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2016 All Over Again? Not Quite

Dementia Joe has come out of the basement and has started meeting his fans. Unfortunately, it seems that there aren’t any, and we are seeing the same videos as in 2016, the close captures of the Dem candidate so it is not too apparent that there are very few people around. Guy is also plagued by personal and family scandals; which is, also, deja vu.

All like 2016, then? Not quite. Let us see the most important differences.

Joe is demented

Sad, by true. The nuclear button should be entrusted to a guy who doesn’t know who his wife is. Realistically, he would resign weeks or months into his office. Not a good sales pitch, I would say. Say what you want of Hillary, she knew all too well who her husband was.

Joe has gone full Bernie

Another big difference. Hillary had still fared a course clearly distinguished from Bernie’s. It was left, but not yet mad left. Joe has gone so much out there on the left spectrum, that even moderate Bernie Boys in 2016 would have been scared of the Globalist, Socialist, Enviro Terrorism of today. Twitter hero means poll loser. Joe still does not get it.

Trump is now the Incumbent

Out of a fully untested proposition has become a fully tried and tested Statesman. You can question his politics, but there is no mistaking his actions. He is full in charge, and he wants you to know it. Trump is now normality for the American households. He has an advantage he did not have in 2016

Trump is outfunding Biden

Another big difference with 2016. Last time, Hillary racked in more than double compared to Trump. She had more than 40 offices in Florida, compared with a handful for Trump. He could spend no money in places like Minnesota, where he went very close to winning. This year, Trump is outfunding and outspending his opponent. As the Incumbent, not as an outsider. Biden has been in politics since, I don’t know, Andrew Jackson, knows everybody and his dog, and he still can’t match Trump’s funding. Ouch.

Trump has the superstar factor

Trump is the Incumbent, which is an advantage compared to 2016. But he is not any incumbent. He is, basically, John Wayne. If you want to have confirmation of this, just search for his primary results. The number of people who go to the Republican primaries to vote for the only candidate is staggering. There were cases with more Republican than Democrat primary voters, when their race was still open! The enthusiasm is sky high.

Riots don’t win elections

This is not 2016. This is, more, 1968, when even a lacklustre, uninspiring Nixon easily carried a victory in the wake of the Long Hot Summer of 1967. You can please the fringes, excite and mobilise them. But this will never compensate for the homeowners with children you have scared.

Mind, this race is not won, at all.

But one cannot avoid thinking that things are going in the right direction.

Keep pushing for Trump whenever you can.

Let’s make of this a landslide.

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