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Gossip And Pope Greta

Do you remember that strange, obnoxious, unpleasant, grumpy Grand Uncle who used to complain all the time and, whatever he said, always looked off, incoherent, and rather childish?

He is now Pope.

Mind, Francis is much, much worse than your grand uncle; he is evil, petty, an enemy of the Church, and even – as Popes go – quite stupid, though he is not Antifa-rioter stupid. Still, one cannot deny that his pettiness and propensity for being constantly off base, even in his less Marxist moments, does remind one of said old relative.

After months of a pandemic which, whilst vastly overrated, has still killed an awful lot of people – like a bad flu does; imagine that! – Francis comes out of his high-walled little kingdom and informs us that….. Gossip is worse than the Chinese virus.

Tone deaf does not even begin to describe this.

Pettiness does not even begin to explain it.

Let me give you what I think is a very reasonable explanation for Francis’ fixation with gossip.

If you ask me, we are here clearly in front of a man who has been consistently despised for his entire life, and who therefore had to experience, particularly as he rose the ranks of the Church, the constant complaining about his character, his duplicity, his lies, his big love for being a petty tyrant, his lack of faith, his vast ignorance and his even bigger arrogance. This, he simply cannot stand; because when the fiftieth person hints with you that all the world considers you a piece of Francis, you start to understand that it might not be entirely casual; and you hate them even more, and are even more of a petty tyrant; because you can.

This, I think, is a very rational explanation of what goes on in the mind of Pope Greta.

And if it isn’t, it is not for Francis ‘ lack of trying.

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