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Gun Owners and Creepy Joe, Or: Real Life Polls.

I read today an article on The Truth About Guns concerning gun sales. I quote from memory as I cannot link it here.

First half on 2020 compared to first half 2019. Gun sales plus 95%. Ammo sales plus 139 %. Millions of new gun owners.

This seriously cannot be good news for Biden. I would say that this is another “soft” indicator – or, if you prefer, “real life poll” – telling you what is happening on the ground.

A person deciding to undergo the expense and hassle of buying his first gun – and, therefore, not a gun enthusiast already – in this very particular year is a person who is alarmed.

Let us think: is he afraid of Federal agents sent by Trump? Or is he afraid of looters invading his home, or of left wing nutcases attacking him and his family in his car?

Will he, more likely, be a diehard Trump supporter; or a Centrist, likely an Independent voter?

Is he more likely to blame his newly-discovered need for a gun on Trump team, or on Biden team, which includes all the hard leftist Mayors promoting riots, and whom Biden actually supports?

And once he has realised the practical beauty of the Second Amendment, is he more, or less likely, to support Trump?

Well, call me naive, but I will go out on a limb and think that these millions of new gun owners represent, in great part, new or renewed support for Trump. On the other hand, I can imagine very few of these millions going home and thinking “dang! Trump forced me to buy a gun! Can’t wait for Biden to win and to start implementing some serious gun control measures!”

Do not expect many of these people, for whom the penny dropped sometime between March and June, to publicly state that they will now support Trump. Their Facebook following would be greatly damaged, and possibly decimated. The wife will blame them for the garden parties at which she is not invited. Their colleagues will consider him a White Supremacist, and an uber pariah. He does not want that. Too many liberals around, you see.

Still, I think that most of these millions of new gun owners will either renew or give their confidence to Trump.

Because few things focus the mind more than having to think about how to protect yourself and your family from a bunch of looters enabled by leftist politicians.

Man Up And Get Rid Of The Fear

Man Up And Get Rid Of The Fear  

Please forward this however you can.

Predictably, the Uber Nazi Nannies are censoring this.

I hope Trump and his men take notice of the way big corporations are openly, shamelessly trying to dictate what the public should hear.


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