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Blue Lives Matter, And They Will Make Sure Everybody Notices it


Trump is getting a lot of Blue votes. One wonders how it could be otherwise.

What we have witnessed in the last months is not only the glorification of violence, looting and a clearly Marxist ideology. It is the systematic, brutal slandering of the Police as whole (that is: of every policeman qua policeman) from the people who want to run the Country from January 2021.

I have no data about how policemen voted in past elections. But it is difficult to avoid the impression that a good number of them consisted of independent or moderate Democrats, willing to ignore (or not caring for) the systematic killing of the unborn and voting Democrat because of family tradition, lack of sympathy for Trump, trade union affiliation, or some other reason.

However many they were, I think the number of non-Republican-voting policemen is going to be greatly reduced. Not many will keep voting the same party that insults them and their profession in toto, making all of them bad because of the job they have, and making them the symbol of a Country they have decided is “systemically racist” ( I think this includes the many Black policemen; but hey, it gets confusing from here…).

The Democrats are pursuing a course of systematic alienation of all the productive elements of society, bar the Billionaires and the Champagne Caste in the big cities they don’t need to win. When they are not labeling Law Enforcement as racist and criminals as a whole, they are making people who aren’t in law enforcement feel apprehensive about a future with a reduced, demotivated, utterly demoralised police. This is not going to end well for them.

Michigan was won by Trump by a very limited number of votes. Add to those many thousands of law enforcement officers and many of their relatives, right now.

Minnesota went to Hillary with a very little margin, and this without Trump even spending money there. You can safely add, right now, to the 2016 Trump Minnesota votes an awful lot of votes from LEOs and their families; plus, another truckload of moderate, Independent to Democrat-Light inhabitants of Minneapolis, who have already vowed to say loud and clear, in November, what they think of rioters. I can’t see how the Democrats can think they can keep Minnesota at this point.

Looters, good-for-nothings, lazy asses, and other professionals of self-victimhood tend to be too lazy to go to the polling station; you need to pamper them, help them with the paperwork, drive them, bus them, perhaps pay them a pizza. One understands why cheat-by-mail is so important to Dems. If the only living people who would vote for you find the activity too much of a hassle, you clearly need the dead to keep you afloat.

LEOs all over the Country are, however, very much alive. It is safe to assume that many of them are very, very angry as their livelihood is endangered and criminalised. Add their wives to the list of angry people.

They will all speak in November.

They will make sure everybody pays attention.





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