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Instant Karma, Garrett Foster Edition

The video tweet below has the episode I was mentioning in my last post.

This was filmed in Austin, where a wannabe tough guy says the people who “hates us” are “too big of a pussy” to do anything about his AK 47. His name is (was) Garrett Foster.

Guy is clearly looking for trouble; but, being a clear case of Libtardation, does not understand that Austin is in Texas, and in Texas a lot of people are; 1) armed, and 2) clearly not pussies.

It seems abundantly clear that no charges will be pressed against the citizen who shot him in self-defence. This means that the police/prosecutors have decided that Garrett Foster threatened the citizen with his AK 47 and discovered, too late, that you can’t threaten someone with a deadly weapon without running the risk of being smoked on the spot.

Mind, I am all in favour of citizen carrying open. But there’s a big difference between carrying a gun and using your gun to threaten and intimidate someone. This is aggravated assault, and justifies a deadly response.

Also mind: citizen called 911 as soon as he could and was cooperative with the police. It seems that if you are an upright citizen, you will be fine even in a liberal stronghold like Austin.

Unless new elements come to light (which, at this point, is unlikely) we will remain to the facts as they are today: Garrett Foster, Libtard, looked for trouble, and instantly found it.

Congratulations, Mr Foster.

You are in a good position for the Darwin Prize 2020.


Instant Karma


In these tense days, I think it my duty to do what I can to bring a smile on the face of my esteemed readers.

The story is here: in short, a very angry woman and a strange human being who might, or might not, be in possession of a vagina brutally assaulted (likely from the back, as he says it was so sudden) a Wisconsin State Senator who was taking photographs of the mob taking down a monument.

I do not know exactly who did what, and it seems that several people participated in the assault. However, these two are considered two of the assailants, probably the main two assailants.

Look at them. The person on the left is clearly recognisable as a female; but, a while after the assault, her look is still expressing ruthless, cold, steely hatred. Meanwhile, the person on the right could be your typical soy boy, but the linked article assures us that this person also has, in fact, a vagina. As we all know that sex is destiny, we will archive her as “female” once and for all.

So, these two individuals viciously kick and punch the Senator, likely from the back, because he was photographing a crime in which the mob was engaging. Make no mistake, they will do time.

One of the two was a “school social worker”. I do not know what a “school social worker” does. There were no “school social workers” where I grew up, and I grew up just fine anyway. I do not even know who of the two disquieting human beings was the social worker, and it pains me to say that I would not be surprised to know that it was, in fact, the one with the blue and green hair, looking like John Goodman’s difficult nephew. Still, look at the sinister light in the other one’s eyes and you would not know what is worse.

The story is funny enough, as it features two violent Social Justice Warriors who were just too stupid to understand that reality would catch up with them sooner or later (the events are around one month old; so, this was later rather than sooner…).

But it gets better…

It turns out the poor Democrat Senator was punched and kicked to a very sorry state whilst trying to explain to his assailants that he was on their side.

Poor, poor Senator Carpenter, caught in the middle of the same destructive violence he supported and celebrated! Instant karma, then…

I wonder if State Senators have immunity, because it seems to me that the guy has self-denounced himself of encouraging violence and incitement to a riot.

This summer of 2020 is giving us a number of these hilarious episodes (a guy almost burned another criminal alive in Portland a couple of days ago; another idiot wounded three fellow rioters accidentally firing his rifle; a third one was dispatched in Austin, hours after bragging that his “pussy” opponents would do nothing against him and his rifle).

I wish I had the time to write about them all…

God knows we all need a smile.








Gun Owners and Creepy Joe, Or: Real Life Polls.

I read today an article on The Truth About Guns concerning gun sales. I quote from memory as I cannot link it here.

First half on 2020 compared to first half 2019. Gun sales plus 95%. Ammo sales plus 139 %. Millions of new gun owners.

This seriously cannot be good news for Biden. I would say that this is another “soft” indicator – or, if you prefer, “real life poll” – telling you what is happening on the ground.

A person deciding to undergo the expense and hassle of buying his first gun – and, therefore, not a gun enthusiast already – in this very particular year is a person who is alarmed.

Let us think: is he afraid of Federal agents sent by Trump? Or is he afraid of looters invading his home, or of left wing nutcases attacking him and his family in his car?

Will he, more likely, be a diehard Trump supporter; or a Centrist, likely an Independent voter?

Is he more likely to blame his newly-discovered need for a gun on Trump team, or on Biden team, which includes all the hard leftist Mayors promoting riots, and whom Biden actually supports?

And once he has realised the practical beauty of the Second Amendment, is he more, or less likely, to support Trump?

Well, call me naive, but I will go out on a limb and think that these millions of new gun owners represent, in great part, new or renewed support for Trump. On the other hand, I can imagine very few of these millions going home and thinking “dang! Trump forced me to buy a gun! Can’t wait for Biden to win and to start implementing some serious gun control measures!”

Do not expect many of these people, for whom the penny dropped sometime between March and June, to publicly state that they will now support Trump. Their Facebook following would be greatly damaged, and possibly decimated. The wife will blame them for the garden parties at which she is not invited. Their colleagues will consider him a White Supremacist, and an uber pariah. He does not want that. Too many liberals around, you see.

Still, I think that most of these millions of new gun owners will either renew or give their confidence to Trump.

Because few things focus the mind more than having to think about how to protect yourself and your family from a bunch of looters enabled by leftist politicians.

Man Up And Get Rid Of The Fear

Man Up And Get Rid Of The Fear  

Please forward this however you can.

Predictably, the Uber Nazi Nannies are censoring this.

I hope Trump and his men take notice of the way big corporations are openly, shamelessly trying to dictate what the public should hear.


White Lives Thinking They Matter

Follow me for a moment here, and let us play a little game:

When I tell you “Black Lives Matter”, without any picture or video, what associations come to your mind? George Floyd? Rayshard Brooks? Even, say, Maxine Waters?

If you are like me, the associations that come to your mind are pretty much exclusively of young, angry White people smashing, burning, vandalising federal property (the males) or just screaming, filming their own bitchiness and virtue signaling like there is no tomorrow (the females). 

There isn’t much “Black” left in Black Lives Matter. Granted, the founders of the movement are rich in Melanin; but their Marxist message has been hijacked by a mainly White, and very angry crowd.

I will attempt a deep sociological observation here, and I apologise in advance if I am being politically correct in any way, shape or sort.

Marxism is not strong among Blacks. I think that the majority (at least outside of the ghettos) are hard working, serious people trying to make a decent living and caring for children, friends, hobbies, hopefully religion, and such stuff. With them, BLM never had a chance.

If we, however, limit our look at the bad elements, it seems to me that they are mostly interested in what’s in it for them, now: if there is something to loot, or fun to smash, or making it easy to deal drugs because there is less police around, they are all for it. But the long-term, zero-pay, ungrateful project of establishing a completely new, Marxist society and running the risk of having Federal agents giving you a new nose – or several years in jail – without any monetary profit is just not attractive to the average small criminal, gang banger, or dumb ass of the George Floyd / Rayshard Brooks sort.

They just aren’t interested in a new society. They are interested in whatever has attracted the attention of their very low intelligence today, be it getting drunk, passing fake notes, selling some dope, or doing something else that is very stupid and, in the long term, leading to jail. Still, it seems to me that they are willing to go to jail to make money out of drugs, *not* to establish a Marxist Paradise.

For that, we have the professional, lily White, Uber Angry, Leninist Storm Troopers (see what I am doing here?)

They are the failed sociology students, the failed political sciences students, the failed liberal arts students; the unemployed, unemployable full-time protesters; the gender nutcases and the confused no-nuts-anymore cases; the full-on cases of hysteria blaming the world because they have made themselves unable to properly function in it.

They, not the ghetto looters or the petty Black criminals, are – in their majority – the ones who stand in line every evening in Portland, trying to do as much damage as they can before the hatred eats their livers; those who go around smashing windows in Seattle and pining for the next Autonomous Zone; those always ready to chant, cry, agitate their phones around and, in general, make total asses of themselves; those, also, who seem never to have a job to attend to the following day.

The ghetto looter has, at least, a practical approach to his chosen path. These idiots don’t have even that. Dozen of them have already been arrested, and there is no doubt that, in time, federal jail sentences will be generously distributed among them. It’s as if the lingering realisation that they are complete pieces of shit made it so important for them to have one aim, one redeeming feature in their wasted lives, that, for that, they will be ready to go to jail, capturing their incrimination material on video for the jurors to really understand, and almost smell, what pieces of shit they actually are.

Black Lives Matter has clearly become a very angry, very White, very Soya Latte affair in which, as always, White leftists patronise everybody, signal virtue like there is no tomorrow, and condescendingly accept to take on their elitist backs the burden of the poor, persecuted Blacks; Black whom they see as modern Kunta Kintes unable to care for themselves, and awaiting liberation and justice from the Venti Latte Troops.

The fact is: there aren’t many Marxists in the Country. Outside of YWAFs (Young, White Academic Failures), they are basically non-existent. After the first wave of excitement has subsided and the looting possibilities have become very thin, the BLM proposition has become very ungrateful to your average petty criminal. Alas, you can’t make a revolution with the Latte Troops alone. You need an awful lot of smashers, grabbers, committed desperados, dedicated thieving bastards.

Alas, they seem more interested in selling drugs. The White Plantation Owners will never have an army of willing slaves following them. Actually, they are a wonderful PR machine for Trump.

There. That’s Pepe the Frog just in the middle of the Venti Latte Soya.

Enjoy the show. The nation is watching, and November is coming.










Heresy, Sodomy, And Corruption: Bergoglio’s Deep Church At Work And Why Trump Should Get A Closer Look At It


This long Marco Tosatti interview to Archbishop Vigano’ reads like a horror tour of all the major plagues of the Church in the XXI Century: doctrinal subversion is fuelled by sexual perversion, amplified by corruption, and the three work together in trying to destroy the Church as the Bride of Christ. In the mind of Bergoglio, Cupich, & Co, the Church should be nothing more than a convenient, comfortable place whence atheist, communists and sodomites promote all the causes of Globalism, as they lead a cushioned, often outright perverted existence themselves.

I invite you to read the article in its entirety (it is not short) because, not for the first time, Archbishop Vigano’ exhibits a lucidity of thought that helps the layman to understand the mechanisms currently at work in the Church better than many denunciations made by outsiders. This is a guy able to explain to you in simple words, say, why an administrative procedure instead of a criminal one is chosen, what the practical consequences are, and why this inserts itself in a broader plan of general prostitution of the Church to the interests of the world in exchange for money and protection from the Western press; a press, I add, which is clearly unwilling to investigate too much about the dirty laundry of an organisation so aligned with them and their secular agenda they can’t even believe it.

Speaking of prostitution: the alleged payment of billions of dollars to the Vatican by Chinese authorities could become a very interesting topic in the next years.

On one hand, you would not expect the United States to embark in a deep review of the internal affairs of another Sovereign Country (the State of Vatican City). On the other hand, the last years have certainly caused the White House to look very, very attentively at the traditional – and less traditional – ways in which Peking (see what I am doing here?) is seeking to gain influence in the West.

Remember this: Archbishops Vigano’ has President Trump’s ear. In fact, it seems to me that this detailed interview had as its main addressee – besides the denunciation of Bergoglio’s schemes to an authentic Catholic audience – the White House itself.

“Look closely at what is happening there”, Vigano’ seems to say. “Look at the way the Chinese have bought the Bergoglian apparatus, and have been corrupting the Church for many years, in order to promote an Anti-Christian and anti-American agenda in the West”.

The way the Archbishop describes the Chinese influence within the Vatican, and the many reasons why this influence is welcome (in order to line the pockets of many), practically expedient (in order to keep the attention of the press away from sodomites and pedophiles), and politically charged (in order to decrease the American influence over the West) will, I think, find attentive ears in Washington; because at this point this is not merely an internal affair of the Church, but an important square in the chessboard of the Sino-American relationships (or, hopefully, lack thereof).

Archbishop Vigano’ is God’s gift to the Church. I do not agree with everything he says, but there can be no doubt that we have in front of us a man of great integrity, vast competence, and in possession of a  very, very sharp mind.

Let us pray for him today, then. Like President Trump, he is one of those sent to us to help and comfort us in these times of distress.


Triple Motivation, or: The Revenge Of The Useful Idiots?

This year, we are all awaiting with great interest to know who the VP candidate for Joe Biden will be. Whilst Tim Kaine was barely perceived as alive (albeit it is not necessary to be alive to vote Democrat), the new Veep candidate will be the de facto candidate to the Top Job.

What we know up to now is this:

  1. The candidate will not have won a Presidential Primary (unavoidable)
  2. The candidate will have a vagina (mandatory)
  3. The candidate will not be White (mandatory)
  4. The candidate will be fully on board with both abortion and alphabet agenda. (unavoidable)
  5. The candidate will be on the side of the rioters (probable).

You may think that point 4 will not make a great difference and, in fact, we could observe in the last cycles that millions of people who call themselves Christian do not hesitate to vote for a party so obviously pushing the devil’s work. However, I think this time we might have some surprises.

If the taboo of the Black allegiance to Democrat is broken (it seems very likely; see my lats post), who is to say how long the reluctance to vote Republican will last? I reflect that many of the people who are now thinking of voting Trump because of the way he is giving them more opportunities are the same people who (take for example Southern Baptists, or other Black Protestants) must have been uncomfortable for many years now with voting Democrat and supporting abortion.

In the past, they could have persuaded themselves that the economic issues demand that they vote for the Democrats. But this is getting more and more difficult when, to the already thorny issue of abortion, you add both the Alphabet agenda and the realisation that the Democrats simply want to keep them in the Plantation.

So you have a very powerful triple motivation to ditch decade-long allegiances: economy, abortion, perversion. It is fair to say that, until the beginning of the decade, only one of the three issues was really center stage, and only during the second Obama administration did the Democrats go Full Fag.

I am more uncertain as to the Latino population, because I suspect that the many Catholics in this ethnic group take religion less seriously than many of their Black Protestant counterparts. Still, the way Biden goes Full Bernie, and Bernie goes Full Castro, should be a sufficient element to move at least some of the Cuban vote further in favour of Trump. I doubt abortion and perversion will do much to move votes on that corner, but you never know.

In a word, it seems to me that everything is working against the Democrats, and that they are not noticing it. Like a Francis in great form, they keep looking stupid because they cannot see that they do.  Their idea of winning an election seems to coincide with getting support on Twitter and Facebook. Yes, I think they are that stupid.

Plus, some leading Democrats might know better, but might be guided by the desire to save their seat, and the Country be damned. Nancy Pelosi, for example, must live in terror of being AOC-ed in her own, very leftist, Constituency. Therefore, she veers to the left, fully uncaring of the damage she inflicts on the Country, but confident that this is the best way to save her seat and – even from the opposition – her influence and the many way in which she can, after reaching more than $120m of family patrimony, march toward the $200m barrier and break it. Yep, having a Pelosi in the family seems better than having a doctor. You don’t let some AOC or Tlaib ruin that, do you?

I think the democrats top echelon are doing all wrong while ensuring that they stay in power after November. I actually think the top echelon might be seeing this, and not caring one bit. It’s the others who are their useful idiots. How many of these wake up and smell the coffee (many, it appears), might decide the November vote, or make of a victory a landslide.








Liberalism Will Destroy Your Brain

Please follow the link to this article and watch the video.  

It is quite something to see, but not really shocking considering this is, well, Portland.

What is more shocking is the total inability of the two women to become aware that they were under attack, and react accordingly (that is: fight or flight, more likely flight).

The first woman, who has an obvious escape route the other side of the counter, remains on her place, watching her attacker like a perfect imbecile until she gets whacked with the saw (yes: could have been much worse). It is not only that she is one of slow reactions. It is that it is obvious that her upbringing and ideology led her to think that it would be prejudiced, and actually racist, to start to flee at the appearance of a Black man walking toward her in a laundromat with a saw and, clearly, hostile intentions. That saws have normally not much to do in a laundromat clearly escaped her desire not to “profile” the Black guy. You can literally *watch* her little, liberal brain frantically trying to elaborate the information coming to it, and desperately trying to avoid “acting racist”.

The second girl appears to be even more stupid. She does not have enough sense to run away and tell the first woman to do the same. No. She tries to “engage in dialogue”. “Use words!” I can’t avoid thinking that she thought she could “talk” him out of his “justified” rage. I wonder if she found the time to apologise for her “White privilege”. She sees a madman with a saw, and the idea that her time might have come does not even brush against her.

It is only after the second, *big* whack that normal instinct starts to come back, and one of the women discovers common sense, decides that political correctness isn’t worth being made a stew, and runs away fast. The second woman appears to remain where she is, likely terrified that life has taught her that that guy, a victim of Trump, could have killed her in a second and a half.

The story is made worse by the fact that, this here being Portland, the usual suspects put obstacles in the work of the police, immediately promoting the madman with the saw to the coveted, but very easily given status of “victim”.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that these people are screwed in the head, big time; and I am not talking about the man with the saw.

I used to think you could persuade them with solid arguments about, say, the killing of babies in the womb, or the fact that men are, having a willie, men. I think I was being too naively optimistic.

The rot has gone to the very core of these people’s brains. It has come to the level of insanity where they are unable to recognise a Black guy as a menace, literally, to save their lives. The two women could have been killed or maimed very easily in a matter of seconds. What saved them is merely the obvious inability of the man to keep his attention on one purpose, no matter how senselessly evil, for more than five seconds at a time, before he decided to have diced meat for lunch.

The only way out is to wait that these people die, because most of them will never recover. Again, I am not talking of the madman. These people will try to discuss social justice with the people murdering, or raping them.

“I just wanted to let you know that I am very…. AAAARRGGGHHHH!”

I keep assuming that rational arguments will win the day in time, or when people become a bit older and start having a mortgage, a job they want to keep, and a pension plan.

I am very much afraid these people will, if they are not killed before, keep tweeting angry tweets when they are 89, from a hospice paid by those who have actually made something with their lives.

In Case You Think Trump Is In Trouble


Rasmussen is a very reliable polling firm. They went very near to the end results in 2016. They have been consistently reliable.

They say Trump is cleaning up.

Granted, this is only July. He can do damage to himself in a variety of ways before November. But there is no mistaking the message here: Biden is going nowhere fast; which is good, because he would not remember where he is trying to go in the first place.

As the article mentions, turns out Blacks and Latinos do not like riots, either. They will never be as vocal as the Twitter Mob, though. They probably are, in many ways, the usual social conservative types, averse to making noise. But they see what is happening, and are taking notes.

This, mind, from the background of an economy that has not restarted anywhere near where it will be in November. When that happens, more minority voters will choose to either support Trump or stay home. If Democratic governor try to cut their voter’s face to spite Trump, the latter will be very fast in exposing the trick, and the voters (minority, or not) will notice this, too.

I also offer another caveat: Rasmussen itself had Trump down 10% in the popular vote to Biden, which means that the polls are not very reliable yet (not even theirs) and the situation remains volatile. Still, when they consistently say that Trump was at 40% approval among Blacks (this was with the economy roaring, before Coronavirus) and is at above 40% among “people of color” now, in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis, it tells you that the gaslighting that is going on from the MSM is absolutely massive.

Third warning: when the Dems pick their BVWSG (Black Vagina With Social Grievances) the percentage of people “of color” that will vote for Trump will go down. But not much, I think. Many Blacks and Latinos are not racist. They will not vote for the White Male Candidate with the BVWSG in his ticket to spite the White Male Candidate without.

It is not in his character, of course, but I think that even if Trump locked himself in his basement, and let Biden free to roam around as he pleases until November, Trump would still win in a landslide. Biden’s best chance is for voters to just forget (as he, himself, does so well !) who the Democrat candidate is, and focus on his persona as little as possible.

Things are going well. Actually, I think they are going very well.

Time works for us (economic recovery).

Biden will have to get out of the basement and embarrass even his Labrador.

There is no sign this BLM madness is going to an end, or that it will be forgotten in November if it does. How the Dems think this is working for them, is beyond me. They have confused the Twitter mob with reality.

November will be fun to watch.







Wife Beaters Of The Caribbeans?

As I write this, a trial is going on in London, involving the actor called Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, or whatever.

It makes for interesting reading. Turns out Depp is, well in his Fifties, quite vulgar (we knew that), and also, if we believe the “Sun”, quite violent, quite jealous, and extremely conservative in terms of appropriate dress for her wife, or whatever.

What. A. Disappointment.

You would think that icons of wokeness would have left behind them the old, disgusting, de-humanizing practices of the oh-so-hated Patriarchy! Stuff like… jealousy, as if his wife (or whatever) were something that belongs to him, like cattle, and were not able to decide for herself about her body (which is nothing to scoff at, by the way)! Who does he think he is, a White Supremacist? Where’s the KKK hood?

Violent, to boot! Very violent, says the wife (or whatever). Violent, mind, not only physically, but psychologically, too! It appears the man even wanted to have a say about the length of his wife’s (or whatever) rocks! Like it’s 1857 and he owns a cotton plantation, several slaves, horses, dogs, and a wife! For shame, for shame! Hey, Mr Depp: slut lives matter!! And the idea that their marriage (or whatever) should go on until death does them part! Unheard of!

Look, Mr Dumb (German for “depp”): if one takes you and forgets, for a moment, the drunkenness, the drugs, the violence, the vulgarity, and all the other visible and invisible rubbish, what one gets is… well, Catholicism!

A world where a man expects obedience and submission from his wife, offers protection and sustenance in exchange, and thinks that what God has joined, let no man separate.

Patriarchy in general, and Catholicism in particular, are deeply in sync with the deep nature of God’s creatures, of both sexes. This is so innate, so strong, so intrinsically human that even a drunk, drug-using, violent, vulgar, brainless, wannabe liberal like Mr …. depp immediately, viscerally gets it!

Turns out liberalism can corrupt the mind, big time.

But deep down, it will never be able to change the nature of man.

Exemplary Behaviour (Still: Polite Language!)

Today, yours truly is humbled by the exemplary behaviour of a lady who really taught me (and us) the meaning of pacific, peaceful and, above all, classy protest. The video is somewhat dated, but the comportment of all the parties involved makes it a timeless and useful reminder, in these difficult and controversial times, of how police work should always be.

I think this is the future of effective communication and police interaction in the United States. This is the civil discourse of the future. This is policing for the XXI Century.

Because all lives matter.

The lady in question should be an example to us all. Polite, civil, extremely well articulated, but above all, classy. She expresses her disagreement with the men in blue in a way that makes it impossible not to be touched by her sensitive, gentle nature. She disagrees with them, of course. It’s a free Country, she is obviously allowed to do it.

But it is not what she says (I allow myself to disagree on her message). It is the gentle, ladylike nature of the lady that really strikes me. She is an example to us all.

An applause also goes, if you ask me, to the LEO who, at the end of the conversation, puts an end to the polite disagreement and causes the lady to provisionally cease her polite remarks.

Congratulations to everybody are in order here, I think.

Marked civility, positive interaction, and great final outcome.

This is how it should always be.

Please scroll below to see it for yourselves.





















Cats’ Paradise

I have just replied to a message stating that women are generally sensible voters… when they are mothers.

I reflect that in 2016, it appears the majority of White women (mothers, or not) voted for Trump against “I have a vagina so I am entitled to your vote”-Hitlery.

OK, woke women were a very tiny minority in 2016; very likely, they are a very tiny minority now.

But they are, most emphatically, not marriage material.

Bitchy, angry, heavily in debt, likely fat and, in any case, made ugly by hate, eligible men will run away fast at the first whiff of romantic interest they detect in … them.

So we might witness, in the next decades, the phenomenon of millions of “Bernankified” (look it up!) women ending up bitter, angry activists well in their Seventies, Eighties and, like a Justice I know of, almost Nineties!

And I wonder: will they they take to the streets with their canes and walking frames, loudly asking for the right of their “partners” (the cats) to vote, lamenting “felinephobia”, demanding “feline equality”  and crying with all the oxygen they have in their lungs (not much) that “Cats’ Lives Matter”?

Absurd, you say?

Not more than thinking that a man is a woman, because he says so.

What I know, is that it will be a cats’ paradise.



Meet Creepy Joe, The Marxists’ Puppet

The video in the link explains it so well.

Marxist activist goes on record – on RT, of all places – with what we all know, but many Democrats are only now slowly starting to understand: Creepy Joe would be, if elected, a puppet of the emboldened, powerful Marxist wing of the Democrat party.

If he wins, he wins because of them (which, inter nos, is exactly why he will lose). From the Bernie Bros to the openly Marxist activists, they will all present the bill. Nor will poor, demented Joe be able to do anything. Firstly, he will barely remember who he is and what job he has; secondly, in his moments of lucidity it will be very easy to make him understand how easily he can be forced into retirement unless he shuts up, sits and wiggles the tail like a well-trained dog (I can ear Joe going “woof, woof!” right now).

This guy carries more scandals with him than Colin Kaepernick has hair (I’d love to know whom the guy endorses, by the way, and why; the endorsement of an America-hating bigot is just the kind of support Biden could actually look for). Plus, his dementia is advancing faster than the Allies in Spring 1945. If he wins (which, God willing and if the Country still has a modicum of sanity, he won’t), he will win to lose.

You could make a Junior Gardener at the White House President, he would be more effective, more competent, more intelligent, more independent because less subject to blackmail, and certainly more awake, and aware, than Creepy, Sleepy, Dementia Joe.

The Marxist harpy in the video – 76 years old; Satan had a very long run with this one – will, unwittingly, open the eyes of a lot of people. We need to give these episodes as much publicity as we can, then it cannot be that Creepy Joe is presented as a “moderate” to the low-information voters when th ereality is so much different, and so dangerous for the entire West.

Please spread the word.








Lost His Mind. Please Send Around.

Trump’s Unforced Errors

Let me say this first: I am very optimistic concerning this campaign. I refuse to believe that a half-demented, scandal-plagued nincompoop with 50 years of swamp in his CV, and who chooses to scare everybody with a child or a mortgage with his uber-leftist platform, can defeat the President who gave us such great economic recovery (pre-shutdown).

But there is no overlooking the signs that Trump is making mistakes.

Worse, Trump is making unforced errors, and he better stop soon. He is being, I am afraid, arrogant in his approach, and not attentive enough to what his voters really want from him, and how much they care for the issues dear to them much more than they care for the person of the President. Trump may have inspired a strong following, but their faithfulness is not unconditional. This is not a cult. This is an army following his general because (and as long as) they trust him to give them good leadership in the battlefield.

I see at least four big mistakes during the Presidency, three of them continuing to various degrees.

  1. He surrounded himself with New York Liberals. Say: Ivanka, Jared, or through-and-through swamp creatures like John Kelly. How he picked Anthony Scaramucci is beyond me. It took him a while to understand that he was listening to the wrong people. I am afraid “Jaranka” still has much more influence on him than it’s good for him.
  2. He slept two years on the Wall. He recovered from that, and I think the damage on that issue will be very limited. But notice this: his substantial inaction on the Wall ended when he lost the majority in the House. Maybe he got the message. Maybe Anne Coulthard calling him a “faggot” is what woke him up (my pint is on this). But notice this: he acted out of his Presidential powers, showing that he had just looked for excuses to do nothing when he insisted on the House following him. Had he not decided to be the Commander in Chief and take action already, he would now be half-toast. Thankfully, I think this will go well in the end.
  3. He is making DACA amnesty noises again (I have just published a post about this). I think this is a very dangerous place to be, with the upside vastly overshadowed by the downside if his core voters smell betrayal. I know he is likely playing cat-and-mouse with the Dems, but I still think this is a very dangerous game to play. There is no need whatsoever to do this. Trump’s voters want a strong line on illegal immigration, with no ifs and no buts. He needs to have the courage of his convictions, instead of trying to get a bit of support here and a bit of support there; and again, this is a far too dangerous issue to troll the Dems with.
  4. He has been too near to Fauci on the Coronavirus for too long, and there will be a (hopefully small, considering the alternative) number of shop owners and small entrepreneurs who will never forgive him for this. I think if there is anything that, in November, might prove fatal to him, is this, even more than back pedaling on DACA. Conversely, I think that if he fares a line of strong support for reopening, he will be well on his way to victory.

Let me say this again: things are looking good, and it works for us that the pollsters live on Planet Liberal. But Trump must avoid becoming overconfident, and letting his occasional arrogance prevail over his desire to help the American people.

With all his good traits, Trump has always been a bit of a maverick. You never know, when you wake up in the morning, which wrong fight he is picking (say: Mattis, Sessions…). In this, you can see why, excellent as he is on the whole, he will be Ronald Reagan.

DACA: Enough With The One-Upmanship, Mr President

Playing with a DACA amnesty does not work even among Latinos.

Not only because a poll says so, but because it never could. Trump has run on a platform based on sincerity and transparency; a platform on which he has delivered like no one after Reagan. He should never, ever run the risk of looking like a “traditional” politician merely because he hopes to make the Democrats look bad. If his core voters have reasons to doubt him, he looks already worse than he could ever make the Dems look. 

There is no upside in this game. It is an uppity, too-clever-by-half form of one-upmanship. It will backfire.

Trump should be less in love with his (substantial) intelligence and more attentive to give a clear, laser-focused, consistent message to his own voters.

These little tricks will keep me up at night.

Please, Lord, make the man see reason and do not allow him to ruin everything out of sheer complacency and desire to show how clever he is.



Cancel Culture Slowly On The Way Out

As always in life, good citizens need a while to react to extremism, but at some point they react and decide that enough is enough.

I saw that as a child in Italy, when, after several years of being too timid to decide that terrorists had to be dealt with the hard way, things started to go in the only direction they could go bar a Communist takeover: with the majority of the terrorists the other side of the grass. It took years, it built slowly, but we got there in the end.

The same happened with another now forgotten, but then typical Italian plague: kidnappings. At first the public was reluctant to go the hard line, but at some point it happened. Predictably, kidnappings are now all but forgotten. The hard line always work against criminals, and he who tells you otherwise is a fool.

It is the way these things go. The same is starting to happen with the cancel culture. It will take time, but the hysteric bullying and destruction mania of angry Twitter mobs is already on the other side of the tide. When Goya resisted a massive boycott effort (led by no other than AOC, the architect daughter turned Bronx ghetto-girl), the reaction was the opposite one: Goya products are now flying off the shelves as the populations shows these leftists bigots where to shove they boycott calls.

Notice here: this happened only when the Company adamantly refused to apologise to the Twitter Mob. Which is very right, because you don’t want to support a company that (like Chick-Fil-A, or Barilla) can bark for a while, but has no teeth to bite.

Also note: this was a mass reaction. Some philanthropists buying Goya products to give them to food banks would never be enough to cause the widespread scarcity of Goya product that is being noted from too many corners. This has been the common citizen voting with his shopping cart, and showing a finger to the likes of AOC in the process.

This, by the way, is just another indication of how wrong the polling is, either because they are brutally manipulated by leftist activists or because the politically correct leading question skew the votes the wrong way, or because many conservatives just refuse to answer the pollsters or, actually, troll them (which is what I would do).

It is impossible that Trump is 10,12,15 points behind Biden and slays him in fundraising. It is also impossible that Trump is very unpopular, but people flock to the primaries in unprecedented numbers to give him their support. It is also extremely unrealistic to expect that widespread riots will not move an awful lot of voters to support the candidate clearly representing law and order.

All in all, you can see this: that people take a while to react, but then react solidly, and with common sense. Whether Goya, or law and order, or police funding, it seems they are silently moving in the right direction.






Vain Dwarf And Scarf Lady Are Losing Ground

“Aren’t you a little, insidious sonofabitch…”

If you ask me, as we write the 15 July 2020 Trump has only one enemy, and his name is Donald Trump. Unless he does some very stupid things on the Lockdown, or DACA, or other stuff (and just to reiterate: I did not like his treatment of Jeff Sessions, at all…) he should drive over Creepy Joe with the steamroller, and when Trump is done with him, Creepy Joe will not even… remember what hit him.

One of the greatest danger I saw for Trump’s re-election is a “soft” approach on the “second wave”, which tries to appease Dr Fauci and the Scarf Lady (though it seems to me the former is far more insidious than the latter) for fear that the Democrats unleash hell on him because of his allegedly “wrong” approach to the virus. Note to Trump: the Dems would unleash hell on him even if he did exactly what they ask, from here to election day.

Trump seems to have understood that appeasing the two is not going to pay and would, in fact, be a huge risk. The evidence? Peter Navarro went at Fauci with the shotgun, listing a series of mistakes, from big to huge, that make the man a guy not to listen to.

There can be no doubt that this happens with the permission, or after the instructions, of Trump himself.

Of course, Trump is in a delicate position here, as there can be no doubt that he has listened to Fauci too much, and for too long. But hey, Trump is not an expert, Fauci and Birx are (supposed to be). It is not unreasonable to simply argue that you listen to the Government experts, until the facts prove that the experts were not so expert after all.

Trump should now follow the example of the excellent Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, who 1) chose a course based on sanity and common sense, and 2) was man enough to stay the course, even after weeks of prophecies of doom and hysteric journalists screaming Mass Murder.

This virus is on the way out. Trump must accompany the reopening of the Country and actively fight the false narratives of the inflated “cases” and bogus “hospitalisations” the Democrats are now trying to use. He also needs to spread a message of resilience, self-reliance, optimism, and confidence in the future of the Country. It takes some attributes, of course. But if you have no attributes you have no business being a President, either.

I’d love to see DeSantis as the Republican candidate in 2028 or 2032, perhaps even in 2024. He certainly seems to have what it takes in the most important times: the times of emergencies and of the temptation of easy solutions.

Let us hope Trump does not listen to the likes of Jaranka, and keeps a cool head about this.



Memento Moore, Or: Sour Home Alabama?

Memento Moore…

I dedicate a lot of attention to the 2020 US Presidential election, because I think that Trump’s re-election is a key component of the March Towards Sanity that is taking place in part of the West and will, God willing, keep going in the next years. So much is at stake (abortion first, but also First and Second Amendment, judicial sanity and avoiding being run over by a Marxist mob among other things) that there can be, in my estimation, nothing more Catholic than drumming for Trump’s re-election.

However, there is a second aspect of the November election that is almost as important as the President: the US Senate.

Whilst it is certainly better to have Trump as President, even without any of House or Senate majority, than having Biden as President, however the arrangement of House and Senate, it is fairly obvious that the Senate will be a very important battleground in the societal conflicts of the next four years. As I write this, RBG is hospitalised, again, and it is highly improbable that she will survive the next mandate (heck: she might not survive next week…). Add to this the Wide Latina with a serious case of the diabetes, and Justice Breyer about to become 82, and you get the picture. Plus, all the other judicial appointments. Plus, the ability to better push  his agenda if he has reasonable control (talking to you, Ms Murkowski, Ms Collins and Ms Romney) at least of the Senate.

Alas, I am not sure that things are really going in the right direction there. The Alabama Republican primary saw the safe winner in November, Jeff Session, soundly defeated by a political unknown with several weak flanks called Tommy Tuberville.

You might say that this is different than the last Alabama Senate election, when Roy Moore very narrowly lost to Doug Jones. Jones also voted against Kavanaugh, thus making it even more difficult to be re-elected. But make no mistake, the Democrat will go for Tuberville’s jugular; and, in this, truth or facts will not have to play any role at all.

I am pretty sure that they will unleash an emotional tempest against him, to sway the estrogen-laden part of the voters, including the estrogen-laden male voters. he will be Christine Blasey Ford-ed like there is no tomorrow. Women will come out stating he touched them inappropriately circa 1982, or circa 1892, they won’t remember exactly but it will be irrelevant. He will be Kaepernick-ed by his former Black players like it’s riot day in Minneapolis. Financial dealings, locker talk, everythign since his birthday will be unearthed. Again, there is no need to find anything substantial. Emotional rubbish or outright lies will be just fine.      

Granted: Tuberville will have a great advantage that Roy Moore never had, as Trump will likely fight like a lion for him no matter what “tapes” come out. But will it be enough? Roy Moore seemed a likely win, too.

By contrast, Jeff Sessions, albeit in my estimation a failure as AG, would have been the most loyal, most dependable Senator Trump could have wished in the Senate, and his decades of scrutiny and vast personal integrity would have made any attack virtually impossible. Session was not the ideal candidate of a too emotional, vindictive President, but he would have been a virtually 100% November winner. Tuberville was certainly able to excite the Republican grassroots, but again, Roy Moore is a big cautionary tale here.

If Sessions had won yesterday, I would have relaxed, thinking that the Senate battle begins with the retaking of the Alabama senate seat. As it is now, I think it will be the dirtiest battle since Kavanaugh, and it could have been avoided.

Not a good omen, for sure.


Black Lives Matter, Or: Knocking On SCOTUS’ Door


Yes, Black Lives Matter!!

The pro-life law in Tennessee, though immediately blocked by the court, is a good sign and an indication that the pro-life movement keeps going strong in the South.

These laws are not voted with the expectation that they may come into effect in real life. They are voted in order to knock at the Supreme Court’s door again and again, and – as they say today – “raise awareness” about the murder of innocent, unborn babies.

There will never be a guarantee that your Justice does not go Full Fag (like, recently, Mr Gender Gay Guy Gorsuch) on the one or the other issue, or actually go Full Fag as a person. But this does not mean that one should not try to put in the Supreme Court Justices that are as sound as possible, then pray hard, and then test them with laws like this one.

The “awareness” effect is also not to be underestimated. Unborn lives matter. In fact, it is sad that this law, or the conservative press in general, does not use the “black lives matter” slogan to protect the lives of Black babies slaughtered by their mothers and their (Democratic) legislators every day. This would use the attention generated by the media for a false, wrong cause and turn it into attention for a true, worthy one.

It is beautiful to see Tennessee going the right way and doing it the smart way. At some point, and with God’s help, the SCOTUS wall will fall, just like the so-called Blue Wall did.

We just need to keep praying, knocking, and trying.



Dementia Joe And The Wave Of Latte Macchiato

The George Floyd Riots started at the end of May. We are now Mid-July, and it is clear enough that we are at the turning of the tide.

The CHAZ is gone after an extremely predictable explosion of violence; with it, the dreams of even the dumbest Starbucks bardyke of a summer of love (means: of licence and doing nothing whilst your debts keep rising) have gone, too. Some Democrats already try to explain that defund does not mean defund, whilst others actually insist in doing exactly that. In general, people begin to realise that it is not bad to say that arson and looting are not ok. Many have, surely, already decided they will speak with their ballot in November.

It seems, to this observer at least, that, come Autumn, these protests will be more out of fashion than Disco.

You would think the Dems would understand that they are digging their own grave, and desperately try to present themselves as “law and order” people in the hope that their veiled encouragement of the rioting masses is rapidly forgotten. Luckily for us, this seems not to be the case.

The very symbol of White Power At Work, the man who was in or very near power for almost 50 years, is now insisting that he got it wrong for almost half a Century, but you should make him President anyway.

Joe has Bernified himself, forgetting (which he does all the time) that even the original was defeated twice and, as a bad imitation, he has zero chance to impress. He seems to think (when he thinks) that the issues so dear to SJWs will be front and center in November, and he will ride a huge wave of Latte Macchiato all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I think he is wrong, big time. Come November, all the heated activism of the summer will have given place to a big movement of reaction to the socialist madness. This wave will not be roaring, but it will be clearly perceived in Autumn and quite strong in November. As the economy is well on its way to recovery, Biden’s threats of uncontrolled immigration, environmental job killing, spreading of social housing all over America’s suburbs, and a lot of other stupid things in the name of equaliteee will be as fashionable as chimney hats.

Does he and his puppet masters understand this? I doubt. I think what he – and they – want is to ride the Latte Macchiato Wave, thinking that this will translate into victory in the real world. If you ask me, they are very wrong.

The rest of the nation is, actually, trying to save their children from exactly that Latte Macchiato rut, coupled with the anger and bitterness towards the world so typical of the envious loser, that is the occupational destiny of the angry tweeters who so excite Creepy Joe. He is pandering to losers pitied and despised by the rest of the nation. He wants to win with the support of the cautionary tales.

The Latte Macchiato wave will drown in a sea of common sense, hard work, reality, and Patriotism. But hey, don’t tell Creepy Joe.

Let him blather until November. If you’re lucky, he could be so stupidly patronising Blacks that he tells them they “ain’t Black” unless they vote for him.

I know, I know…

But one can dream, can he not?

Actions Have Consequences: Say “Welcome” To The New Trump Voters

Minnesota, and particularly Minneapolis, are now sitting on half a billion dollars of damages caused by the rioters.

The Governor being a Democrat, he does what all Democrats do: asks those above him to open the tap and let taxpayers’ money flow. Alas, those above him are Republicans, and they are not happy. Therefore, the Governor will have to find another solution.

It seems that being Dem is synonymous with not wanting to take responsibility for one’s own actions. They are in debt up to their ears for a useless degree, and it’s not their fault. They are pregnant at 17, and it’s not their fault. They are in jail at 18, but it is because of systemic racism. They burn and loot, but it’s the police’s fault. They get nowhere in life, and it’s because “White Privilege”.

Well, President Trump begs to differ. Voters in Minneapolis will have to sit on the ashes of their own stupidity. I wonder if, after the money has been denied, the solution will be found in defunding the police, thus making more looting and arson even easier?

Remember, these are Dems. Lives don’t matter to them, starting from the Black ones. Scoring cheap popularity points, taking down Trump, riding every popular madness, pushing every conceivable scam is all they care about.

Actions have consequences. You want to look good whilst the mob burns and loots, you need to take responsibility for the mess that your criminal inaction has caused.

I think the most responsible 3, 4, 5% of Democrats voters in Minnesota understand this, and they might be much more than this tiny percentage. Still, 5% would be more than enough to give Minnesota to Trump in November. Then there are the independents, the non-voters, the eternal fence-sitters. One thinks a number of them will decide that enough is enough, and will stay in the queue in November to protect themselves from the mobs and the politicians who support the mob, because being a criminal is fashionable on Twitter.

Actions have consequences.

Say “welcome” to the new Trump voters.

Privilege Explained (in 2:49)

2016 All Over Again? Not Quite

Dementia Joe has come out of the basement and has started meeting his fans. Unfortunately, it seems that there aren’t any, and we are seeing the same videos as in 2016, the close captures of the Dem candidate so it is not too apparent that there are very few people around. Guy is also plagued by personal and family scandals; which is, also, deja vu.

All like 2016, then? Not quite. Let us see the most important differences.

Joe is demented

Sad, by true. The nuclear button should be entrusted to a guy who doesn’t know who his wife is. Realistically, he would resign weeks or months into his office. Not a good sales pitch, I would say. Say what you want of Hillary, she knew all too well who her husband was.

Joe has gone full Bernie

Another big difference. Hillary had still fared a course clearly distinguished from Bernie’s. It was left, but not yet mad left. Joe has gone so much out there on the left spectrum, that even moderate Bernie Boys in 2016 would have been scared of the Globalist, Socialist, Enviro Terrorism of today. Twitter hero means poll loser. Joe still does not get it.

Trump is now the Incumbent

Out of a fully untested proposition has become a fully tried and tested Statesman. You can question his politics, but there is no mistaking his actions. He is full in charge, and he wants you to know it. Trump is now normality for the American households. He has an advantage he did not have in 2016

Trump is outfunding Biden

Another big difference with 2016. Last time, Hillary racked in more than double compared to Trump. She had more than 40 offices in Florida, compared with a handful for Trump. He could spend no money in places like Minnesota, where he went very close to winning. This year, Trump is outfunding and outspending his opponent. As the Incumbent, not as an outsider. Biden has been in politics since, I don’t know, Andrew Jackson, knows everybody and his dog, and he still can’t match Trump’s funding. Ouch.

Trump has the superstar factor

Trump is the Incumbent, which is an advantage compared to 2016. But he is not any incumbent. He is, basically, John Wayne. If you want to have confirmation of this, just search for his primary results. The number of people who go to the Republican primaries to vote for the only candidate is staggering. There were cases with more Republican than Democrat primary voters, when their race was still open! The enthusiasm is sky high.

Riots don’t win elections

This is not 2016. This is, more, 1968, when even a lacklustre, uninspiring Nixon easily carried a victory in the wake of the Long Hot Summer of 1967. You can please the fringes, excite and mobilise them. But this will never compensate for the homeowners with children you have scared.

Mind, this race is not won, at all.

But one cannot avoid thinking that things are going in the right direction.

Keep pushing for Trump whenever you can.

Let’s make of this a landslide.

Post Without Words

The Individual Mandate And The March Towards Sanity

The end of the individual mandate for Obamacare is a great victory. But this victory did not come out of thin air.

Without the determination of a President committed to religious freedom, this battle would have never been won. Once a result is achieved, many think “it had to happen”. It didn’t. A President makes a huge difference in these matters, not only in the way he appoints judges and justices, but in the way he finds creative ways to protect religious freedom.

Trump’s move (to abolish the penalties for not being insured) was a dagger in the heart of the same Obamacare the Supreme Court had refused to strike down. This is something only a committed Administration would do. A milquetoast soyboy a la Romney, or a treacherous fake republican like McCain, would have never had the balls.

This truly drives home how important Trump is, how vital it is that he is re-elected in November and allowed to continue the reshaping of the Republican Party, allowing us to have brave men on our side in 2024 and beyond.

Forget the tweets. Forget the quarrels. Forget the many ways the man grates even us (a rainbow flag outside the US Embassy in Moscow? Really?).

This guy is the truth.

He is also the only hope we have of continuing the March Towards Sanity that started on that elevator in June 2015. If the March were interrupted in November, the results would still be devastating, although not as bad as a Hitlery victory in 2016. But the Country is more polarised now than it was then. Therefore, a victory for the Dems would now result in a fury of leftist madness that even the reshaped courts would have difficulties in stemming, and with the likes of Gorsuch likely going Full Fag and making the situation more difficult still.

We need four more years of Trump. Nothing that you don’t like in him can justify not voting for him. The November vote is not about Twitter Behaviour, it is about the future of the Country and the West.

Treyshawn And Lakeisha Win The Lottery

So you are a “descendant of slaves”. Or so you say. Well, not very many are, but let us say that you are.

You now want compensation for what the United States (the slave drivers in Massachusetts first, the slave owners in Massachusetts later, and the plantation owners in Alabama last) did to you.

Well, let us see. What did they do to you?

They allowed you to be born in the Country of Opportunities. A Country where your far relatives, descendants of those members of your family who were not captured as slave by some tribal chief, and sold to the slave drivers, would absolutely love to be able to move.

You won big, my boy, or girl.

Slavery might have been more or less hard to bear for your slave ancestors. But you, you reap only the benefits! Benefits which, had the tribal chief of your ancestors, or of an enemy tribe of your ancestors’, not sold your ancestors to slavery, you would have never reaped!

You won big, my boy or girl. You drew a big lottery prize, through no merit of your own!

How do you use this amazing opportunity, for which young, black Africans of your age greatly envy you? Aborting your children? Reducing your brains to puree listening all day to a horrible succession of savage sounds you call music? Thinking it cool to be a gangbanger, or pregnant at 16? Thinking it normal that there are no real fathers around, no sense of family, of duty, of sacrifice; no Christians morals, no Christian anything, not even your first names? Calling those you see around you, who work hard and want to do well in life, “Coons” or “Uncle Toms”? Mocking even those who want to speak properly with the accusation of “talking White?” In a word: systematically refusing every possibility of self-improvement and sabotaging yourself at every step?

Listen here, boy or girl. It is a great privilege to be born in the United States. Had I been born in the United States, I would pray every day for my slave ancestors, but I would not be resentful one bit for the opportunity that their misfortune afforded me, or towards the Country that put me in this fortunate position!

I would consider myself a winner of the whole situation; I would want to make my unknown, slave ancestors proud! I would want to show them that out of oppression became freedom, and out of poverty, prosperity! All this, thanks to America, the great Country where I (would) live!

Reparations? For what, for having been put in an extremely enviable situation? For living in Country people literally risk death to (illegally) reach?

Your slave ancestors did get a rough deal.

But you, my boy or girl, you have won the lottery.

Black Girls’ Lives Matter, Or: Enemies Of Christ, Child-Killing Thugs Strike Again

A car approaches a place where it is not supposed to be. Two armed thugs approach the vehicle, inside which are a mother and her eight years old daughter. Some discussion ensues. Both thugs open fire, killing the girl.

You would think this is something that could happen in some war-thorn, disease-ridden, savage African Shithole Country. Actually, it happened in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in the year 2020, which will likely be remembered as a year of total madness.

Eight years old girl dies for peeving a thug. Thugs with IQs in the low thirties go around undisturbed, unchallenged by a police made impotent by opportunism and political correctness. This is the reality of a big Democrat-run city as I write this. Power-hungry Dems are destroying every big city in the United States. Very sad but, alas, Democracy at work.

The irony is cruel, but it must be noticed: those who wanted to eliminate police wanted to create, from a start, a Thug’s Paradise, where criminals reign supreme and are police, prosecutor, judge and jury. It made sense for the criminals, but it shows how stupid all others were, and still are.

A lot of people have the blood of this little girl on their hands. The Mayor of Atlanta joined the attacks on the police in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, possibly thinking that this despicable move would open her the doors to the Presidential Ticket (vagina=check; dark skin=check; insanely woke=check; so yes, she was in with a chance). She has to answer for the looting and the murder that followed her criminal inaction.

But it not only the Mayor. All those woke idiots who have cheered the disorders are morally responsible for the violence they have contributed to unleash. This savage movement would have never had any traction, would never have gone anywhere, without the support of a multitude of dumb do-gooders. They have been, and still are, the enablers of thugs.

Black Lives Matter is a subversive organisation, in enmity with Christ, bent on destroying Christian Civilisation as we know it.

At this point, whoever does not see the crude, shocking facts on the ground is a part of the problem, an accomplice of thuggery, and an enemy of Christ.

Ah, I almost forgot: the two people killed in the CHAZ, the more than a dozen people killed in Chicago and New York this past long weekend, and the poor girl were all…. Blacks.

If these Anarcho-Communist, subversive thugs really intended to protect Black lives, they would do exactly the contrary of what they are doing now. They would call for more funding for police, more law and order, more severity in the prosecution of criminals.

Your average plantation owner in the South, circa 1845, cared for his slaves infinitely more than this gang of thugs. Let that sink in.

But hey: check your privilege, Mundabor, White boy….

R.I.P. Ennio Morricone


Faithful Catholic, friend of Gregorian Chant, stellar composer Ennio Morricone died at 91.

The Italian John Williams.

One of the greatest, a treasure of our Country.

May he rest in peace.


Blacks Conservatives Matter

A chap, thinking he is a singer, calling himself Snoopy The Dog, or something of the sort, called eleven Black Conservatives (well, actually the Hodge Twin and Diamond and Silk make them thirteen) “Coons”. For those who don’t know, this is a slur for conservative Blacks; then if you are Black and support Trump you are, erm, a race traitor.

I did not even know some of the people the guy mentions. Interesting, as I might be tempted to hear what they have to say. The Snoopy guy actually did me a favour.

Let us note a couple of things here:

Kanye West, a well-known Trump supporter, is, apparently, not a Coon. Everybody else is, he isn’t. The guy not only seems to be a personal friend of West, but actually works with him. Ouch. So if you are a friend of this oh so woke guy, you get a pass. West is vastly more popular than everyone of the others. Even I know he exists. Frankly, this is pathetic and very, very dumb.

It is clear that there is a current of Black Trump supporters that cannot be ignored. You can insult them as much as you like, but they are out there and they are being heard. The insults directed at them show that it has now become impossible to ignore them.

Once the monopoly of the Democrats on the Black vote has been put into question, there is nothing the Dems can do to save Dementia Joe, the America-hating “husband of Joe Biden”. When it has become common knowledge that voting for the baby-killing Democrat machine is not the only option, and many Blacks decide to speak for him, it’s game over, Joe.

No, I am not talking of Bingo.

That will begin, for you, in November.

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