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First Debate, Or: The Only Alpha Male In The Room


I have now looked at and read enough excerpts of the Debate to feel able to give you – if you are interested; Biden isn’t very interesting – my two cents about the entire event. I’ll try to keep it short, because I have many points I would like to cover.

  1. The only positive for Biden: he managed to get through his 90 minutes. If he pissed his pants, we will never know it. His doctor is very good at drugging him; and he actually looked like one who has not forgotten he is running for President. There was no meltdown, no catastrophic failure. His allies are so relieved they are already saying there should be no rounds 2 and 3.
  2. I am sick and tired of hearing that Trump is not Presidential. Trump is Presidential to his very core. He has showed that nobody can intimidate him, that he can take a fight two against one (OK, one of them an old man, but still…) and that there was only one man in the room, and his name was Donald. You want the limp wrist soy girl, call Obama.
  3. The mistakes Trump made were slight, and very easy to point out the day after. He forgot to drum for his $500B Platinum stuff. He was not strong or prompt enough in refuting the “fine people” hoax. I don’t think he hammered Biden on the riots so very much. It would have been better if he had been more insistent on his economic successes pre-Virus. But again, he was in a fierce debate against Chris Wallace, who is a skilled – if unfair – debater. It is not easy to remember everything.
  4. Trump landed some excellent uppercuts to poor old Joe. He humiliated him, with the brutality we all know and love, when Biden told Trump he would have to get smarter. Plus, his “I have done more in 47 months than you in 47 years” is probably the phrase that will go down in history for this debate. He was excellent at pointing out that Biden wants to pack the Court with extremists. He did not forget to cudgel Joe with Hunter. He even moved Joe to backpedal on the Green New Deal, a huge mistake about which Trump will now likely hammer him until November. Nobody is perfect; but yesterday, Trump was seriously good.
  5. Without the shadow of a doubt, Trump was the only Alpha male in the room, and everybody could see it, though most political commenters did not want to even acknowledge the thought. But you know who saw it very well? The Latinos, among which Trump cleaned up. Latinos understand masculinity, are not fazed one bit by the soy boy worries of a candidate being “rude”, and gave Trump victory over Biden to the tune of a crushing, humiliating, Hiroshima-like 66 to 34 according to the very embarrassed journos of Telemundo. Sorry for you, Telemundo journalists. If you don’t want to know what your people think, don’t ask them live on television.

The best indicator that Trump won this, big time, is that the lefties focus on old news no one is more interested to hear, and having to do with his (fully justified) “behaviour”.

Newsflash: the guy has been this way since day one, it has not damaged him one bit, and honest people actually like his refreshing bluntness.

I am certainly forgetting some bits, but I think I have the most important parts. I think Trump did very well in a situation (first debate of an incumbent) that saw several Presidents before him underperform. He was prepared, laser-focused, and ready to show the American people how an effective President goes against his opponents, be they from Scranton or from Peking.

Well done, Mr President.

Keep being yourself, and you will do just fine.

Meet Joe, The Demented, Senile, Hair-Sniffing Perv


I have written yesterday that it would be useful to see whether Biden has any activity on the morning of the debate. I have looked around (not for too long) and I could not find any.

Hypothesis number one: Biden has slept as long as possible before the debate, because this is his only hope not to look like a demented, senile, hair-sniffing perv tonight.

I have also read around (as I write this, no movement on the matter) that Trump has asked for a third party to independently verify that no candidate has an ear plug. As I write this, my information is that Biden camp’s has refused.  

Hypothesis number two: Biden can never make it through 90 minutes of gruesome Trump barrage without running the risk of looking like the demented, senile, hair-sniffing pervert he is on a number of occasions. Therefore, his handlers insist on having the possibility to whisper sweet nothings in his ear if things were to go tragically wrong. To think that this man wants to be the President of the United States!

Finally, it has been widely reported today that Biden’s camp has asked for two interruptions (that is: a maximum of 30 minutes in a row), the Republicans have refused, and Fox has confirmed that there is going to be no interruption.

Hypothesis number three: Biden has, in fact, been taking medicaments against dementia, which make him pee with alarming frequency. I don’t think his drug-addled, senile bladder will care much for live TV time. Therefore, whatever incontinence pad the scientists at Team Biden have selected as the least likely to make their candidate look, as he should, like a demented, senile, hair-sniffing pervert, will have to be employed tonight, then there is no way the guy can get through 90 minutes without the floodgates opening; for which he would, of course, blame Trump anyway.

I will not stay up half the night to assist to such a cruel, Nero-like spectacle, which will end in a shouting match anyway (best defensive strategy for Biden, as long as his lungs collaborate; I am sure he knows, his handler have told him as match, and they will be banking on the “energetic Biden dispels every fear of dementia” fake headlines afterwards).

Still, my suggestions for the readers:

  1. Watch for his ears, his gestures, and his pauses after the questions, to detect the presence of an ear plug.
  2. Watch for Biden’s signs of discomfort on his legs (which might get visible behind a lectern), to detect signs of a medically-induced very weak bladder.
  3. Watch for Biden’s walk and general movement, to detect the signs of an incontinence pad.

Each one of these three would be the end of his candidacy.

Still, I think that his behaving like an old, irascible, screaming, creepy nincompoop will do him even more damage.


Upside Down: Another Day, Another “Lid” For Zombie Joe



I must confess, I did not know a “lid” was a thing. Apparently, it is when a Presidential candidate “calls it a day”. Which, in the case of Sleepy Joe, is, remarkably often, between 9 and 10 in the morning, as he needs to attend to his semolina soup the rest of the day. A Biden Presidency would consist of 1 hour of work one day, and very possibly 0 hours of work the following day. This must be a joke, but I am afraid the joke is on those nincompoops voting for this decrepit man.

Looking at the other side, I am not sure the use of the expression “working my ass off” is so extremely Presidential, but it is certainly true. Donald Trump is showing quite a remarkable amount of energy as he appears to be, like Stonewall Jackson, in multiple places at the same time. Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe Biden cannot even pronounce five words in a row – when he can read them correctly from the teleprompter – without bungling their pronunciation like a half drunk.

What I think is happening is this: his handlers have noticed that Sleepy Joe “performs” better in the morning than in the afternoon (which, I am told, is sadly typical for dementia patients). Therefore, they are altering his circadian rhythms, making him sleep in such a way that, when he marches to the debate tomorrow afternoon, he will be in his first waking hours, in his “morning” so to speak, and thus possibly – perhaps with the help of who knows what medications; his short appearances have also been attributed to the great frequency of bathroom pauses caused by dementia treatment – reasonably alert for a while.

But it is still a tragedy. This guy can’t make it for more than 20 minutes on a normal day. Even during this time, he is so fragile that he explodes at the mere mention of his cognitive situation. How he thinks he can go on for 90-100 minutes under Trump’s relentless attacks is beyond me. He will need a lot of coffee, two full days of rest, and a lot of luck. God forbid, he plays “Upside Down” on his phone because Diana Ross is having such a great success this year…..

In truth, what is upside down, right now, is a candidacy that surpasses in hilariousness everything we have seen up to now. He is Beto in 2070. Or you might think he thinks he it’s 1984, his name is Joe Bidennikov, and he is trying to make the Politburo.

I am curious to see if he has any activity tomorrow morning, merely hours before the debate.

If not, you read it here first.








First Debate: My Prediction In Three Points

The first debate is approaching and I would like to tell you how it will go. This, of course, if Biden shows up.

  1. Biden loses his train of thoughts many times. Can’t remember anything. Lies like there’s no tomorrow. Accuses Trump of defunding the Police. Invites Trump to settle their differences with a fist fight. Insults Trump in many ways having to do with ponies, and accuses him of being a junkie, or something similar. Thinks he is Joe Biden’s husband, but swears he is married to his sister. Asks Trump to make him a mixed tape. Plays “America the Beautiful” on his phone to prove he is patriotic.
  2. Trump is prepared, witty, robust in his attacks, in excellent form. Makes one little mistake saying a word the wrong way, or something along those lines.
  3. MSM declare Trump demented, and Biden the winner.

You read it here first.

The Dems Against The Panda

Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court. Shooting at it will not be easy.


The suspense came and went. The candidate is Amy Coney Barrett. This is the hand of cards we have been given and we now need to make the best of it, that is: win.

If you ask me, my idea of winning would have been this: three days of barrage about what indecent swine the Democrats were to Kavanaugh, follow by the announcement of a vote without debate immediately after the candidate reaches the Senate floor. This would have achieved the following aims:

  1. Show to the Dems that being a swine has consequences. In this case, utter loss of credibility, being treated like the mob (which they are) and humiliating defeat.
  2. Fast victory in the pocket, followed by a 5 weeks long victory lap as the Dems smash and burn other things because of the very appointment.
  3. Focus on law and order besides SCOTUS in the last weeks of the campaign.

Perhaps McConnell and Graham tried and did not succeed in persuading their Senators to adopt the hard line. Perhaps they did not try at all. What we have here is a mud fest that will go on for weeks. It will, I want to hope, not involve rape or drunkenness, but it might involve anything else, because the Democrats are not interested in their slander being even remotely connected to reality.

I fear that, beside the desire of the weak, virtue signalling senators a’ la Romney not to appear “dictatorial”, there is another motivation at play: the Republicans – who have found, in recent years, an energy totally absent before – actually *want* a harsh confrontation, by which desperate Democrats throw all the mud they can at a person enjoying (as a woman) “Panda Status” among their very own. This mud-slinging will, so the Republicans think in this scenario, persuade more women to vote for the Republicans, at the same time keeping the victory lap and the vote-winning effect of the appointment as near as possible to Election Day.

I can’t say I agree. Firstly, a victory for KO at the first round will always be better than one at the end of the twelfth, no matter how much audience the latter gets. Secondly, it is a rather cynical play to allow for all that time to pass, knowing that the Democrats will use to try to destroy ACB’s family. I am sure ACB is fully ready for this, but still… Still, I will give you this: that the Democrats will not be able to attack the Panda without looking bad. Whatever they throw at Coney Barrett, they will be reminded that they unconditionally support criminals like Jason Blake, and horizontal careerist like kamala Harris. Plus, they will have some difficulties in discounting her rebuttals, because #believeallwomen, remember?

I short, this could, likely, have been a fast victory, with the Democrats tased to the ground and reduced to screaming “Dictatorship!!”. This, they are doing 24/7 now; therefore, it would not get any traction. On the contrary, a massive barrage of replays of the Kavanaugh days would make them look like losers at their losing worst.

Sadly, it’s not going to be.

But I wanted to have this said, because I see dark clouds at the horizon, made exclusively of mud.


Smelling A Mouse, Or: Let’s Talk About “Humble”

I support Dirty Harry’s appointment.


So, we are told that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is “mind-blowingly intelligent” and “humble”. 

Perhaps I should address a couple of issues that humble, mind-blowingly intelligent people should actually have figured out for themselves.

The first one is that no Catholic, no matter how mind-blowingly intelligent, can think that he can reshape Catholic doctrine. Smart or dumb, a Catholic must believe everything that the Church believes and profess everything that the Church professes. This means, of course, not the blind following of what Francis, or some leftist theologian of questionable virility, states, because they are not the Church. It means, on the contrary, the unconditional adherence to the Depositum Fidei.  If this is not understood, no discussion is possible, because you can’t talk Catholicism with a person who does not agree with you on the simple fact of what it means to be a Catholic.

The second, which follows straight from the first, is that a Catholic is in favour of Capital Punishment, full stop. Again, no mind-blowing intelligence is necessary to understand this, but humbleness certainly is.

Amy Coney Barrett is, unless I have been reading fake news, on record with being personally opposed to Capital Punishment. This means that either the mind-blowing intelligence or the humbleness are just not there. She is also not twenty anymore, and as a professed Catholic with a high degree of education, and accustomed to the legal and historic evisceration of the issues she has to deal with, you would expect that she actually knows what the stance of the Church on Capital Punishment is.

I don’t want to say that I smell a rat here, and I will say in her defence that she has refused to stand in the way of capital punishment in her professional capacity. However, I would say that I certainly smell a mouse.

Still, politics is, as Giulio Andreotti used to say, “the art of the Possible”. Trump needs a fast appointment, and he does not want to offer the flank to virtue-signalling, closeted anti-Trumpers, who would ask for nothing better than show the nation their wonderful independence of mind, whilst kow-towing to the mob and looking good in their wealthy Washington circles.

We will know tomorrow. I think it will be Coney Barrett.

I’d have preferred the judge version of Clint Eastwood, or Tom Cotton, or Ted Cruz. But I honestly don’t think any Clint Eastwood-esque judge would make it to Justice before the elections, so this is where we are.





The Decrepit Old Man And The Roaring Lion

Let us forget, for a moment, the obvious ideological differences in pretty much everything between Trump and Biden’s handlers.

Let us look at the two candidates, themselves.

On the one side, an old guy who looks more fragile by the week; who is obviously unable to even read from a teleprompter without making a pig’s breakfast of his prepared answers; who sounds unable to even pronounce correctly and distinctly the words that he manages to read properly; who speaks in whispers; who, in a word, projects only one message: decrepitude.

On the other side, a man’s man; not only in full possession of his mental faculties, but with an energy and resilience enviable in a man his age. A roaring lion, delivering speeches well exceeding one hour with great frequency; improvising, joking with his audience, keeping them entertained, keeping it fresh and sparkly every time, making his case in a way that could never, never be seen as “fed” to him by an army of consultants.

You might say that these things are, in the end, peripheral to the issue, and you would be, of course, right in principle. However, I think that, in practice, the mere visual impression counts. The difference in energy, stamina, ability to entertain, and sheer testosterone is so marked that the casual, low-information voter (of which there are many) would feel disgusted inside at the mere thought of associating with a pathetic, already decomposing loser like Creepy, Sleepy Joe Hiden.

How much do the mere optics count? Half a percent? It’s not little in a close race. It’s the aura of victory that comes from the energetic billionaire, full of life and with the stunner wife, against the old, tired nincompoop, completely devoid of energy, probably struggling to remember his sister’s name, and clearly manipulated by a wife who wants to be President.

Everything, everything but the voter mail fraud is working for Trump. I have heard say (but I have not read anything specific yet), that he would already be 4 points in front of Biden in Florida. Look at the Latino car parades for Biden (less than a dozen cars) and Trump (thousands of them) and you can clearly see where this is going.

Only fraud can stop this steamroller.

I trust that a man of such energy, and so forward thinking, has his lawyers ready for that, too.

SCOTUS: Look At the Big Picture


President Trump will announce his candidate to the appointment as Supreme Court Justice on Saturday, 5 P.M.  I fear it will be Amy Coney Barrett.

Let us disabuse ourselves of the idea that she would be the ideal candidate. Her Catholicism is, from what I read, creepy; she belongs to some strange group of “novelty Catholics”; she is the cafeteria, “I oppose the death penalty” kind of gal; she has not given any indication of espousing freedoms in the robust way necessary today to counter the massive push towards government omnipotence. Possibly the worst of all, her Originalism is, some say, not so strong as advertised. I hope Trump will select somebody else, with a more clearly right wing record and unchallenged Originalist credentials.

Still, I profit from the occasion to remind my reader that God never lays a straight road in front of us. Progress is never a luminous process by which lights dispels the darkness whilst all the world watches in astonishment. Rather, it is a curvy, bumpy, often messy process, which requires a big picture mentality to see what is happening behind the drama of the day.

Take Trump. The best President that anybody could reasonably wish, and one who delivered beyond my wildest expectations, he is not without substantial flaws. I am not talking here of his Twitter behaviour, which is likely necessary and for which I do not care. I am talking of stuff like the occasional pro-alphabet rhetoric, the two years of deep sleep on the Wall, the unwillingness to go hard against illegals (the court haven’t helped him, but I never saw the kind of ruthless determination he could have showed, for example greatly increasing the budget and activity of the ICE in problem cities). I never liked the DACA rhetoric, either. The list can go on. Still, this guy is, on the whole, simply stellar.

Coming back to us, if Amy Coney Barrett is appointed, we would not have the dream candidate. But a huge improvement on RBG she would be for sure. Plus, she could improve with age.

In the end, it’s always a risk. Even Gorsuch proved much less reliable than expected. You never know how these things go. I for myself would wish for the Supreme Court to be moved to Boise, Idaho, far removed from the toxic Washington D.C. mentality and social environment. Let your average Justice keep some horses, sheep, hens and rabbits (if Anglos keep rabbits for consumption) in his farm 15 minutes of driving away from the job. We would see a different mentality at play, one much nearer to the one of the Founding Fathers.

Still, this is what we have. I think we are progressing, bumps and all. No, do not expect a repeal of Roe vs Wade with her nominated. Probably, do not expect it in the next years anyway. The Supreme Court will, I suspect, only change the Country when the Country has already changed. It starts from the grassroots, it ends with the Justices. We can dream, but we need to be realistic.

My bet is that Roe vs Wade will start to be eroded, slowly and methodically, but without the fatal blow for many years, possibly in my lifetime. But again, I saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the deposition and execution of Ceausescu in a matter of hours. Providence orders everything in a wonderful way.

I will await the announcement with a moderate optimism, thinking that things are going the right way.

It will never be 6-3. Roberts is actually a fake conservative, and a very real progressive and part of the Champagne Court Circuit.

But it will be much better than now.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Could Have Had Her Wish. She Just Did Not Want To.


It is now three days, and I am growing seriously sick and tired about all this rubbish about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s “dying wish”.

Firstly, the woman allegedly said she would wish her successor to be appointed by the new President. If Trump wins in November, there will be no new President. Trump will not become “46”, because Presidents are not counted by mandate. Therefore, what the woman said could simply be interpreted as “it would be so nice if they decided not to do anything, Biden won and appointed my successor”. A “pious” (!!) wish. A desire that everything might end well for her.

Secondly, if RBG really had meant to put pressure on the President, the Senate and the public opinion, what prevented her from saying these words on camera? I can vividly imagine Nancy Fraudosi and Alexandria Ochildo-Cortez crying in front of the camera whilst watching it. Of course, against this is the very simple fact that it would be simply unacceptable, as RBG herself knew all too well, to try to put the President, the Senate and the public opinion under pressure with her wishes.

Thirdly, and most importantly, who cares a straw for the politically motivated wishes of someone dying? This is different from the old man dying and asking his son to make him die happy and promise, say, to stay away from drugs, or to enrol in that nurse school, or to become an NRA life member. This “death wish” impacts every single American, born or unborn. Should they all held moral hostages of a power-crazed old woman dying? Thought not…

Lastly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg had it in her power to die knowing that her successor was in line with her ideological, baby-killing, perversion-promoting and, I think, hoplophobic stance. The only thing she needed to do was resign in 2009, at the ripe age of 76. Her successor would have been appointed by Obama, and would have been another disaster like the Fat Dike and the Wide Latina. RBG could, then, have died peacefully, knowing that her legacy lived.

But no. For this people everything is about themselves. They think that the Planet absolutely needs them, and nobody can take their place. Therefore, RBG decided to let her power trip go on for as long as possible, as she was celebrated like a living saint of the church of Moloch.

I don’t know whether the woman said those word, but they frankly sound like her. It could be that she expressed it as a “pious” (!!) wish she did not desire to be made public; it can be that she did desire that other people make it public. In both cases, her wishes are irrelevant.

She is six feet under now.

Politics isn’t made according to the deathbed wishes of the dead.




Fake News, But Not So Much

Choose truth over facts!


Dear all,

in our attempt to atone for the great sin of having been born White, let us see some of the occasions in which Donald Trump showed his racism.

Exhibit one:

“You got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

With these words, Donald Trump chose to belittle and patronise Barack Obama, a Senator trying to become President. I doubt even a White Supremacist would express himself in such a harsh way. Trump reminds me of Leonardo di Caprio in “Django unchained”, at the table with Django.

Just shocking. FYI, this was said around 2008, not around 1858.

 “Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things.”

Well, I don’t even know what to say here. We all knew (because CNN tells us all the time) that Donald John Trump is extremely racist. Still, this here is of a different quality altogether: this is an open statement that the (in the speaker’s mind) clearly inferior Blacks all think, live and react in the same way, whilst the Latinos are like the Whites.

You would think he is talking about dog training. Atrocious.

 “Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Biden, then you ain’t black.”

Wow. Just wow.

This here is pure “Massa speaks, slave obeys”. White Master just ordering Black Slave what to think. The only thing I miss here is the white pointy cap with the holes for the eyes. You know I like Trump, but this statement really gives me pause. It’s plantation speak, and no mistake.

“I just have one thing to say.. Hang on there”

The “Despacito” fiasco is just another pathetic example of pandering to a minority community and patronising them, treating them like little children who will then, surely, vote for him because he has a raunchy song of theirs on his phone. It’s just too much racism for one day. Do you think Trump would have ever gone to a meeting with the White Community and played some Taylor Swift song to show them he see one of the family, and gets the culture? He must think they are six. How stupid, how damn patronising and racist is that?

I could find other examples, but I will stop here because life is short.

Listen, we like Trump, but there is a limit.


Fantasy Solutions To Fantasy Issues

I don’t know if it’s click bait or sincere doubt, but I see doubts about Catholicism going around again.

Give me a break.

Pestilence and heresy, war and famine, French Kings (!), Arians and Cathars, the Ottomans and the Soviets, and a lot of troubles beside, have come and gone. The Church is still there.

Does the unjust trial of Joan of Arc demonstrate that the Pope was not a legitimate one? Does the shameful destruction of the Knights Templar and the execution of several of his members, starting with Jacques de Molay, show that the Pope was not a legitimate Pope? If a Pope is not Pope when he proclaims heresy, why was John XXII still considered Pope, and allowed to go on with his heresy until the last day of his life, albeit “merely” as his own theologian’s opinion?

Popes Francis (or Popes John XXII, Honorius, or Liberius) happen. This time it is particularly harsh from a theological point of view, but at least we have no pestilence and famine. Every generation has his own challenges. We, a wealthy but godless generation, have the challenges God has chosen to give us and frankly, it does not take a genius to understand the perfect appropriateness of the punishment.

And what should I say of the desire of some to move over to a schismatic outfit? Do you know whom the Orthodox recognise as the head of the Church? Let me spell it for you: the P.o.p.e. And do you know whom they consider the Pope? Exactly the same as everybody else! The Orthodox are a fantasy solution to a fantasy issue.

There is only one Church, and it is the one that Christ established on Peter. The successor of Peter is, at the moment, Francis, as the entire planet, and the Church, and even the guy who is supposed to be the anti-Peter, officially recognise. This Francis is, we all agree, a rotten individual. This is a disgrace if we think what challenges we face and how useful it would be to have a decent Pope fight together with Trump; but it is merely a small bump on the road, a small blip on the radar screen, if we elevate our gaze and look at it from the point of view of the Church history and of Her role in the world.

Get yourself a virtual drone and let it fly as high as you can, until Francis becomes but a minuscule point down there, spitting his rage to a non-existent audience. What you will see from up there is a magnificent Church, stained – as she always was – but indefectible – as she always will be -, totally unfazed by that little, disgraceful speck of white down there.

This guy is a disgrace. But in the end, he can’t even scratch at the surface of the Church, much less cause any serious damage. I always think of him – and I wrote more than one blog post about it, like this one – as someone trying to scratch with a fork a huge block of granite. This is exactly what the Evil Clown has kept doing since that horrible day in March 2013.

Do not be discouraged. Do not abandon yourself to dangerous fantasies making of you, however hard you may refuse to see it, a pope maker. Pray more, and pray for a Catholic Pope, in God’s good time.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just died. Everybody does one day. Francis and Soros will meet their maker, too, and that day does not even seem so far away. Whatever outrage you see happening, get consolation and courage from this thought:

The Big Drip goes on.  







Trump Prepares To Play 4D Chess, Again


I do not like it when certain attributes – like having a vagina, or melanin in one’s skin – are used as a criterium for something that should be based solely on competence, like the decision of who should be the next Supreme Court appointee.

I also notice that even men – who should be less sensitive to social ostracism than women, who are, by their nature, more social and less willing to go for protracted confrontations – tend to “go native” after moving near the champagne-sipping circles of Washington. Roberts is an obvious recent example, let us pray very hard that Gorsuch does not become another. Make no mistake: the social pressure on a woman to align to the social world in which she lives will be massive, and we will need a Margaret Thatcher-like grit to resist to it.

Still, there are good arguments for the, ahem, strategic choice of a woman – provided she would be good enough without any consideration about her sex – for the Supreme Court. In fact, there is even more than can be said for the appointment – with the conditions explained above – of a minority woman. Let me say this once again: of a minority woman who would have been a very decent pick for the Court if she had been a man. Note, in fact, that Trump does not say that the next candidate has to be a woman, because equaliteee. He has said that he will make a choice, and it is likely to (happen to) be a woman.

It would be extremely embarrassing, for the Democrats, to throw mud on a “woman of color”. The fact is, this is something they are not supposed to do, no matter what. If it is fine for Jacob Blake to be a felon, because systemic racism, it must be fine for the minority woman who get picked to be around twenty time more atrocious than embodiments of White Privilege like, to mention one for all, Nancy Pelosi. Whatever issues the candidate would supposedly have – and they would invent some calumnious ones without any compunction – it would be merely the product of the systemic injustice working against all wymyn, particularly wymyn of coooolor, right?

My suspicion is that Trump would, in normal times, relish a protracted fight. But the time is not normal, and there isn’t much of it left. Therefore, he presents the candidate that would make it the most difficult for the Dems to attack him, and creates a situation in which it is easier for Mitch McConnell to put an end to the debate before November, put the thing to a vote and see how Romney, Collins and Murkowski react.

If he wins, he goes into November surfing the wave of success like he is the new edition of the Beach Boys. If he does not win, he can use this to ask the American people to return him and a true Republican Senate majority in November. No one could accuse him of not having done enough. He would be the absolute idol of the Republican masses. The mobilisation would be, I think, huge.

It’s not the situation I would like to be in. But RBG has done all she could to damage the US Institutions – and the Supreme Court in particular – from her very death bed.

Trump needs to play with the hands of card he was given. It seems to me he is about to make a smart play.





March On, Mr President! Make Liberals Cry Again!

I read that the decision has already been made: the Senate is ready to examine the candidate to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  

It is late in the day, but not too late. If the Senate plays, there is time not until November, but actually until January. If the usual judases (Murkowski, Romney!) put obstacles in the way, this will inflame the campaign and mobilise even more Trump voters.

I think there is a clear enthusiasm differential between the vast number of clearly pro-life Republicans, and the smaller number of abortion bigots on the other side. This issue might well persuade to vote 1.25, or 1.5, or even 2 Republican voters for every Democrat who will decide to vote to prevent a more conservative Supreme Court. The fact is, the educated people on both sides are voting anyway, but against less educated and perhaps apathetic Republicans who might be moved to go to the poll because they find sufficient motivation in the SCOTUS appointments, there will be much fewer less educated Democrats who have even a faint interest in matters that do not give them a new TV set.

This is, by the way, why Republicans find it so easy to mobilise their voters with the SCOTUS arguments, whilst the Democrats need to stoke racial hatred as the only way to mobilise the overfed backsides of their less educated voters. The fact is that, as I wrote just some days ago, the ground is slowly but surely shifting, and on the matter of the unborn it is the Republicans who are now on the offensive and have the more motivated troops.

In fact, it is not unrealistic to think that, with God’s grace, the emerging of the Supreme Court appointment as a key issue in the 2020 election (whether the replacement for RBG is appointed or not; Breyer isn’t a spring chicken, either, the Wide Latina has health issues, and a 2020 victory opens the door for the replacement of Thomas and Alito with younger, but solidly conservative candidates) will move the one or other religious Black voter, who for mysterious reasons had refused to add two and two, to finally jump on the Trump Train.

March on, Mr President! Make Liberals Cry Again!







RBG: Forgive Me If I Don’t Cry


Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just passed away.

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum, they say. But I have never seen anyone refraining from saying a couple of inconvenient truths about Stalin, Hitler, or Pol Pot. Therefore, I take the beautiful, graceful saying to apply to people not in a public position, and who cannot give scandal or be used to cause evil anymore.

I have said my three Eternal Rest for her. I must confess it was hard. But after I did it for Bin Laden, I set a precedent I want to stick to.

Let me be clear: the news is not as good as when it became known that Hitler had offed himself. But it’s not much worse, either.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a perfect representative of an evil generation of angry feminists, so disappointed that they were born without a willie, that they lost sight of their humanity in the process.

I am pretty sure she did not see herself as a monster helping the killing of millions of babies. Like many people who have deluded themselves that they are good, because they pursue some lofty ideal existing only in their minds, she must have thought of herself as someone who, actually, does some good. Make no mistake, what she thought of herself in her delusion is not of any help to her now.

When sanity comes back, History will remember her as one of the example of the murderous insanity of this utterly insane age.

She was, predictably, openly atheist. As such she is, to all of us, a dire warning of what monsters can grow in the mind of a person, when faith has been kicked out of it. There is no one more evil than those who, without God in their mind, think that they can “change the world”.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has gone to her judgment and, if her life is any indication of the state of her soul at the moment of her death, the destination appears clear: hell, and not even an ordinary suffering in it at that. Jewish, Atheist, and openly abetting baby killing, she was a triple rejection of Christ, and a triple menace to Christianity.

No, I will not cry for her. Instead, I will rejoice in the thought that God’s Perfect Justice is at work at all times. May He have mercy on me, a poor sinner, when I die.

Pray for her because you are a Christian. Think of her poor Guardian Angel, whose tribulations have now come to an end. But do not join the chorus of those who will, now, “celebrate” this piece of feminist, atheist human disgrace.

By now, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has realised that it would have been infinitely, infinitely better for her if she had become, say, a housewife; happy in her role, obedient to her husband, caring for her children and those around her, spreading joy among those who love her and whom she loves; following her religion, even if the wrong one, and one day either joining the Church by God’s Grace, or among the very few who, living and dying in the wrong religion, are, thanks to the inexhaustible Mercy of Our Lord And Saviour, still saved, however little the chance may be.

It was rabid feminism, baby killing, and a rabid chase after her insatiable ego instead.

Let me conclude with one last point, and it will not be an easy one to read.

We do not have the details yet, but it seems unlikely to me that RBG did not know that the end was near, perhaps to the month. My take on this is that she knew, and she chose not to resign anyway, in order to make it as difficult as possible for Trump to appoint a replacement before the election.

This one, ladies and gentlemen, was a bitch to the end.






Dementia Joe, Irish Politics, And American Babies.

The news has just reached us this side of the Pond that Dementia Joe has threatened the nascent Trade Agreement with the UK if the British Government walks back on the Good Friday Agreement.

I really think these people are doing their best, and trying their hardest, to lose big.

The Americans of Irish descent aren’t so awfully terribly many. Of those who are, there will be a vast majority for whom the link to the Emerald Island has more a sentimental, family lore, fireplace nature than a real, lived, practiced, attachment to Irish matters. The vast majority of the US voters have, of course, no great interest in Ireland, nor do I blame them. Let us add to the utter stupidity of this supremely stupid move that an awful lot of people of Irish descent live in Eastern States like Massachusetts and New York –  States which Biden either has already in the bag, or he has problems of quite a different nature than sliding polls – and we understand the scale of this blunder. 

The result of all this is that Dementia Joe is asking the entire US population to sacrifice the best possible trade deal with one of the most important trade partners of the United States for …. some vague feeling of “give peace a chance” that is nothing to do with him, and the pandering to a minority of the US population concentrated in States he will win anyway.

You couldn’t make it up.

But you know what I would, if I were Trump, cudgel the old guy with the most?

With the fact that he is so interested in the affairs of people living an entire Ocean away that he asks his own voters to accept to suffer economic damage for them, but he does not care a straw for the around 900,000 little Americans To Be who are butchered every year, in his own Country, in the womb of their own mothers.

This guy is a walking (not much) talking (not much, either) joke, and a very evil one at that.

Vote, and make vote, Trump, Defender Of The Unborn.

The Slow Shift Towards Life

CatholicVote has just published a scathing attack to Sleepy Joe’s alleged “Catholic” credentials, and I remind you that this is possibly the only worldwide known guy who managed to have communion denied to him in recent times. What CatholicVote is telling Catholics is that this guy is a liar, a fraud, a phony, someone who would say anything for personal advantage.

Now, I have my doubts that the message will be a devastating blow to good old, folksy Two Finger Joe. My impression is that an awful lot of average “Catholics” don’t really care about Biden’s position on abortion, and would actually not like it if abortions were to be severely restricted,  let alone altogether banned, in the US.

What, however, seems relevant to me, is that the increasingly more outspoken stance of the Republicans – clearly driven by Trump – concerning abortion is slowly working; it is getting more embarrassing to be against abortion, and if your average milquetoast “c”atholic does not care much, others will care more.

Trump is, it seems to me, being President and Pope at the same time, occupying the space Francis and his bishops leave abandoned and derelict. Catholic issues like abortion are far away from being the dominant issue of this election – I would say that law and order and the economy move far more votes – , but I do not remember the issue being treated with the same relevance in 2016.

Every progress in Catholic matters, particularly abortion, but also alphabet issues, can only be slow and incremental, building on the slow emergence of a mainstream resistance to this atrocious, barbaric, pre-Christian practice. Unless the Supreme Court acts decisively, we need to advance one inch at a time; actually, this slow advance is the only hope to have to see the Supreme Court act decisively one day.

What I can see from here is that Trump is delivering, and giving more weight to voices like CatholicVote; whilst the absolutely vast majority of the Bishops – and, sadly, the majority of Catholics – are either disinterested or working against us.

Still, it seems to me that the shift is there. A Trump victory in November would only accelerate the movement.

Pope Weasel And The Just Aspiration Of Communism


Pope Weasel regaled us – during a recent Angelus in front of the usual three dozen curious who did not want to spend for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – with a bit of his wisdom:

In addition, in these weeks we are witnessing numerous popular protests all over the world – in many parts – expressing the growing unease of civil society in the face of particularly critical political and social situations. While I urge the demonstrators to present their demands peacefully, without giving in to the temptation of aggression and violence, I appeal to all those with public and governmental responsibilities to listen to the voice of their fellow citizens and to meet their just aspirations, ensuring full respect for human rights and civil liberties

This is, at the same time, ambiguous and subversive, in the same way as Francis generally is.

On the one hand, Francis restricts his appeal to the  just aspirations of the bunch of communists, anarchists, paedophiles, and others who are now manifesting. In theory, they could have no just aspirations (being a bunch of communists, anarchists etc.) at all, and everybody could be happy.

In practice, it is obvious that this is, for as far as a man like Francis would dare to go, an endorsement of the victimhood so much in fashion nowadays among the above mentioned categories.

“I am not saying that being a Communist is officially good”, Francis implies, “but please listen, listen, listen to them!” In this, there is an implicit judgment that white-on-black racism is still a factor (fake news), that the police needs to be reorganised (more fake news), and that Capitalism has somethign fundamentally wrong in itself (fakest news of all).

By the bye, I am awaiting Francis’ strong, definitive condemnation of “cuties”.

Will I get it?

Will I?





“Cuties” And The Problem With The Left


The total scandal and perv fest that is Cuties keeps making waves.

**Obviously**, I have not watched that rubbish. Not even a pic. Not even a short video segment. Apart from being a sane person, it is enough for me that Tim Poole stated days ago that he has banned from his Twitter feed everyone who (and be it to criticise the movie) has put pictures and fragments of the movie in it, so sickening it was.

Tim Poole is a (moderate) leftist (but with some sense left, so he will vote for Trump), not a Southern Baptist Preacher who thinks that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon. This is serious.

Let me explain the absurdity of Netflix’ position.

Firstly, you don’t make a movie, or a documentary, about taboo arguments. “Taboo” means, literally, “you don’t talk about it”. This stuff can get in the news because some leftist millionaire or filmmaker gets arrested, and sadly the modern world does not respect taboos as the old one did, forcing me to write a blog post about this sickening stuff. Still, it is obvious that if there is a taboo issue, you don’t make “movies” or “documentaries” about it. How many documentaries about incest have you seen?

Secondly, the claim of those criminal perverts that the movie is “conservative” is dumber than Joe Biden on a very, very bad day. It is not conservative to sexualise children. It is not conservative to put pedo stuff on the TV screen. These people are sick, and they make me sick. 

Thirdly, the mixture of perverted attitude and marketing ploy (remember: perverts want to normalise perversion, starting from the so-called “gays”) is such a transparent lie. Who would make a documentary claiming to criticise incest and put incest scenes on it? Who would make a documentary claiming to address the “problem of bestiality” and put.. that stuff in it? Only a pervert would, that’s who.     

After these very obvious, preliminary consideration, I draw as conclusion that is, in my eyes, just as obvious. Netflix has been infiltrated by perverts, whose game is to normalise perversion under the guise of being “critical” about it. This needs to be addressed and I am not talking of educators, I am talking of prosecutors. I hope that prosecutors with a stronger stomach than me look very attentively at this stuff and think very carefully whether they should not arrest and prosecute all the people who have been instrumental in this. Again, I have not seen that rubbish, so it is difficult for me to form an exact judgment as to whether the behaviour is outright criminal. But I think the professionals of the sector certainly should.

More in general, it is very easy to note this: perverted “lifestyles” are, one and all, totally antithetical to Christianity and to the White Western Civilisation in general. Therefore, perverts are naturally anti-Christian and leftists. It is no coincidence that, of the women who originally founded BLM, three out of three are Marxists, and two out of three are Lesbians. It is not difficult to imagine that, among the activist and agitators in BLM and Antifa, the percentage of such people is high.

Do you remember the first person killed in Kenosha, a chap called Rosenbaum, the bald one with the bad temper? Look him up.

I’d love to know how many in the upper echelons of Netflix are, in fact, homos. I’d love to know about the director, screenplay writers, and other “creative” people within this disgraceful enterprise. I think we might discover interesting stuff.

Remember: not every homo is a paedophile, but almost all paedophiles are homos.





Why I Need A New Popcorn Maker


You don’t wish ill to an old, ill man. But when the old man wants to become President even if his brains are decomposing like they are Obama’s “legacy”, one needs to pay attention.

Watch here. This is a man barely able to read from a teleprompter, garbling every word that is moderately difficult to pronounce and, in general, giving the strong impression of rapid progress in his mind’s deterioration.

Watch him as he desperately tries to persuade you he still has some vitality left by trying to get passionate, which is a contrived and more than a tad ridiculous thing to do if, as it seems here, he is not having an exchange with a crowd (as Trump does, amidst continuous cheers and cries of “U.S.A”), but rather reading a script from a teleprompter in front of either nobody, or a bunch of zombies.

I really, really hope the man can make it through the next two months, and remain the Democratic candidate until election day. I know, it would be fun if he retired and Kamala “Hoe” Harris, who is hated even by her own “coloured” people, were to run for President in his place. But I still think this guy is the best Dem candidate we can wish for.

I can’t imagine how this guy can go through three debates against that force of nature called Donald John Trump. The media will help him in any way they can, but in the end the contrast will be extreme even if Trump shows up drunk, and Biden is kept together by a mixture of adrenaline and cocaine injections.

Sleepy Joe is going down faster than Saddam from the scaffold. It will be cringe worthy, but fascinating to watch. I do not think the man deserves any quarter. I do not think Trump will give him any.

I think I need a new popcorn maker.









Scamdemic Useful For Something At Last

Forget the pumpkin…


The LA County has urged people not to go knocking on door on Halloween this year.  

It’s because of the scamdemic, you know. You could have an old 88 years, 400 pound diabetic woman with respiratory issues who, on hearing the knock at the door on the evening of the 31 October, thinks: “oopsy-daisy: who ever might be knocking at my door today of all days?” Then she opens and, to her utter surprise, she finds some 13 years old boys and girls saying: “trick or treat!”. And there it is, the unavoidable end of poor Mrs Anastasia Leadbottom; at least if we listen to Democrats.

Mind, I am not complaining. In fact, I think that this is a good development. This darn Halloween is a pagan cult which, under the excuse of “fun”, heavily distracts from the important Christian and, in particular, Catholic week: the last Sunday in October is the Feast of Christ the King according to the right calendar, then we have All Saints and All Souls immediately after this Halloween stuff. Halloween is a problem firstly, because it insinuates in the mind of the young a pagan ritual without any vestige of Christianity; and secondly, because it makes it more difficult for Catholic parents to direct the attention of their children to the proper priorities in those days.

Therefore, it seems that one evil movement (the Scamdemic) is contributing to pushing away another evil movement (the Halloween craze, now also present in Europe).

As they say this side of the Pond: every little helps!




Pedal To The Metal

We are now scarily near to the 3 November. I do not need to remind you of how much is at stake. I will also readily admit that things are going very, very well for us according to every sensible indicator that is not made of fake polls.

Still, I see two massive problems in front of us.

The first is complacency. Whilst Trump’s base is much more enthusiastic than Creepy Joe’s, it is obvious that only a CNN reporter on drugs can think that Biden is still the favourite. It was good for Trump to be the underdog in 2016. He will not have this advantage now.

The second is the massive email fraud being pushed now in many States with the excuse of the Chinese Virus. This has the potential for a lot of blood, and I mean this in the literal, not figurative way. Whilst I am confident that the checks and balances in the system will prevent fraud on this scale from happening – otherwise the Dems would have started with the ballot harvesting on a million votes scale a long time ago – , there is no doubt that this will be used to make Trump’s now probable victory look illegitimate, fuelling violence and discontent for the next four years, for which Trump will be blamed.

This makes it more important that Trump not only wins, but wins well, and that the victory trickles down ballot.

Not only the Senate will be vital for the next Supreme Court appointments, likely the most important events in the next four years, but the number of state houses controlled by Republicans will be vital if there is no decision within the December deadline and [EDIT: the Congress] decides (at one vote per state) who is President. Republicans now led 27 to 23. It should be like that, or better, come November.

Therefore, I suggest that all my US readers put the pedal to the metal and drum as much support as they reasonably can for Trump, without losing their job or being massacred by a horde of BLM savages.

This is, admittedly, not as vital as 2016 (imagine where we would be now if Hillary had won!), but is still extremely important for the future of the entire West.

Gossip And Pope Greta

Do you remember that strange, obnoxious, unpleasant, grumpy Grand Uncle who used to complain all the time and, whatever he said, always looked off, incoherent, and rather childish?

He is now Pope.

Mind, Francis is much, much worse than your grand uncle; he is evil, petty, an enemy of the Church, and even – as Popes go – quite stupid, though he is not Antifa-rioter stupid. Still, one cannot deny that his pettiness and propensity for being constantly off base, even in his less Marxist moments, does remind one of said old relative.

After months of a pandemic which, whilst vastly overrated, has still killed an awful lot of people – like a bad flu does; imagine that! – Francis comes out of his high-walled little kingdom and informs us that….. Gossip is worse than the Chinese virus.

Tone deaf does not even begin to describe this.

Pettiness does not even begin to explain it.

Let me give you what I think is a very reasonable explanation for Francis’ fixation with gossip.

If you ask me, we are here clearly in front of a man who has been consistently despised for his entire life, and who therefore had to experience, particularly as he rose the ranks of the Church, the constant complaining about his character, his duplicity, his lies, his big love for being a petty tyrant, his lack of faith, his vast ignorance and his even bigger arrogance. This, he simply cannot stand; because when the fiftieth person hints with you that all the world considers you a piece of Francis, you start to understand that it might not be entirely casual; and you hate them even more, and are even more of a petty tyrant; because you can.

This, I think, is a very rational explanation of what goes on in the mind of Pope Greta.

And if it isn’t, it is not for Francis ‘ lack of trying.

Critical Race Theory, Or: Infiltrating The Government One Agency At A Time.


I must say that I was surprised in learning that US Federal agencies spend money to give training in “critical race theory”.  The Federal administration must be an impenetrable jungle of very numerous “independent republics” with the ability to waste their money without any serious control from outside. But heavens: no audits? No citizens’ organisations looking at the expenses and giving their two pennies on how the money is spent? Weird.

Be it as it may, Trump has put an end to the nonsense. Still, I see problems with the way the decision is formulated.

The very existence of such training exercises actually shows that the problem goes beyond the individual events, and it is the symptom of a subversive infiltration of the Federal administration. This can’t be stopped by just preventing the subversives to sabotage America in that particular way, as it obvious that these individuals will simply change the name of the training courses, or mix the subversive content with a more innocuous one.

No, the solution to this is the systematic purging from the Federal administration of all individuals who have proposed, approved, and funded such exercises. 

Once the rot has been found, spreading deodorant over it will not do. You need to eliminate the rot.

I really hope that the Trump administration realises this, and goes to work – perhaps without big proclaims, but effectively anyway – to put an end to this scandal.



Bullets, Meet Mr Reinoehl

Mr Reinoehl, the murderer of the poor Patriot in Portland in the last days, has assumed room temperature after a sudden meeting with 30 or 40 bullets, courtesy of the US Marshals.

I hope there is a video.

The murderer had managed to give an interview to the ultra-left, and aptly named, Vice publication. In this interview he had, poor bastard that he was, even tried to let his murder appear as justified. These people live on another planet, one in which brains are not needed.

This is really the best possible outcome for the tragedy of the murder of Mr Danielson. No expensive trials, no social workers busying around the “patient”, no necessity to feed this individual for the next 40 years, all the while being accused of violating his human rights. The solution of the problem was fast, clean, and definitive.

Please save me the “every death is a tragedy” stuff. The death of Mr Danielson is a tragedy. The death of Mr Reinoehl is an outcome much to be desired, and satisfies a healthy, sensible, innate desire for justice which, if you preferred 5 years of trial and a life sentence for him, you have clearly lost.

The shooting will also, hopefully, put the scarce neurons of those activists lucky enough to be in possession of them in movement. They will, if there is some sense left in them, realise that there is no way they can play revolutionary hero and get away with it. It will be one hour of glory and blm or antifa bastards cheering you, followed by an accelerated course in being hunted, very possibly with a lethal outcome. The obvious desire for violence, in and out of the riots, of these people – all three men killed or wounded in Kenosha were felons – will, if they still have some brains left, find other channels than the shooting of innocent Patriots.

I suggest that they knock their head to the wall until they bleed, and repeat the exercise every day until they calm down.

It surely beats the meeting with the bullets of the US Marshals.

Black Lives That Matter Living Dangerously

We are reading everywhere about the many dangers surrounding the life of a Black man, particularly a young Black man.

We have seen many times the diverse ways in which a young, promising, exemplary life can be put to a cruel, unjust end.

Think of this: merely resisting arrest can cause a Black man to be killed. And why would a young, exemplary life consent to be arrested? Merely to perpetuate the discrimination against Blacks, with the excuse of some trivial matter like not having a driving license, or having marijuana in the car, or being drunk, or under the influence of drugs? Surely, the system is defective and must be reformed?

Many a promising young Black life has already been terminated for trivial matters like trying to send, in protest, extremely tiny pieces of metal, often not bigger than .38 inches, in the direction of the policemen oppressing them. Heck, there were young Black Lives That Matter put to an end for something so obvious, so much to be expected as refusing to comply with police orders!

Come on, man! Who would do that, knowing the systemic racism inside the police and the justice system? If I were a young Black Life That Matters and the police stopped me, I would certainly not do what they say! Heck, I would just scuffle myself free, walk to my car, open the door and either drive away or reach for an innocuous knife or gun! What am I supposed to do, go to jail for something so trivial as an arrest warrant?

Knowwhaddamean, dawg?

And do you believe it, these people might shoot me if I did?

Truly, things have to change.

But do you know what is the greatest danger, by far, in the life of a young Black Life That Matters? You know what it is that is so dangerous, that an Iraq tour, or even living in a bad neighbourhood in Chicago, pale in comparison?

Well, it’s easy.

It is….

It is….

It is….

His mother!

Marx vs Marx

Cardinal Marx had a photo of himself taken near a monument of Karl Marx, praising the bastard as a “great thinker”.

The mind boggles.

Can you imagine any Cardinal, before the Second Vatican Council, saying the same? Alas, not only is this by no means Cardinal Marx’s first round of Marx-praising, but one actually wonders how many, at all levels of the clergy, think like him! One wonders, in fact, whether this despicable man’s statement was not done exactly in order to please Francis!

We should not be “obsessed” about the obvious enmity with God of the alleged “great thinker”. We should not at all be fazed about the countless millions who died because of his “great thinking”. We should all become all fluffy, emotional V II soyboys and look at Marxism as if he was a kind of social worker with a lot of free time on his hands.

This is what the Church in Germany has reduced itself to: a bunch of faithless cretins pandering to the world as they lead an extremely well-paid existence mainly devoted to undermine and sabotage the Church, and the still remaining faithful, who feed them. Cardinal Marx is by no means a scandal, or a black sheep among them. He is quite the typical representative of the breed.

At least, you can say one thing about Karl Marx.

He did not go along wanting to be a Cardinal.

Elder Abuse?


The tweet above refers to the latest, massive blunder of Dementia Joe. I don’t know what the initial thought was, perhaps the number of (alleged) Chinese Virus deaths. However, poor Dementia Joe cannot keep his line of thoughts for more than a few seconds at a time, and the teleprompter or notes he likely had in front of him also did not help. The result of this is what you read above.

At this point, one would be excused for calling this elder abuse. However, I have my doubts on that, too.

You see: a person who notices he has dementia and is being forced to do something he does not want to do will, in his many moments of lucidity, understand what is going on and, provided he is not scared he will be beaten to death or left on the street, will talk to his relatives and demand to be treated differently.

Biden is not a poor man who fears for his own existence. He has plenty of relatives around, though I would not want to be any of them. He has money. He has a lot of connections. He could get out of the race in a second, and do it in such a way that no one would dare to say anything, however angry they would be at him.

He does not do it, because Biden actually wants to do this. He wants to be the President, even if only for one day, and the Country be damned. He wants to be “46” even if he will be only a footnote in American History, which will mention him, almost as a fun fact, as the President who had the shortest presidency before resigning in favour of his VP.

Biden his not a genius, but he is not so stupid. He understands very well what it’s going on, though he might lie to himself as to the extent of the problem. What he wants, is to follow his “dream” at whatever cost, even the huge loss of reputation for himself, the Democrat party, and the office of the Presidency. He is having a tantrum at 77, and those around him find it convenient to reassure him that he will be very fit for a long-ish time, and will certainly manage to become President, though he might want to think seriously about a second term, or about not staying in power beyond March 2021. It’s so stressful, you know….

No, I don’t think that Joe is an old man being abused. I think he is a very old, decrepit, half demented man who is abusing his voters. 

Let’s hope the debates with Trump really take place. I think they will reveal not only the obvious mental weakness of his man, but the arrogance of being aware of the problem and wanting to get his toy anyway.





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