Star System And Victimhood Vs Wholesome America

One of the sharpest contrasts between the Democrat and Republican conventions was in the people chosen to represent the youth, or the voters in general.

The Dems chose a young singer with painted hair, and also allowed a duet between Dementia Joe and an extremely, and I mean extremely, vulgar rapper. They also chose a woman blaming Trump because her 400 pounds father had died of the Chinese virus.

The Republicans chose Nick Sandmann: a young man like many of us were, persecuted for being against abortion, without purple metallic hair and, in generally, quite the decent young man decent Americans strive to become. Plus, a Cuban immigrant truly moving in his love for America.

It’s a striking contrast: star system and victimhood against wholesome America.

The Dems live in a Twitter and Facebook bubble. They think that being supported by troubled youth and extremely slutty ghetto women works, because that is the sad reality in which they live. They possibly think that only Hillary’s lack of appeal prevented her from being carried to victory by the entertainment apparatus. This is why they double down now, and think that the folksy demented old man may make it this time. They also think that people wil really identify with just another slow intelligence, blaming Trump for the ills of the world.

I think that they are tragically mistaken.

Middle America sees the ghetto singer, and it makes them cringe. They see all the drug addict, confused, childish star youth and are terrified that their children might self-destroy like they do. They see the extreme promiscuity and widespread immorality, and wonder how they can be on the side of those tools. They see the lack of self-reliance, and know it’s the wrong way.

It just does not work. Day one of the Republican Convention saw a lot of speakers whom the Socialist Media belittled as nobodies. But they were not really nobodies. They were people like me and you, they were us. They were the decent, hard-working, Christian people who are the backbone of America. This is why they connected with their audience, and were actually watched instead of being ignored.

Luckily, I do not think that the Dems will learn the lesson. They will keep pounding with propaganda from famous, and unknown losers. They will blame Trump for the next solar eclipse. They will think that they are doing fine.

Meanwhile, Trump appears to have opened a 10 point advantage among Independents.

And that was before the Republican Convention had even begun.

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  1. The Democrat Party is the party of the devil as many are aware. All the acting-up in and out of their convention should convince all right minded folks about this truth.. If it doesn’t we are soul sicker than most of us believe. Anyway, given all the events since March we must be optimistic about a Trump victory.

  2. John J. Marren, Jr.

    Encouraging assessment from across the pond….can’t stop praying for Divine intervention.

  3. Mercedes Pernice

    Brilliant analysis, my friend. You are spot on.


    I hope you are right….

  5. Nick Sandmann is what our best American youth are like. His parents must be exemplary people, and good Catholics. Maximo Alvarez also touches my heart so much. Many Americans feel immigration has been allowed to go too far, and too many people have been let in. But Americans would welcome people like Maximo Alvarez in a second. He’s a great man with incredible heart, who made a successful business and appreciates America because he’s seen the evils of Communism. He paid America back quite a bit, with his obvious appreciation or our country and his courage.
    How can Democrats argue with what they’ve seen at the RNC. I hope Democrat voters have a change of mind and heart, and remember that when they go to vote, nobody but themselves and God knows who they vote for. Vote for America, vote for Donald Trump.

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