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The Individual Mandate And The March Towards Sanity

The end of the individual mandate for Obamacare is a great victory. But this victory did not come out of thin air.

Without the determination of a President committed to religious freedom, this battle would have never been won. Once a result is achieved, many think “it had to happen”. It didn’t. A President makes a huge difference in these matters, not only in the way he appoints judges and justices, but in the way he finds creative ways to protect religious freedom.

Trump’s move (to abolish the penalties for not being insured) was a dagger in the heart of the same Obamacare the Supreme Court had refused to strike down. This is something only a committed Administration would do. A milquetoast soyboy a la Romney, or a treacherous fake republican like McCain, would have never had the balls.

This truly drives home how important Trump is, how vital it is that he is re-elected in November and allowed to continue the reshaping of the Republican Party, allowing us to have brave men on our side in 2024 and beyond.

Forget the tweets. Forget the quarrels. Forget the many ways the man grates even us (a rainbow flag outside the US Embassy in Moscow? Really?).

This guy is the truth.

He is also the only hope we have of continuing the March Towards Sanity that started on that elevator in June 2015. If the March were interrupted in November, the results would still be devastating, although not as bad as a Hitlery victory in 2016. But the Country is more polarised now than it was then. Therefore, a victory for the Dems would now result in a fury of leftist madness that even the reshaped courts would have difficulties in stemming, and with the likes of Gorsuch likely going Full Fag and making the situation more difficult still.

We need four more years of Trump. Nothing that you don’t like in him can justify not voting for him. The November vote is not about Twitter Behaviour, it is about the future of the Country and the West.

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