Employment Data And Subversion Strategies


The employment data for June are out. Alas, they are very bad news for the Democrats. At this pace, I think by the end of October things will look fine indeed.

The Dems will certainly not allow this. Economic recovery is pure poison for them. Their plan has obviously been, for months now, to create vast economic misery staying in the way of Trump’s reelection. We know they don’t care about the Country. What will they do?

I think they will try the following:

Fauci-ism Offensive.   

Expect more space given to a man who wasn’t shy of attention one day in his life. Fauci will tell us that things are going to get very bad, unless Governors castrate the economy again. This time, he will have a much more difficult job. Peter and the Wolf come to mind. There might be local closures for a while, but as a whole, I would say that Republicans states have had enough.

Riot Offensive

Dems will keep pushing the rioting, burning, and disrupting of the economy. They will say J-J-J-Justice is more important than the economy. Plus, all those people around will spread the virus in its last legs, helping them to push more Fauci-ism down your throat. I think they will avoid Autonomous Zones this time; but the more Molotov cocktails, the better. It will be, as always, Trump’s fault.

Propaganda offensive 

Expect more rubbish from the MSMs and the “polling agencies”. Biden in front 14%, 15%, 34%, 71%. Trump at 3% or so probability of victory. “Unnamed” discouraged Republican representatives (very likely, Mitt Romney). Trump possibly resigning before the election (this I have really read a week or so ago! I had to check the date to make sure it was not written just after the tape…. It was not!). There is really no limit to the shamelessness of these people. But it makes them look good with their Facebook friends, you see….

Barking Offensive 

Relentless insults at Trump. Accusations of racism, white Supremacism, robbing of old women, and slaughtering of cute kitten. “Fine people hoax” like there is no tomorrow. If all else fails, screaming like that ugly woman (if such it was) at his inauguration.

Mind, I think they will fail.

But they will try. They don’t mind what kind of damage they inflict on their Country.

Getting rid of Trump is the only thing they care for.


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  1. It would be nice to hear, but better to see, how Trump was going to handle all this. The first thing we would like to hear is the way, way overdue firing of Fauci for misleading the country.

  2. Paul Jackson

    On the other side of the world, and not a US connected person, but I pray regularly that Trump will be protected and will win in November.

    • Hi Paul, I think this is the spirit. Trump needs our prayer, and what happens in the US ends up influencing us all (just think of abortion!).

  3. Anyone remember Ali’s rope-a-dope? President Trump does and he is great at it himself. And M, you are spot on as usual!

  4. The demokrat/progessive mindset is so insular and cast in stone (with rebar) that they will keep doing the vile things they have been, as you say, because they think it garners support for their “cause.”
    They really truly do.
    I am ashamed to say my own daughter, a wonderful self-sufficient responsible hard-working mother of two and loyal wife has bought into the entire mess. And she is intelligent if poorly educated via public schooling. (Oh but to have those days back.) And she lives in an excessively liberal pocket of ignorance with a resident major amerikan university that she has been employed by for twenty years.
    But I believe the vast majority of Americans see the reality, keep their mouths shut and wait for the election in the hopes that they will not have to kill rioters before then.

  5. Pius Enthusiast

    Things are not that rosy for President Trump.. He is trailing in the polling, all polling, including Fox News polling. In depth analysis I have read of the polling seems to indicate this is very real, as much of it is including higher levels of non-college-educated people than polling did in 2016. It also is showing very clearly there are small segments that voted for Trump in 2016 who will not, or may not, vote for him in 2020.

    if the election were held today, the president would almost certainly lose. And there is a real chance he may lose in November.

    The US economy is hopefully rebounding, but anything is possible between now and November.

    As for Republican states, Texas is the biggest. It is now having a massive virus problem, and the Republican governor has not only re-closed bars and lowered restaurant dine-in capacity, but has legally mandated masks in much of the state, something that was unthinkable a few weeks ago. A Texas Republican governor requiring masks counts as a ground-shifting development.

    One point to directly question: I do not see any Democrats trying to destroy the economy. Who, specifically, and what is the reason to claim this?

    • You are either a troll of very, very naive (I am tempted to say “dumb”).
      And you don’t read my blog, which is why you pose questions I have answered many times.
      Most likely as troll, though. A “Pius enthusiast” doesn’t go around uncritically vomiting talking points of the enemy propaganda.

  6. Pius Enthusiast

    I do read your blog periodically, though I do not check it daily, if that is what you mean.

    You, of course, are not the only one making claims of Democratic treachery, and mine is a perfectly honest and reasonable question; I have not seen strong reasoning in backing up the accusations.

    All objective statements I made in the last post are true. Things not being the best for President Trump, at this moment at least, is a reasonable assessment. You insisting on this being an enemy matter is perhaps something to be re-considered. The faith does not require me to support President Trump nor Joe Biden.

    • The faith DOES require you to support Trump. Your statement alone says that you have no faith.
      You see no strong reasoning, because you don’t read my blog.

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