Instant Karma


In these tense days, I think it my duty to do what I can to bring a smile on the face of my esteemed readers.

The story is here: in short, a very angry woman and a strange human being who might, or might not, be in possession of a vagina brutally assaulted (likely from the back, as he says it was so sudden) a Wisconsin State Senator who was taking photographs of the mob taking down a monument.

I do not know exactly who did what, and it seems that several people participated in the assault. However, these two are considered two of the assailants, probably the main two assailants.

Look at them. The person on the left is clearly recognisable as a female; but, a while after the assault, her look is still expressing ruthless, cold, steely hatred. Meanwhile, the person on the right could be your typical soy boy, but the linked article assures us that this person also has, in fact, a vagina. As we all know that sex is destiny, we will archive her as “female” once and for all.

So, these two individuals viciously kick and punch the Senator, likely from the back, because he was photographing a crime in which the mob was engaging. Make no mistake, they will do time.

One of the two was a “school social worker”. I do not know what a “school social worker” does. There were no “school social workers” where I grew up, and I grew up just fine anyway. I do not even know who of the two disquieting human beings was the social worker, and it pains me to say that I would not be surprised to know that it was, in fact, the one with the blue and green hair, looking like John Goodman’s difficult nephew. Still, look at the sinister light in the other one’s eyes and you would not know what is worse.

The story is funny enough, as it features two violent Social Justice Warriors who were just too stupid to understand that reality would catch up with them sooner or later (the events are around one month old; so, this was later rather than sooner…).

But it gets better…

It turns out the poor Democrat Senator was punched and kicked to a very sorry state whilst trying to explain to his assailants that he was on their side.

Poor, poor Senator Carpenter, caught in the middle of the same destructive violence he supported and celebrated! Instant karma, then…

I wonder if State Senators have immunity, because it seems to me that the guy has self-denounced himself of encouraging violence and incitement to a riot.

This summer of 2020 is giving us a number of these hilarious episodes (a guy almost burned another criminal alive in Portland a couple of days ago; another idiot wounded three fellow rioters accidentally firing his rifle; a third one was dispatched in Austin, hours after bragging that his “pussy” opponents would do nothing against him and his rifle).

I wish I had the time to write about them all…

God knows we all need a smile.








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  1. Not so funny to me Mundy. These people are sick and pathetic and certainly tools of the devil who is the one doing the laughing.

    What I like is that Democrats are in self-destructive mode for all to see.

  2. I’ve got to go with Michael on this one, Mundy.
    This guy is/was pathetic. His bud gets arrested so he’s gonna carry a gun? An “AK” no less (just like the cong and the chicoms)… that’s just a pain in the azz to lug around.
    Most “armed citizens” will carry a handgun for self protection. A rifle is generally carried on the street not because you expect trouble but because you expect to cause trouble. This guy (and his safely arrested buddy) are/were trouble makers and this one got what he was clearly looking for. He meant to intimidate and instead he simply raised the ante and lost his bet.
    But it ain’t funny. It’s pitiful. I wonder if he had ammo.

  3. And as for the two mug shots.
    Is that a before & after “picture of Dorian Grey” kind of visual?

  4. May I recommend James Woods @realJamesWoods Twitter? He puts up a lot of these hysterical videos and then comments on what he’s having for breakfast or dinner. Too funny.

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