Say Hello To The New Chaos

I really had to make a double take on this.

The Seattle City Council is moving on with a proposal to completely abolish (not “defund”, which is stupid enough; abolish!) the Seattle Police Department.

In its stead, a new “Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention” should be instituted.

How this “Department” would operate is clear enough from the “blueprint” given to it: its employees (“Agents”? Not!!) should be “well-versed in de-escalation skills”; something, as we all know, abundantly present in the inner cities, and extremely useful when confronting a violent criminal.

Furthermore, the members of this “community-led” activities (which will, remember, operate in the absence of police) should be in possession of “culturally-relevant expertise rooted in community connections”. By and large, I think this means “making use of marijuana, having had a scrape or three with the police, and being able to master Ghettospeak”. Relatives in jail (= “victims of police”) should also be of great help, though I think most “candidates” to the job will be able to comply with the requirement easily.

Not absent should be, before you ask, “trauma-informed, gender-affirming, anti-racist praxis”. I think this means that people without a criminal or at least an arrest record (that is: not “trauma-informed”) will be discriminated against, whilst the “gender-affirming” PC speak means that everyone who is not on board with Extreme Christphobic Marxism will be hopelessly out of the race. Finally, “anti-racist” obviously means non-Whites, because “systemic racism”, bro…

Brave new world!

I have no idea what probability this juvenile effort to make some people feel important will have. I seem to remember that, in Portland, the equivalent of the City Council can prevail over the Mayor; but I have no idea what happens in Seattle, who is called to approve these measures, and whether this is merely posturing with no chances of becoming reality or a bona fide, concrete project.

What I know is this: if this becomes reality, it will send a shiver down the spine of most Americans, including all Democrats whose brain has not (yet) been reduced to potato mash. But even if it doesn’t, the mere fact that the city council of a Democrat led big, wealthy city can even think of proposing such measures will work for Trump day in and day out until November.

Please forward the attached link to whomever you can, perhaps asking him how he would feel at seeing the police disappear and some petty drug dealers, wannabe do-gooders and assorted deviants with a criminal record appear in their stead.

Soon there might be a new slogan in Seattle:

Get woke, get raped.


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  1. Oh, this has success written all over it…

  2. I will pass it around. 5 of my kids live between Seattle and Portland. Surely, they will tell me never to send them anything like this again.

  3. They say they love it out there. One thing for sure, there will be more sleeplessness in Seattle.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Too true, Mundabor. These idiots have mush for brains. The chaos and violence that would result are mind-boggling.

  5. Once again, I’m SO glad I have left the Pacific Northwest! I haven’t missed anything about it in the 2 weeks I’ve been gone, and I can’t foresee any homesickness sneaking up on me. But I feel very sorry for my Seattle cousins, who own businesses in that city.

  6. Pegon Zellschmidt

    Obviously, the mayor and city council will not rely on the culturally-relevant, “trauma-informed, gender-affirming, anti-racist praxis” social welfare worker to intervene in case of any threat of violence to them as the rest of the city suffers. Rather they will retain the ‘BACIYA’ (bust a cap in your ass), a special armed ‘Not Police’ police unit for them and their families security.

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