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Thugs And Trump

It has come to this point, that a chap simply walking around in Portland (although possibly part of a Trump supporting caravan) was shot and killed in Portland for being a Trump supporter. 

From what I understand, there was no confrontation and no escalation; no threats were exchanged. It appears someone attracted the attention of the murderer on the presence of a Trump supporter (or even, actually, merely a police supporter, as he wore some form of “thin blue line”), and that was enough for the man to be killed.

The civil war might be coming fast, though it would likely take years to have things really go belly up. Make no mistake: if it comes to that, not many Antifa thugs will survive it. Twenty million veterans, of whom 14 millions extremely combat fit, plus millions of expert civilian shooters on one side; some, perhaps, 10 or 20 thousand violent bigots – plus an unknown number of criminals and looters who will dissolve as soon as the going gets tough – on the other. It’s no contest.

Another episode happened later in Los Angeles, where a caravan of Trump supporters was shot at from some genius, or geniuses, out of an apartment.  They are violent, but they certainly aren’t smart. As I write this, a  S.W.A.T. has surrounded the apartment, and I think this is jail, or worse, for the attacker or attackers.

I hear calls for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and get the troops. I disagree.

The USA are not a centralised State like Italy. They are a federation of individual States, which are responsible for everything that is not explicitly devolved to the Federal Government. It would be, if you ask me, overreach if Trump intervened. It would also create the extremely dangerous idea that the Federal Government is responsible for law and order above the fruited plains. This could, in the end, well be the end of the United States as we know them. The expropriation of States competences – and duties – will, at some, erode the justification for their existence, with all this means (think only of the electoral college).

No. The States of Oregon, and California, are responsible for law and order within their territories. If they don’t, they will be hopefully punished by their voters. If the voters elect officials unable to keep the street safe, they shouldn’t blame Trump. Trump will intervene if the situation gets out of control, not for riots and failure to run a State competently. A riot does not an insurrection make, even after three months. It is the duty of the local governments (at city, county, and state level) to keep the order. A Governor can certainly ask Trump for help. But Trump should not intervene himself until things are much, much worse than today.

These thugs are stupid. If the guy who murdered the man in Portland thinks he will not be found, he is an idiot. The people shooting at the Trump caravan in Los Angeles are even more deluded.

They need to pay attention. They need to start being afraid.

If push comes to shove, they will be squashed like the cockroaches they are.

The Second Amendment is there for a reason.


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