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“I’ma Lose My Jobba”, Or: What Has Harvard Become?


Hilarious episode reported yesterday. Bigoted, screeching, hysteric Feminazi threatens to stab whomever says “all lives matter” (therefore, she threatens to stab #metoo!).

She gets fired by her prospective employer.

She posts more videos, blaming Trump Supporters for her being the kind of bitch no one can feel safe working with. In pure bully style, the aggressive threats leave place to crying, and self-pity galore. Her English is pitiful, too.

Still, Bigoted Feminazi is always at the centre of a world exclusively revolving around Bigoted Feminazi. She needs to have her stupid crocodile tears out there in the world. And she is too stupid to understand that she has done things worse, twice.

This one here is a Harvard graduate, which should count for something. She damages that university, too, because one doesn’t need to be a genius to understand that being a Bigoted Feminazi must be pretty much the norm in that once-hallowed institution. I wonder who would run the risk of hiring a Harvard graduate after this. I certainly would look elsewhere.

But, back to her, it’s the stupidity that strikes one most, more than the violence and the arrogance.

You don’t go around threatening to stab people in a video. You just don’t. Every employer, little or big (but particularly big) would be terrified of the consequences of Screeching Feminazi doing something really bad at the office, and the Company where she was about to start working (Deloitte, nor Arnold’s Fresh Burgers) can certainly not run a risk like this.

Best case, you have a hyper-bigoted Screeching Feminazi giving all sort of trouble everywhere; worst case, she assaults someone in the cafeteria with her plastic fork for saying “all lives matter”, then sues her manager for sexual harassment to try to get out of trouble on the cheap.

This woman should work at BLM, or for some Soros-funded organisation. Normal employers, however woke, are not for her.

But then you might think: she will apologise, and say that her passion for S-S-S-social J-J-J-ustice made her say things that she should never had said, and so on, and so forth. This might have come handy by the next interview. But no, there must be more self-pitying, more laying the blame somewhere else, more whining passive-aggressiveness. Recovering from this will be much harder now, because everybody entertaining the thought of hiring Mssss “I’ma stab you” will understand that the first video was not a bug, it was a feature.

Institutions like Harvard should start to seriously reflect about what has happened to them. They send out in the world people obviously so poisoned by the bigotry and the cancel culture of their university, that they are unfit to work in an office environment. Worse still, they are so blessedly unaware of it, so utterly oblivious of the basic principles of decency, that they are not even conscious that, after years of hyper woke culture, they are not going to function anywhere else.

A lot of lives are going to be ruined by the impact of that totalitarian dystopian world called academia and the real world out there. This one here is just a particularly egregious example.

Heck, there are accepted ways of being even a bigoted, screeching, hysteric Feminazi that would not cost the job. 








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