DACA: Enough With The One-Upmanship, Mr President

Playing with a DACA amnesty does not work even among Latinos.

Not only because a poll says so, but because it never could. Trump has run on a platform based on sincerity and transparency; a platform on which he has delivered like no one after Reagan. He should never, ever run the risk of looking like a “traditional” politician merely because he hopes to make the Democrats look bad. If his core voters have reasons to doubt him, he looks already worse than he could ever make the Dems look. 

There is no upside in this game. It is an uppity, too-clever-by-half form of one-upmanship. It will backfire.

Trump should be less in love with his (substantial) intelligence and more attentive to give a clear, laser-focused, consistent message to his own voters.

These little tricks will keep me up at night.

Please, Lord, make the man see reason and do not allow him to ruin everything out of sheer complacency and desire to show how clever he is.



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