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Elder Abuse?


The tweet above refers to the latest, massive blunder of Dementia Joe. I don’t know what the initial thought was, perhaps the number of (alleged) Chinese Virus deaths. However, poor Dementia Joe cannot keep his line of thoughts for more than a few seconds at a time, and the teleprompter or notes he likely had in front of him also did not help. The result of this is what you read above.

At this point, one would be excused for calling this elder abuse. However, I have my doubts on that, too.

You see: a person who notices he has dementia and is being forced to do something he does not want to do will, in his many moments of lucidity, understand what is going on and, provided he is not scared he will be beaten to death or left on the street, will talk to his relatives and demand to be treated differently.

Biden is not a poor man who fears for his own existence. He has plenty of relatives around, though I would not want to be any of them. He has money. He has a lot of connections. He could get out of the race in a second, and do it in such a way that no one would dare to say anything, however angry they would be at him.

He does not do it, because Biden actually wants to do this. He wants to be the President, even if only for one day, and the Country be damned. He wants to be “46” even if he will be only a footnote in American History, which will mention him, almost as a fun fact, as the President who had the shortest presidency before resigning in favour of his VP.

Biden his not a genius, but he is not so stupid. He understands very well what it’s going on, though he might lie to himself as to the extent of the problem. What he wants, is to follow his “dream” at whatever cost, even the huge loss of reputation for himself, the Democrat party, and the office of the Presidency. He is having a tantrum at 77, and those around him find it convenient to reassure him that he will be very fit for a long-ish time, and will certainly manage to become President, though he might want to think seriously about a second term, or about not staying in power beyond March 2021. It’s so stressful, you know….

No, I don’t think that Joe is an old man being abused. I think he is a very old, decrepit, half demented man who is abusing his voters. 

Let’s hope the debates with Trump really take place. I think they will reveal not only the obvious mental weakness of his man, but the arrogance of being aware of the problem and wanting to get his toy anyway.





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