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Exemplary Behaviour (Still: Polite Language!)

Today, yours truly is humbled by the exemplary behaviour of a lady who really taught me (and us) the meaning of pacific, peaceful and, above all, classy protest. The video is somewhat dated, but the comportment of all the parties involved makes it a timeless and useful reminder, in these difficult and controversial times, of how police work should always be.

I think this is the future of effective communication and police interaction in the United States. This is the civil discourse of the future. This is policing for the XXI Century.

Because all lives matter.

The lady in question should be an example to us all. Polite, civil, extremely well articulated, but above all, classy. She expresses her disagreement with the men in blue in a way that makes it impossible not to be touched by her sensitive, gentle nature. She disagrees with them, of course. It’s a free Country, she is obviously allowed to do it.

But it is not what she says (I allow myself to disagree on her message). It is the gentle, ladylike nature of the lady that really strikes me. She is an example to us all.

An applause also goes, if you ask me, to the LEO who, at the end of the conversation, puts an end to the polite disagreement and causes the lady to provisionally cease her polite remarks.

Congratulations to everybody are in order here, I think.

Marked civility, positive interaction, and great final outcome.

This is how it should always be.

Please scroll below to see it for yourselves.





















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