Daily Archives: July 18, 2020

Cats’ Paradise

I have just replied to a message stating that women are generally sensible voters… when they are mothers.

I reflect that in 2016, it appears the majority of White women (mothers, or not) voted for Trump against “I have a vagina so I am entitled to your vote”-Hitlery.

OK, woke women were a very tiny minority in 2016; very likely, they are a very tiny minority now.

But they are, most emphatically, not marriage material.

Bitchy, angry, heavily in debt, likely fat and, in any case, made ugly by hate, eligible men will run away fast at the first whiff of romantic interest they detect in … them.

So we might witness, in the next decades, the phenomenon of millions of “Bernankified” (look it up!) women ending up bitter, angry activists well in their Seventies, Eighties and, like a Justice I know of, almost Nineties!

And I wonder: will they they take to the streets with their canes and walking frames, loudly asking for the right of their “partners” (the cats) to vote, lamenting “felinephobia”, demanding “feline equality”  and crying with all the oxygen they have in their lungs (not much) that “Cats’ Lives Matter”?

Absurd, you say?

Not more than thinking that a man is a woman, because he says so.

What I know, is that it will be a cats’ paradise.



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