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Meet Creepy Joe, The Marxists’ Puppet

The video in the link explains it so well.

Marxist activist goes on record – on RT, of all places – with what we all know, but many Democrats are only now slowly starting to understand: Creepy Joe would be, if elected, a puppet of the emboldened, powerful Marxist wing of the Democrat party.

If he wins, he wins because of them (which, inter nos, is exactly why he will lose). From the Bernie Bros to the openly Marxist activists, they will all present the bill. Nor will poor, demented Joe be able to do anything. Firstly, he will barely remember who he is and what job he has; secondly, in his moments of lucidity it will be very easy to make him understand how easily he can be forced into retirement unless he shuts up, sits and wiggles the tail like a well-trained dog (I can ear Joe going “woof, woof!” right now).

This guy carries more scandals with him than Colin Kaepernick has hair (I’d love to know whom the guy endorses, by the way, and why; the endorsement of an America-hating bigot is just the kind of support Biden could actually look for). Plus, his dementia is advancing faster than the Allies in Spring 1945. If he wins (which, God willing and if the Country still has a modicum of sanity, he won’t), he will win to lose.

You could make a Junior Gardener at the White House President, he would be more effective, more competent, more intelligent, more independent because less subject to blackmail, and certainly more awake, and aware, than Creepy, Sleepy, Dementia Joe.

The Marxist harpy in the video – 76 years old; Satan had a very long run with this one – will, unwittingly, open the eyes of a lot of people. We need to give these episodes as much publicity as we can, then it cannot be that Creepy Joe is presented as a “moderate” to the low-information voters when th ereality is so much different, and so dangerous for the entire West.

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