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Nike Hates America: Woke Companies In The Age Of Madness


Nike has ridden the tiger of racial hatred and easy virtue-signalling for too long. Now, the tiger is turning against them.

Colin Kaepernick, the Most Privileged Unemployed Man Alive, has taken to Twitter to insult the USA and all Americans.  

The tweet (above) is complete with brown fist, closed in the Communist salute.

This must be a heck of a “testimonial”.

Nike has identified itself with Kaepernick many times in the past, to the point of walking back (at who knows what cost) the Betty Ross shoes – already produced and distributed – because patriotism is, you know, racist.

They must now suffer to be identified with this America-Hating, Afro-Wearing clown in whatever he does, at least until they utterly and completely renege him, rescind any collaboration they have with him, solemnly affirm their allegiance to the U S of A and, in general, stop making asses of themselves.

Will they? I doubt. I think they will prefer to ignore the man’s tweet, or try to limit the damage with some platitude that tries to not offend anyone, an increasingly more difficult task in these “communist or racist” times.

But the fact remains: Nike have chosen not to only to support, but to obey a racist, America-Hating man who launched himself on an ego trip of vast proportions to compensate for his failings on the playing field. It worked very well for him, as the money he made from Nike amply compensates for the earnings of the stellar NFL career he did not have any chance of achieving in the first place. But it did not work so well for Nike, who likely thought they would support a harmless do-gooder with an Afro and must now be identified with the man’s reckless and irresponsible attention-whoring.

I hope the message is carried to all Americans, beyond the Independence Day weekend: Nike hates you and the American Values. They clearly side with BLM in the war against America. 

A Company that chooses to identify itself with individuals like Kaepernick must accept to be seen as espousing the same values he espousing, and hating the same Country he hates.

Think of this next time you buy a pair of sneakers, or another sport article they sell.

American Values Matter.

Not to Nike, I am sure.

But, hopefully, to you.






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