance, look up “Kevin’s Corner” on you- tube. He is an exceptional man.

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