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Dementia Joe And The Wave Of Latte Macchiato

The George Floyd Riots started at the end of May. We are now Mid-July, and it is clear enough that we are at the turning of the tide.

The CHAZ is gone after an extremely predictable explosion of violence; with it, the dreams of even the dumbest Starbucks bardyke of a summer of love (means: of licence and doing nothing whilst your debts keep rising) have gone, too. Some Democrats already try to explain that defund does not mean defund, whilst others actually insist in doing exactly that. In general, people begin to realise that it is not bad to say that arson and looting are not ok. Many have, surely, already decided they will speak with their ballot in November.

It seems, to this observer at least, that, come Autumn, these protests will be more out of fashion than Disco.

You would think the Dems would understand that they are digging their own grave, and desperately try to present themselves as “law and order” people in the hope that their veiled encouragement of the rioting masses is rapidly forgotten. Luckily for us, this seems not to be the case.

The very symbol of White Power At Work, the man who was in or very near power for almost 50 years, is now insisting that he got it wrong for almost half a Century, but you should make him President anyway.

Joe has Bernified himself, forgetting (which he does all the time) that even the original was defeated twice and, as a bad imitation, he has zero chance to impress. He seems to think (when he thinks) that the issues so dear to SJWs will be front and center in November, and he will ride a huge wave of Latte Macchiato all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I think he is wrong, big time. Come November, all the heated activism of the summer will have given place to a big movement of reaction to the socialist madness. This wave will not be roaring, but it will be clearly perceived in Autumn and quite strong in November. As the economy is well on its way to recovery, Biden’s threats of uncontrolled immigration, environmental job killing, spreading of social housing all over America’s suburbs, and a lot of other stupid things in the name of equaliteee will be as fashionable as chimney hats.

Does he and his puppet masters understand this? I doubt. I think what he – and they – want is to ride the Latte Macchiato Wave, thinking that this will translate into victory in the real world. If you ask me, they are very wrong.

The rest of the nation is, actually, trying to save their children from exactly that Latte Macchiato rut, coupled with the anger and bitterness towards the world so typical of the envious loser, that is the occupational destiny of the angry tweeters who so excite Creepy Joe. He is pandering to losers pitied and despised by the rest of the nation. He wants to win with the support of the cautionary tales.

The Latte Macchiato wave will drown in a sea of common sense, hard work, reality, and Patriotism. But hey, don’t tell Creepy Joe.

Let him blather until November. If you’re lucky, he could be so stupidly patronising Blacks that he tells them they “ain’t Black” unless they vote for him.

I know, I know…

But one can dream, can he not?

Actions Have Consequences: Say “Welcome” To The New Trump Voters

Minnesota, and particularly Minneapolis, are now sitting on half a billion dollars of damages caused by the rioters.

The Governor being a Democrat, he does what all Democrats do: asks those above him to open the tap and let taxpayers’ money flow. Alas, those above him are Republicans, and they are not happy. Therefore, the Governor will have to find another solution.

It seems that being Dem is synonymous with not wanting to take responsibility for one’s own actions. They are in debt up to their ears for a useless degree, and it’s not their fault. They are pregnant at 17, and it’s not their fault. They are in jail at 18, but it is because of systemic racism. They burn and loot, but it’s the police’s fault. They get nowhere in life, and it’s because “White Privilege”.

Well, President Trump begs to differ. Voters in Minneapolis will have to sit on the ashes of their own stupidity. I wonder if, after the money has been denied, the solution will be found in defunding the police, thus making more looting and arson even easier?

Remember, these are Dems. Lives don’t matter to them, starting from the Black ones. Scoring cheap popularity points, taking down Trump, riding every popular madness, pushing every conceivable scam is all they care about.

Actions have consequences. You want to look good whilst the mob burns and loots, you need to take responsibility for the mess that your criminal inaction has caused.

I think the most responsible 3, 4, 5% of Democrats voters in Minnesota understand this, and they might be much more than this tiny percentage. Still, 5% would be more than enough to give Minnesota to Trump in November. Then there are the independents, the non-voters, the eternal fence-sitters. One thinks a number of them will decide that enough is enough, and will stay in the queue in November to protect themselves from the mobs and the politicians who support the mob, because being a criminal is fashionable on Twitter.

Actions have consequences.

Say “welcome” to the new Trump voters.

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