Shut Up Or Man Up, Or: Why Some Are Presidents And Most Others Aren’t.


Once again, an allegedly conservative person refuses to man up and, faced with opposition, thinks that the smart thing to do is resigning.

This is, admittedly, only the mayor of a 2,000 inhabitants Alabama town. But his weakness of character and lack of attributes can be seen everywhere these days, particularly in the deafening silence of those (bar Trump, as always) who have a clear duty to speak.

This Mayor, who is not an important Congressman or Senator, did not have to speak about the Crimson Tide’s (stupid and totally reprehensible) video. But once he did speak, one would expect he would not fold like that. We are at the point where you resign because some people are angry at you. It’s as if being liked by everybody would be a defining feature of a local conservative politician.

Meanwhile, Mayors of much bigger cities like Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Baltimore, or New York make a pig’s breakfast of their own cities and not only do not resign, but counterreact with more easy demagoguery, like having Black Lives Matter painted, at your expenses, on walls and roads. They don’t care how they look in the eyes of the silent majority. The silent majority will have to suck it up, because these major are on the side of the violent and bullying minority, which is the safest corner right now. 

This needs to stop. Timid Facebook posts followed by prompt resignation, or apologies, or both need to leave place to either shutting up first or manning up later. You don’t need to be liked by everybody, but you need to show that you have integrity, courage and the guts to stay by what you have stated. Even as the Mayor of a 2000 small village, you have the duty to be an example.

Can you imagine Trump resigning over a tweet?

Do you realise, now, why he is the President and most others aren’t?



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  1. Cowardice is just one of the results of the covid-1984 travesty of a crisis.

  2. To me, Trump is THE MAN!

  3. Whatever that character trait he has is, he has it in spades and most people do not. It’s Trump’s defining characteristic, maybe it’s fearlessness. He’s adamant about doing the right thing, and he’s not perfect, but he’s amazingly good. He’s a no-nonsense guy who still shows naivete at times, which is astonishing, he seems to believe most people are good, but he gets mad as heck when they’re not. God is all over this man, it’s impossible to avoid believing his path is anointed by God, that God sustains him. It’s the most unlikely thing in the world, Donald J. Trump. As a work of fiction nobody would find his election and presidency believable. Yet here it is. He stands between America and anarchy, full-throated Marxism. If he is not elected this November, it’s all over but the civil war that will follow as the boot comes down on the necks of white Americans. White Americans need to get over their BLM-love immediately. Go give the 1619 Project trash a good listen, to see what they think of you. You can kneel, you can take a knee, you can kiss their shoes, denounce your family and promise to vote for Biden, give them your job and house, but see what they think of you.

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