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Check Your Brown Privilege, Kamala! How Brown Supremacism, Bed Skills And Slave Owner Ancestry Make This Woman Utterly Toxic

Kamala Harris is a descendant of slave owners. This is not a right-wing conspiracy. It is stated by her very own father.  

It also transpires that the woman ( I do not say “Lady”: search this blog for “Kamala”, “Willie” and “Brown”) comes from a very privileged background: mama a high-caste Indian and prominent doctor, papa a Stanford professor.

Look, Kamala, we need to talk of privilege and wokeness here.

I have several questions for Kamala:

  1. Will she acknowledge her Brown Privilege? Will she recognise that her privileged background does not entitle her to speak about anything even remotely to do with “oppression”?
  2. Will she denounce the brutal, inhumane caste system in India, and the enormous, unmerited advantage that countless ancestors of her enjoyed for being part of the Brahmin caste?
  3. Will she, consequently, admit that her Indian ancestors are the very epitome of Brown Supremacism; that this Brown Supremacism is more cruel than anything the US have ever experienced; and that she is the very product of this Brown Supremacism?
  4. Can Kamala tell us what, in her estimation, her career would have amounted to, if not for the very intimate relationship with a power broker of the Democrat Party, 31 years her older?
  5. Can Kamala Harris explain to us how her being a descendant of slave owners (with all that this entails: money, education, connections) qualifies her to speak for the oppressed, the fruit of whose oppression she literally carries in her own pocket?

This, of course, just as a beginning. Then we would have to talk in detail about her total support for baby killing (I think for Brahmins unborn Blacks count as Untouchables, so I begin to understand how much Black Lives matter for her), her astonishing veer to the left in matters of environment, and her penchant for keeping people in jail so they can be used as cheap work force to fight fires in Commiefornia.

This woman is a gift that has just started giving.

It will be fun.



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