Where Mundabor Agrees (Or So He Thinks) With BLM.


Another brutal example of senseless, unjustified, brutal violence against innocent Blacks has made it to the news. 

I wonder how many episodes of the sort actually don’t.

This hemorrhage of young Black lives has to stop.

Black lives matter. I mean, all lives matter, but black lives, too.

I am sure that Black Lives Matter, and all Democrats in power and vocally active in defence of the minorities, will now cry to the sky, and ask extremely vocally for measures that protect young Black Lives.

This is going on every day. It causes the loss of hundreds of Black lives every year, many of them completely innocent. Hundreds.

I am sure, I am absolutely positive, that Black Lives Matter will be decrying this, and the many other episodes all to resembling to this one, vigorously demanding that law and order be restored everywhere, but particularly in the difficult neighbourhoods of cities like Chicago.

Black lives matter. Every one of them. And every life, Black or otherwise, matters in the same way. A black life does not become less relevant because it has unjustly been cut short by, say, a policeman, or a thug. Every black life represent the loss of the same human life. There are no losses that are more special than others. To think so would be to promote, and practice, active racism, dehumanising those deaths that are not politically expedient.

No. Every Black life matters in the same way.

I am sure that Black LIves Matter will agree with me.

How could it be otherwise?


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  1. Agree. Black lives matter, but to whom? My impression that those behind BLM are using Blacks as fodder for anarchy and a reliable voting block. If they really cared about Blacks they support Charter schools and reform of the Black harming welfare system,

  2. Black lives matter to the movement in their nullification, under certain circumstances, as opposed to the actual living of black (or any other) lives.
    I did not see anything 0n the news about planned-parenthood “clinics”/arbortoreums being ravaged in the riots despite 70% of them being in those poor black neighborhoods. Retail outlets, electronics and liquor stores, mom & pop groceries were all attacked though.
    The black family unit, dad+mom+kids is despised despite the fact that it is a cornerstone for success for all, including black, children.
    Black lives thaat aren’t given a da*n about are those of unborn black humans, blacks murdered by other blacks, single black moms struggling alone to save their children, blacks with real jobs and their black employers.
    Another totally hypocritical organization with a catchy name using the black minority as a pry bar to tear open the American society.

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