Wife Beaters Of The Caribbeans?

As I write this, a trial is going on in London, involving the actor called Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, or whatever.

It makes for interesting reading. Turns out Depp is, well in his Fifties, quite vulgar (we knew that), and also, if we believe the “Sun”, quite violent, quite jealous, and extremely conservative in terms of appropriate dress for her wife, or whatever.

What. A. Disappointment.

You would think that icons of wokeness would have left behind them the old, disgusting, de-humanizing practices of the oh-so-hated Patriarchy! Stuff like… jealousy, as if his wife (or whatever) were something that belongs to him, like cattle, and were not able to decide for herself about her body (which is nothing to scoff at, by the way)! Who does he think he is, a White Supremacist? Where’s the KKK hood?

Violent, to boot! Very violent, says the wife (or whatever). Violent, mind, not only physically, but psychologically, too! It appears the man even wanted to have a say about the length of his wife’s (or whatever) rocks! Like it’s 1857 and he owns a cotton plantation, several slaves, horses, dogs, and a wife! For shame, for shame! Hey, Mr Depp: slut lives matter!! And the idea that their marriage (or whatever) should go on until death does them part! Unheard of!

Look, Mr Dumb (German for “depp”): if one takes you and forgets, for a moment, the drunkenness, the drugs, the violence, the vulgarity, and all the other visible and invisible rubbish, what one gets is… well, Catholicism!

A world where a man expects obedience and submission from his wife, offers protection and sustenance in exchange, and thinks that what God has joined, let no man separate.

Patriarchy in general, and Catholicism in particular, are deeply in sync with the deep nature of God’s creatures, of both sexes. This is so innate, so strong, so intrinsically human that even a drunk, drug-using, violent, vulgar, brainless, wannabe liberal like Mr …. depp immediately, viscerally gets it!

Turns out liberalism can corrupt the mind, big time.

But deep down, it will never be able to change the nature of man.

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  1. “A world where a man expects obedience and submission from his wife,”
    Tut tut really Mundabor?
    I thought the wife was equal to the husband in Catholic thinking?

    • Ah, the message is this one?
      I read it only now.
      Equality in dignity, in the difference of the roles.
      Wives, be submissive to your husbands.

  2. He’s supposedly on the cabal list and a nasty one at that.

  3. Would you ever really like or respect someone who was submissive or obedient?

  4. I left a reply a few days ago. Did you not like it?
    P. H.

  5. Trouble is most western wives are not in the least submissive. If a wife turns out to be bossy you just can’t divorce her.
    We don’t believe in divorce so. . tough . .

    • These issues must be settled before marriage, though. You don’t marry a woman who is not submissive. If this means you stay single, so be it and, actually, so am I. Men are very independent.

  6. Mundy. Not being married does not give you much experience of submissive wives.
    There are not many in the west.
    So tone it down a bit. Life goes on in spite of our failings.

    • I agree that there aren’t many.
      There aren’t many because the men in the West have become submissive.
      Alas, my experience of women in general might, sinful as this is, well exceed yours.
      There’s nothing to done down.
      Choose wisely, and don’t be a pussy.

  7. Mundy I agree with you. But it’s the world we live in. Women are equal partners but the way things are they should and do take the lead from the man as he is the head, even the ‘bossy’ ones.
    So yes its built into our natures and it has been the same since Adam and Eve.

    • I fully agree.
      But you see, the world is what we make of it.
      Manly men make for, and attract, submissive women (which is good). At the same time, women do not respect strong men.
      Healing, for the entire West, begins with men claiming their role, and rejecting the premise that women need to have an “equal partner” role because “hey, it’s the way it is”.
      The equality is in the dignity. But a man demands to be the leader.
      Believe me, a woman confronted with such a man is generally (unless entirely ruined already by too many… cocks) all too ready to embrace the traditional role. The tragedy is that this discovery happens too late in life, when they have become not attractive to the men they should have sought earlier.
      I wrote several posts about this and will write more in future. Trump is taking all my attention now.

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