Blacks Conservatives Matter

A chap, thinking he is a singer, calling himself Snoopy The Dog, or something of the sort, called eleven Black Conservatives (well, actually the Hodge Twin and Diamond and Silk make them thirteen) “Coons”. For those who don’t know, this is a slur for conservative Blacks; then if you are Black and support Trump you are, erm, a race traitor.

I did not even know some of the people the guy mentions. Interesting, as I might be tempted to hear what they have to say. The Snoopy guy actually did me a favour.

Let us note a couple of things here:

Kanye West, a well-known Trump supporter, is, apparently, not a Coon. Everybody else is, he isn’t. The guy not only seems to be a personal friend of West, but actually works with him. Ouch. So if you are a friend of this oh so woke guy, you get a pass. West is vastly more popular than everyone of the others. Even I know he exists. Frankly, this is pathetic and very, very dumb.

It is clear that there is a current of Black Trump supporters that cannot be ignored. You can insult them as much as you like, but they are out there and they are being heard. The insults directed at them show that it has now become impossible to ignore them.

Once the monopoly of the Democrats on the Black vote has been put into question, there is nothing the Dems can do to save Dementia Joe, the America-hating “husband of Joe Biden”. When it has become common knowledge that voting for the baby-killing Democrat machine is not the only option, and many Blacks decide to speak for him, it’s game over, Joe.

No, I am not talking of Bingo.

That will begin, for you, in November.

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  1. Blacks really do have great political power. If they were smart they would use it to negotiate with both parties rather than being, as they are now, the slaves of the Democrats who wish to keep them ignorant and poor.

  2. Mary K Jones

    I love to see the young black conservatives who are so well-spoken and unafraid. The idea goes hand-in-hand with the young whites who are turning conservative, and many from both races are rediscovering traditional Catholicism as well. It is really like a breath of fresh air and I love to see it.

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