Second Lockdown: I Hope Trump Reads This Article (He Might Have To Get Rid Of Jaranka First)



The article is here.

It is very informative, extremely detailed, and very thorough in its analysis.

I suggest all of my readers with time and inclination to read the thing in its entirety, and then forward it to whomever they know, post it on their Facebook page (if any), retweet, etc.

Spread the sanity.

The article is a comprehensive examination of all the major issues revolving around the Chinese Virus.  It has contains a lot of information about how the stats are now describing a completely different situation from the one in February-March.

It also has a clear, convincing explanation as to why there will not be a second wave of magnitude even remotely comparable to the first.

Basically, the job is almost done. There is no need to keep shooting ourselves in the foot. Those who advocate it want to hit Trump, and the US economy be damned.

One would think that such robust arguments, fruit of facts instead of scaremongering and “forecasts” of politically motivated activists masked as “experts”, would put an end to the controversy. Alas, we do not live in a world dominated by robust arguments. We live in a world dominated by emotions, desire to “feel good”, and effeminacy galore.

Enjoy the reading.

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  1. Excellent article. Trump should read as he is being played. Trump should get rid of Fauci who is a Democrat subversive with an agenda to assure a Trump defeat.. There should never have been a lock-down anywhere. Masks are probably slowing herd immunity. Old folks should stay home.

    The true effect of the Virus was on the economy and its very negative and death causing effects on millions. Hopefully the government will have learned something from all this. The public is waking up to having been screwed big time. The will remember on election day particularly if Trump starts telling folks the real truth.

  2. In this article the Texas lieutenant governor says that while the number of confirmed cases has risen the fatality numbers haven’t.
    With the increase in testing we are seeing exactly how non-awful this whole thing, c-1984, really is. For the old AND infirm it is deadly, for some others with with co-mrbidity conditions it is very dangerous and for the rare individual (very very rare) it can also prove problematic. For the vast majority of reasonably healthy people it is little or nothing.
    We have been duped by leftwing politicians and their toadies in the media.

    • I think this sums it up.
      In Bergamo, we saw mass mortality because of the very high number of old people living with young people.
      Then we have the comorbidity, also i old people.
      Then we have relatively young people who have grave pre-existing conditions (diabetes), or the rare case of immunodeficiency, or people not taking care of themselves properly once ill (Boris Johnson).
      It’s like an evil pneumonia. It’s not the end of the world, and no virus ever could be that.

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