Cancel Culture Slowly On The Way Out

As always in life, good citizens need a while to react to extremism, but at some point they react and decide that enough is enough.

I saw that as a child in Italy, when, after several years of being too timid to decide that terrorists had to be dealt with the hard way, things started to go in the only direction they could go bar a Communist takeover: with the majority of the terrorists the other side of the grass. It took years, it built slowly, but we got there in the end.

The same happened with another now forgotten, but then typical Italian plague: kidnappings. At first the public was reluctant to go the hard line, but at some point it happened. Predictably, kidnappings are now all but forgotten. The hard line always work against criminals, and he who tells you otherwise is a fool.

It is the way these things go. The same is starting to happen with the cancel culture. It will take time, but the hysteric bullying and destruction mania of angry Twitter mobs is already on the other side of the tide. When Goya resisted a massive boycott effort (led by no other than AOC, the architect daughter turned Bronx ghetto-girl), the reaction was the opposite one: Goya products are now flying off the shelves as the populations shows these leftists bigots where to shove they boycott calls.

Notice here: this happened only when the Company adamantly refused to apologise to the Twitter Mob. Which is very right, because you don’t want to support a company that (like Chick-Fil-A, or Barilla) can bark for a while, but has no teeth to bite.

Also note: this was a mass reaction. Some philanthropists buying Goya products to give them to food banks would never be enough to cause the widespread scarcity of Goya product that is being noted from too many corners. This has been the common citizen voting with his shopping cart, and showing a finger to the likes of AOC in the process.

This, by the way, is just another indication of how wrong the polling is, either because they are brutally manipulated by leftist activists or because the politically correct leading question skew the votes the wrong way, or because many conservatives just refuse to answer the pollsters or, actually, troll them (which is what I would do).

It is impossible that Trump is 10,12,15 points behind Biden and slays him in fundraising. It is also impossible that Trump is very unpopular, but people flock to the primaries in unprecedented numbers to give him their support. It is also extremely unrealistic to expect that widespread riots will not move an awful lot of voters to support the candidate clearly representing law and order.

All in all, you can see this: that people take a while to react, but then react solidly, and with common sense. Whether Goya, or law and order, or police funding, it seems they are silently moving in the right direction.






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  1. Thanks for the encouragement Mundy. November will be key.

  2. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Thank you for the big dose of hope! Right now hope, prayer (especially through the intercession of the Blessed Mother), and working to reelect President Trump are the best prescription for the future of the United States.

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