This Is What Losers Look Like

The picture above tells you everything you need to know about the pathetic Democratic ticket for the 2020 Presidential election.

They represent a particular America. This is the America of fear, made of those who cower in their basement (as Biden himself does), who are literally afraid of the air they breathe, and who are very happy that an all-powerful, all-regulating Government (local and federal) tells them in minute detail what to do with their lives. This is the America of laziness, too; a Country where too many just don’t want to go back to work, or want to have a convenient home-office life without any regard for the damage this causes not only to their pupils, but to the finances of their pupils’ parents. Who knows, by the way, how many are using furlough money to travel to Portland or Seattle and wreak havoc with their Country.

Please compare with this:


This is President Donald Trump during one of his many press conferences. Positive, unafraid, optimistic, clearly and pointedly not masked, and so darn manly he makes the two masked, scared kitten above simply disappear.

There is an obvious message being sent by both camps. The Democrat message is: “be as afraid as we are”. Trump’s message is: “be as strong, as courageous, and as unashamedly American as I am”.

Somehow, I can’t imagine the West being won wearing those masks. However, I can well picture Trump on a horse, with his trusted Colt pistol and his Winchester lever gun, working as a sheriff in some dangerous parts, and being very good at it.

The American people may not formulate their thinking in this way. However they, I am sure, perceive this all too well. Besides the daily squabbles, they can clearly see fear on one side and rugged manliness on the other.

Lesbians, Homos, losers, liberal nutcases, champagne-sipping journos and assorted soy boys will like the first image. The vast majority of the Country will prefer to identify with the second one.

Fear is a losing proposition for an additional reason: it will be difficult to maintain a climate of Global Scare until November. When the Dems, invariably, try, they will look like scared kitten, and like liars to booth, even more than they do today.

Trump is doing so fine it is almost scary.

At this point, the biggest danger is complacency.





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  1. Well said Mundabor. And masks are associated with criminals so they won’t be identified when they pull-off a job. Biden and Co. are trying to pull off an election job on America. Fortunately, most of us know who they are and what they’re up to.

  2. Initially the demokkkrat strategy had been to show that “the polls” overwhelmingly favored jojothemonkeyboy so Trump supporters would believe, “you’re all alone, your vote won’t matter so you might as well not bother.”
    That has proven a failure as nobody believes Trump was ever double-digits behind jojotmb anywhere perhaps but kalipornia, messachooseits and newjerky.
    So now they are changing strategies and the polls are showing Trump closing and taking the lead so Trump supporters will believe, “you have it in the bag so why risk your lives with that deadly virus just to cast an unnecessary vote?”
    They really do think we are as stupid, lving in a bubble, as they are.

  3. “Trump is doing so fine it is almost scary.

    At this point, the biggest danger is complacency.”

    No comment.

  4. Jose Rodriguez

    Perhaps this comment is just a prejudice of mine, because when a see some people wearing mask, I imagine a person who does not believe in the power of God and who lives in fear of dying from the china virus.
    These poor people are not to blame. The diabolical mass media, social networks,
    newspapers and television are the main instigators of this irrational panic.
    Please, please, turn off your TV. Save your soul and be brave.

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