“Are You A Junkie?”


Thankfully, I never had Dementia. But I am told that one of its symptoms are, among the obvious ones, sudden burst of aggression. We all remember the “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” months ago; then came the offer to that worker to fight with him, and now the aggressive outburst at a journalist for simply asking what is in the mind of absolutely everyone and his dog these days.

Even by doing that, Biden is showing signs that not everybody is right. He struggles to form words, and this is when he is lucid and has not forgotten that he is running for President.

I would like to say that he lied when he said he had taken cognitive tests when he hasn’t. Not saying the guy is not a great liar. Bot I honestly think he might have forgotten what he has done two weeks or a month ago.

The hard line losers obviously protect him as, predictably, Juan Williams does in this clip. Frankly, at this point, and accustomed to lying in the face of evidence, there is nothing else they can do. The only way out now is to get to the appointment of a VP viable as a credible Presidential candidate – means: no tribalism anymore; no BVWSG*, LGBTQ, or other alphabet salad) – like Doug Jones, or Kristen Sinema, and then gradually but surely put this VP front and centre in the campaign, making clear enough to the voters that they are picking the VP for President. Of course, this is fraught with issues (it should be Bernie, of course; and if it is anybody else, where does his legitimacy come from?). But it allows them to lose with dignity rather than to lose with ignominy.

I dare to think that this is one of the reasons why the appointment of the aspiring VP has not happened yet. With a stable candidate, they could have (in theory) allowed themselves the luxury of a “fringe” VP, meant to capture “certain” votes of some tribe they deem important. But you simply can’t run with a ticket consisting in a demented man and an extremist leftist woman.

Biden will not improve in the next months, and even my cat knows it. He will have moments of lucidity alternating with moments of anger, or of simple mental confusion. There is no way he can stand three long debates against Trump in his condition.

The original sin of the Dems was to allow Bernie to run, though he is an Independent. But hey, they wanted to be inclusive and avoid the internal squabbles. Then they had to shut down the other (mediocre) candidates just to avoid Bernie getting the nomination. At that point they were left with a Creepy Joe already in the process of transforming himself into Dementia Joe.

They are very lucky that the Chinese Virus allowed them to hide their candidate in his basement, but you can’t win a Presidential race from the basement. Those leftists fake journos praising his “brilliant” campaign consisting in just not showing up unwittingly admit that, if you are in his condition, the most brilliant thing to do is to stay in your basement.

Think of any other politician saying to a journalist: “Are you a junkie?” in response to the journalist posing the only question this politician knows he will, without fail, ask.  It truly is beyond belief that a politician of almost 50 years, accustomed to all sorts of slick answers, would answer the question in this way.

Unless, that is, this politician’s brain is slowly, but surely, taking his leave whilst we watch.


*Black Vagina With Social Grievances

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  1. This is all the more reason I think Hillary will become Biden’s VP. After all, she won the popular vote last time.

  2. What does “the difference between an elephant and a lion,” mean? Maybe he meant “an elephant and a jackass.” Comparing repubs and demokkkrats? Who knows.

    As for the “junkie” comment: I don’t think he called the reporter a “junkie.” jojothemonkeyboy set up a “theoretical” situation that made lttle sense. The best I can figure is something about a person going to a drug program and being asked if they are a “junkie.” (Comparing running for president and going into a rehab program makes no sense at all. It probably derives from his son’s failed experiences.)

    Bottom line. jojothemonkeyboy has always been a perfect comedic foil and now he has lurched into the pitiful.

    • I think elephants and lions are used in cognitive tests. And no, he did not call the reporter a junkie. But he asked him aggressively if he is one, comparing himself
      being not fit with the journalist being a junkie.
      the journalist might have been a junkie, but he did not look like one, several times, such as to justify the question.

  3. At this point, does it matter whether a Democrat presidential candidate is demented, evil, completely corrupt and hates freedom? No. In fact, these are the criteria for a Democrat to be a viable candidate for all public offices and too many people are also demented, evil, completely corrupt and hate freedom and that is why Democrats actually have complete control of this country even when they aren’t president or hold the majority in Congress.

  4. The interview is breathtaking in its absurdity.

    A man who is clearly demented is put on the world stage in pursuit of the presidency. How evil the Democrats are. Evil to the core. They sacrifice millions of unborn babies and allow the selling of their perfect, tiny, body parts and now they sacrifice a demented old man who should be sheltered with supervision and a warm glass of milk with honey, as you said, Mundy.

    Our Lady, Help of Christians, pray for us!

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