Critical Race Theory, Or: Infiltrating The Government One Agency At A Time.


I must say that I was surprised in learning that US Federal agencies spend money to give training in “critical race theory”.  The Federal administration must be an impenetrable jungle of very numerous “independent republics” with the ability to waste their money without any serious control from outside. But heavens: no audits? No citizens’ organisations looking at the expenses and giving their two pennies on how the money is spent? Weird.

Be it as it may, Trump has put an end to the nonsense. Still, I see problems with the way the decision is formulated.

The very existence of such training exercises actually shows that the problem goes beyond the individual events, and it is the symptom of a subversive infiltration of the Federal administration. This can’t be stopped by just preventing the subversives to sabotage America in that particular way, as it obvious that these individuals will simply change the name of the training courses, or mix the subversive content with a more innocuous one.

No, the solution to this is the systematic purging from the Federal administration of all individuals who have proposed, approved, and funded such exercises. 

Once the rot has been found, spreading deodorant over it will not do. You need to eliminate the rot.

I really hope that the Trump administration realises this, and goes to work – perhaps without big proclaims, but effectively anyway – to put an end to this scandal.



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  1. Critical theory developed in 1930’s is pure Marxism designed to undermine and destroy our way of life in order to replace it with Communism. They should be make clear to all Americans. It should also be main clear that this is the philosophy of the Democrat Party.

  2. If your goal is to make a certain race into an object of scorn, go and tell everyone that they need special treatment.

    That is to say: Any person or race which desires to be respected as an equal, must first proclaim themselves — or be proclaimed by others — as “fair game.”

    It seems harsh, but respect cannot be demanded or legislated.

  3. Agree with your solution. The rot you describe is exactly what Trump’s predecessor intended to be done to the Federal agencies.

  4. As a former employee of a Federal Government agency, to clean out the swamp, the subversives, the majority of Federal Government employees would have to be fired. Then since there wouldn’t be enough honest and trustworthy people to replace all of those fired because the government bureaucracy is so huge. So many unconstitutional agencies would also have to be eliminated. That will never happen.

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