Actions Have Consequences: Say “Welcome” To The New Trump Voters

Minnesota, and particularly Minneapolis, are now sitting on half a billion dollars of damages caused by the rioters.

The Governor being a Democrat, he does what all Democrats do: asks those above him to open the tap and let taxpayers’ money flow. Alas, those above him are Republicans, and they are not happy. Therefore, the Governor will have to find another solution.

It seems that being Dem is synonymous with not wanting to take responsibility for one’s own actions. They are in debt up to their ears for a useless degree, and it’s not their fault. They are pregnant at 17, and it’s not their fault. They are in jail at 18, but it is because of systemic racism. They burn and loot, but it’s the police’s fault. They get nowhere in life, and it’s because “White Privilege”.

Well, President Trump begs to differ. Voters in Minneapolis will have to sit on the ashes of their own stupidity. I wonder if, after the money has been denied, the solution will be found in defunding the police, thus making more looting and arson even easier?

Remember, these are Dems. Lives don’t matter to them, starting from the Black ones. Scoring cheap popularity points, taking down Trump, riding every popular madness, pushing every conceivable scam is all they care about.

Actions have consequences. You want to look good whilst the mob burns and loots, you need to take responsibility for the mess that your criminal inaction has caused.

I think the most responsible 3, 4, 5% of Democrats voters in Minnesota understand this, and they might be much more than this tiny percentage. Still, 5% would be more than enough to give Minnesota to Trump in November. Then there are the independents, the non-voters, the eternal fence-sitters. One thinks a number of them will decide that enough is enough, and will stay in the queue in November to protect themselves from the mobs and the politicians who support the mob, because being a criminal is fashionable on Twitter.

Actions have consequences.

Say “welcome” to the new Trump voters.

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  1. Bottom line on Democrat politicians and MSM. They are evil, self serving monsters, creatures of the devil. Why most folks don’t see this is a mystery to me.

    • I think it’s because they don’t believe in the existence of the devil. Once one has the right coordinates, everything becomes clear.

  2. “sitting on the ashes of their own stupidity”—just great!

  3. Oh boy, just wait, because there are rumblings that the homeowners in some of these rioted areas are going to see a tax hike on them to pay for this. Somebody’s got to pay, and the people who did it have no jobs unless you count a Soros paycheck as a job so…yeah.
    A big fat welcome to the new Trump voters. Nobody should say a word except welcome to them, and hey, we all come to the party sooner or later. Better now than in December!
    The choice has never been more clear than it is right now, and really, the last 4 months in America should have given every voter more than enough information to see the choice, freedom or Communism. On Patriot radio today, they played the comments of an Hispanic gentleman who was just at the White House. His name is Maximo Alvarez, and I could have cried as I listened to his comments. Hear a man who knows what communism IS, his family came out of Cuba. His remarks are worth hearing and worth sharing. Let me tell you why.
    My mother’s family is Pilgrim stock, and came here in 1621 from England. My Dad’s father was born in Cork, Ireland, his mother born in the Bronx, NYC, to German parents. I have no Hispanic roots, no Hispanic ancestry, but if our country is in the hands of men like Maximo Alvarez, we’re in great hands and don’t have to worry about our country, she’ll be loved, and the future looks bright. America is not safe yet, this election is make or break, so we have a ways to go. We also see Goya Foods standing up to the Communists and not backing down. We see Americans watching the Hispanic owner, Mr. Unanue, as he thanked the president, said he was an amazing builder, and was attacked by the Communists (AOC) but refuses to recant! So Americans are seeing in Mr. Unanue and Goya Foods and men like Mr. Alvarez, the Hispanic community stepping up and filling the gap when we need it most, when we have no one really leading. We need leaders, don’t really have any, and here comes real Americans, men who love this country and are defending this country, without apology and showing the rest of us how it’s done. If Goya Foods breaks the spell of fear of these Communists, it’s going to be a game changer.
    Astounding times. The bond between Anglos and the Hispanic community who love this country is going to be even better, stronger, than before. Please God, that will happen.

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