The Second Lockdown


The big guy reminds me of Robert E. Lee. Does the little guy remind you of Stonewall Jackson?

You just need to visit for one minute the comments section of every conservative site when the article commented mentions the word “lockdown”, to see what people in Trumpland think of it.

The fact is, a second nationwide lockdown would be a catastrophe. I would not cry “we have lost”, or abandon myself to the defeatism so many conservative commenters seem to enjoy (I wish I had a dollar for every “it’s all over” comment I have read since the begin of the Internet), but certainly it would be the biggest gift Trump can make to his adversaries. If you ask me, already the first lockdown was too long, and Trump pushed it a bit too far before starting to work for reopening. Whilst the discipline is in the hands of the States, the input coming from the White House is, as everybody has noticed in March, extremely important.

In my eyes, Trump should do this:

  1. Constantly criticise the Democrats for crying that the end was near when it was convenient to damage him, and forgetting everything about the Chinese Virus when…. it was convenient to damage him. This should be relentless, day in and day out.
  2. Never mention, or even consider, or propose, or ponder about, a second nationwide or almost nationwide lockdown.
  3. Constantly remind the Americans to be brave in battle, and not to desert their post. The Brits went to work under the bombs during the Blitz. Everyone should reflect on this.
  4. Fire, or sideline, or isolate Dr Fauci, now. Fauci has shown a very alarming propensity to think he can make policy. He needs to go. He needs to be substitute by someone taking great care to only talk about facts and stats, but always referring to the decisions of the elected personnel when asked about policy options.

Trump is in the middle of two storms right now: the BLM Attempted Revolution and the Chinese Virus. The first event will work for him if he navigates it correctly (which he seems to be doing). The second is an unknown at the moment, and I am terrified of whom he might lend his ear to if the second wave proves (or is said to be) a massive one.

God forbid, Dr Fauci and Jaranka;s influence determine the campaign and the President’s actions in the last fourth month of the race.






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  1. Well said Mundabor. I agree 100%.

  2. As this outsider reads it, the so-called ‘second-wave’ in the United States is a consequence of the media changing their emphasis from death-rate, which is rapidly-declining, to case-rate, the increase of which is either real or a function of increased testing. If case-rate increase is due to increased testing, a corresponding drop in date-rate is very good news; if the increase in case-rate is real, it should be even better news, because an increase in the number of cases with a decrease in the number of deaths would strongly indicate a radical decrease in the virulence of the virus and that the end of the epidemic is at hand.

    This hysteria doesn’t seem to be as strong in Europe, suggesting that the American reaction is strongly political rather than purely medical.

    • Very well said.
      In Europe politicians are focusing on remedying the immense damage they have caused. They are terrified of people waking up. IN the US, they would try to poison the wells if they knew this can damage Trump.
      I trust that real people, the law-abiding and mortgage-paying ones, are listening very attentively and taking notes.

  3. I will not be told how to dress, what to wear or how many friends I can have over for a party.
    Among other things.

  4. Pegon Zellschmidt

    I’m wondering what is in his mask?

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