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Counteroffensive, And A New Threat On The Horizon

Donald Trump himself is, via tweet, encouraging the search for some of the criminals who have vandalised statues in the last weeks.    

This was, as it soon became apparent, not a symbolic act.

First arrests yesterday, a new task force created, 500 investigations underway.

500 investigations means, I would say, a massive counteroffensive. Belated, but still very welcome.

It is always so in time of violent disruption. It takes a while before an organised reaction can be organised. This time, the delay was scarily long, but things are moving.

Note here: it is Federal organs who are acting. This is Trump and his men acting to finally restore law and order, punish vandals and anarcho-communists, make the citizen feel that they live in a First World Country again.

Meanwhile, the Soy Boys and Latte Girls at Liberal Central are still trying to solve the mess they have themselves created. The CHAZ/CHOP barriers should go down today (Sunday), but the risk of confrontation is still there. The Summer of Love might well become the Summer of Police Baton, or another Long Hot Summer, like in 1967, if the anarcho-communists feel strong enough and the Soy Boys and latte Girls are, well, as dumb as ever.

Still, something is happening here, and the sooner the counteroffensive progresses, the sooner America will start to seriously reflect on the madness of it all, with great advantage for Trump’s side.

All fine, then? Not really.


The way I see it, only one thing now stays in the way of a great victory in November: Trump allowing himself to be taken hostage by the Faucis of the world, and starting another lockdown. If this happens, I think the victory in November will be in great danger.

On no account there must be another lockdown. 

Will Trump understand, or will he listen to the likes of Jaranka and shoot himself in the head? 

Please, God, give this guy the strength to do what he ought, and the sense to avoid listening to Dr Fauci any longer.



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