In Case You Think Trump Is In Trouble


Rasmussen is a very reliable polling firm. They went very near to the end results in 2016. They have been consistently reliable.

They say Trump is cleaning up.

Granted, this is only July. He can do damage to himself in a variety of ways before November. But there is no mistaking the message here: Biden is going nowhere fast; which is good, because he would not remember where he is trying to go in the first place.

As the article mentions, turns out Blacks and Latinos do not like riots, either. They will never be as vocal as the Twitter Mob, though. They probably are, in many ways, the usual social conservative types, averse to making noise. But they see what is happening, and are taking notes.

This, mind, from the background of an economy that has not restarted anywhere near where it will be in November. When that happens, more minority voters will choose to either support Trump or stay home. If Democratic governor try to cut their voter’s face to spite Trump, the latter will be very fast in exposing the trick, and the voters (minority, or not) will notice this, too.

I also offer another caveat: Rasmussen itself had Trump down 10% in the popular vote to Biden, which means that the polls are not very reliable yet (not even theirs) and the situation remains volatile. Still, when they consistently say that Trump was at 40% approval among Blacks (this was with the economy roaring, before Coronavirus) and is at above 40% among “people of color” now, in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis, it tells you that the gaslighting that is going on from the MSM is absolutely massive.

Third warning: when the Dems pick their BVWSG (Black Vagina With Social Grievances) the percentage of people “of color” that will vote for Trump will go down. But not much, I think. Many Blacks and Latinos are not racist. They will not vote for the White Male Candidate with the BVWSG in his ticket to spite the White Male Candidate without.

It is not in his character, of course, but I think that even if Trump locked himself in his basement, and let Biden free to roam around as he pleases until November, Trump would still win in a landslide. Biden’s best chance is for voters to just forget (as he, himself, does so well !) who the Democrat candidate is, and focus on his persona as little as possible.

Things are going well. Actually, I think they are going very well.

Time works for us (economic recovery).

Biden will have to get out of the basement and embarrass even his Labrador.

There is no sign this BLM madness is going to an end, or that it will be forgotten in November if it does. How the Dems think this is working for them, is beyond me. They have confused the Twitter mob with reality.

November will be fun to watch.







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  1. Good thinking Mundy. I’m going to work for Trump making get out the vote calls. I could use a few pithy reasons for Trumps re-election, like say: Staying alive for the next 4 years. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Avoid having to kneel for Communists
      Trying to get your sports back
      Not having to think how beautiful the planet was before Joe pushed the button thinking it was the nurse’s.
      I am sure there are many others!

  2. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    I love to come here for my daily dose of optimism. I’m saying a Hail Mary for you in thanksgiving!

  3. I don’t want Trump supporters to think he will win. I want them to think tnat their vote will be crucial to his re-election. I want every Trump voter to be as highly motivated as possible to get out there and “win one for the Gipper!”
    I want all the pseudo-progressive, faux-liberal fascist socialist hate-filled, violence-prone deragned anti-Trumpers to deeply and hearfeltedly believe that they have the election in the bag and spend November 3 and the days running up to it lost in their fever-dreams of a socialist utopia just around the electoral corner. Not out voting… rioting and looting a little perhaps (just as a reminder)- but definitely knowing that their own, personal vote is utterly unnecessary so they won’t bother to cast it.

    • I’d say the best is that the Republicans cheer each other and the Democrats think they will be crushed.
      This way, the Republicans will be motivated to vote and the fat asses will stay home.
      I doubt many Trump voters will ever think it’s “job done” and they don’t need to vote, as they are temperamentally different from the lazy asses on the left.
      When you work hard at least 5 days a week, you really don’t mind the line at the polling station.

  4. My prediction: the silent majority will sweep Trump back into office in the biggest landslide in history. Biden is only a placeholder. It will be very interesting to see who the Dems roll out to save the party. Won’t work.

  5. Trump is still buying the Covid lie and as long as he does that the economy will not recover. He just canceled the convention in Jacksonville. He needs to STOP buying the lie of Covid and lead us back in TRUTH. And do the dang convention in a wheat field in Nebraska…people need to be encouraged NOT discouraged. The faithful have been working hard behind the scenes backing Trump, he needs to give back by having a convention and giving the people some juice until November.

    Article on Covid by conservative think tank that nails it:

    God bless~

  6. It seems to this Irishman looking in that the ones most likely to vote for Biden are also the ones most likely not to bother their backside turning out on the day. Commited, hard-working people are more diligent when it comes to voter turnout.

    • Exactly my thoughts.
      Dems need polls giving them 5 or 10 points ahead and allowing them to say to some voters “just a little effort and you’ll get more freebies”.
      Republicans don’t. They just go to vote.

  7. I ignore polls these days. To many people either won’t talk to pollsters, or they lie to them. Much of the time, they poll registered voters which is not a poor sample. And if they poll nationally, then they are wasting their time as elections are state functions, not national functions.

  8. Mundabor, I think you really nailed it by pointing out that the Dems seem actually to believe that what they see on Twitter represents the whole electorate. Rush Limbaugh has also mentioned this. That, plus the silly polls that routinely oversample professed Democrats, and under sample everyone else, has got them living in the same fantasy world as 2016, maybe worse. For them. Heh.
    Yes, we must work to get out the vote, as that is always true. But we must not let the propaganda machine dishearten us.

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