Treyshawn And Lakeisha Win The Lottery

So you are a “descendant of slaves”. Or so you say. Well, not very many are, but let us say that you are.

You now want compensation for what the United States (the slave drivers in Massachusetts first, the slave owners in Massachusetts later, and the plantation owners in Alabama last) did to you.

Well, let us see. What did they do to you?

They allowed you to be born in the Country of Opportunities. A Country where your far relatives, descendants of those members of your family who were not captured as slave by some tribal chief, and sold to the slave drivers, would absolutely love to be able to move.

You won big, my boy, or girl.

Slavery might have been more or less hard to bear for your slave ancestors. But you, you reap only the benefits! Benefits which, had the tribal chief of your ancestors, or of an enemy tribe of your ancestors’, not sold your ancestors to slavery, you would have never reaped!

You won big, my boy or girl. You drew a big lottery prize, through no merit of your own!

How do you use this amazing opportunity, for which young, black Africans of your age greatly envy you? Aborting your children? Reducing your brains to puree listening all day to a horrible succession of savage sounds you call music? Thinking it cool to be a gangbanger, or pregnant at 16? Thinking it normal that there are no real fathers around, no sense of family, of duty, of sacrifice; no Christians morals, no Christian anything, not even your first names? Calling those you see around you, who work hard and want to do well in life, “Coons” or “Uncle Toms”? Mocking even those who want to speak properly with the accusation of “talking White?” In a word: systematically refusing every possibility of self-improvement and sabotaging yourself at every step?

Listen here, boy or girl. It is a great privilege to be born in the United States. Had I been born in the United States, I would pray every day for my slave ancestors, but I would not be resentful one bit for the opportunity that their misfortune afforded me, or towards the Country that put me in this fortunate position!

I would consider myself a winner of the whole situation; I would want to make my unknown, slave ancestors proud! I would want to show them that out of oppression became freedom, and out of poverty, prosperity! All this, thanks to America, the great Country where I (would) live!

Reparations? For what, for having been put in an extremely enviable situation? For living in Country people literally risk death to (illegally) reach?

Your slave ancestors did get a rough deal.

But you, my boy or girl, you have won the lottery.

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  1. After Muhammed Ali returned from a boxing match in the Congo in 1974, he is reported to have said, “Thank God my granddaddy got on the boat.”

  2. It also should be noted that the colonists weren’t the slave traders, Europeans were.Colonists didn’t initially enslave those people, black Africaans did. Most of the slaves did not arrive in the 13 colonies but rather in places like Haiti and South American countries.
    As for reparations… would black African immigrants who came to the USA voluntarily also receive some form of reparation?
    I was born Jewish, shall I receive reparations from Egypt, and Babylonia?
    Another bad idea that stupid people think its time has come.

    • AFAIK Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine all profited immensely from the trade. They brought guns and rum to the West African coast, used it to purchase slaves, brought them into the Caribbeans, where they traded them for molasses. Then they brought the molasses back to the East Coast. Most slaves were sold to South America, some landed in the Northern States, which did have slavery before they abolished it (but not the trade).

  3. And THAT should be printed on the front page of every newspaper in the country! Perfectly said Mundabor☆☆☆☆☆

  4. Italy better watch out! The rest of Europe might look for reparations for all that slavery back in the Roman days. It might have been better if they’d adopted the pre-civilisation method of dealing with defeated foes and slaughtered the lot of them. In its time, slavery was actually a considerable cultural advancement. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line it malignantly mutated from military benevolence to piratical commodification of human beings and the West was the first culture to abolish this practice.

    Mind you, we in Ireland had better be careful. We first brought St. Patrick here as a slave. We might be liable.

  5. Well put, absolutely. It all depends on perspective, and there is so much money in victimhood in America. Democrats have made sure it pays. In America, especially with affirmative action and educational grants for minorities, only your own limitations keep people from living the absolute dream. Hard work and not even that much talent, and you can make a good living here, white, black, whatever you are. But resentment and envy are bred into people, and no matter what you give or do, it’s not enough, white people are finding out now how much seething hatred has been right under the surface. All that apologizing, only makes things worse. The more people support BLM and apologize, the angrier the population gets and the more aggressive they are getting. You can’t appease violent, crazy people. This is a great nation, but people will destroy it and stand around with their thumbs up their bums and wonder what happened and who’s going to drop in a worm in their gaping mouths now.
    Please God, President Trump in November, or it seems over.

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