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Marx vs Marx

Cardinal Marx had a photo of himself taken near a monument of Karl Marx, praising the bastard as a “great thinker”.

The mind boggles.

Can you imagine any Cardinal, before the Second Vatican Council, saying the same? Alas, not only is this by no means Cardinal Marx’s first round of Marx-praising, but one actually wonders how many, at all levels of the clergy, think like him! One wonders, in fact, whether this despicable man’s statement was not done exactly in order to please Francis!

We should not be “obsessed” about the obvious enmity with God of the alleged “great thinker”. We should not at all be fazed about the countless millions who died because of his “great thinking”. We should all become all fluffy, emotional V II soyboys and look at Marxism as if he was a kind of social worker with a lot of free time on his hands.

This is what the Church in Germany has reduced itself to: a bunch of faithless cretins pandering to the world as they lead an extremely well-paid existence mainly devoted to undermine and sabotage the Church, and the still remaining faithful, who feed them. Cardinal Marx is by no means a scandal, or a black sheep among them. He is quite the typical representative of the breed.

At least, you can say one thing about Karl Marx.

He did not go along wanting to be a Cardinal.

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