The Novus Ordo And Us

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Inferior to wine. Not poisonous at all. Inferior to wine. Not poisonous at all.

Please take the comparison below only as drink comparison. That wine is used in the Consecration is not relevant here.


With V II the Church gave us, together with many other mistakes, a second-class Mass. Second-class, not sinful. Second-class, not something that would be even a grave matter to attend.

Speaking of drinks (and letting aside the sacramental aspect at the Mass) we were accustomed to wine. One day,  the Church told us wine is a drink for stuffy old people, and Coca Cola is the new drink the Church gives to you: bubbly, fizzly, young, dynamic, in tune with the new times, good for young and old, and apt to have many more people get at the table.

Coca-Cola is sugary, superficial, vastly inferior to wine in everything, pretty much of a child’s drink compared to it. But it can never…

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  1. Vatican II and all its evil offshoots (Novus Ordo Mass) was be abrogated in its entirety. It has been a catastrophe for the Church and a work of the devil.

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