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Pedal To The Metal

We are now scarily near to the 3 November. I do not need to remind you of how much is at stake. I will also readily admit that things are going very, very well for us according to every sensible indicator that is not made of fake polls.

Still, I see two massive problems in front of us.

The first is complacency. Whilst Trump’s base is much more enthusiastic than Creepy Joe’s, it is obvious that only a CNN reporter on drugs can think that Biden is still the favourite. It was good for Trump to be the underdog in 2016. He will not have this advantage now.

The second is the massive email fraud being pushed now in many States with the excuse of the Chinese Virus. This has the potential for a lot of blood, and I mean this in the literal, not figurative way. Whilst I am confident that the checks and balances in the system will prevent fraud on this scale from happening – otherwise the Dems would have started with the ballot harvesting on a million votes scale a long time ago – , there is no doubt that this will be used to make Trump’s now probable victory look illegitimate, fuelling violence and discontent for the next four years, for which Trump will be blamed.

This makes it more important that Trump not only wins, but wins well, and that the victory trickles down ballot.

Not only the Senate will be vital for the next Supreme Court appointments, likely the most important events in the next four years, but the number of state houses controlled by Republicans will be vital if there is no decision within the December deadline and [EDIT: the Congress] decides (at one vote per state) who is President. Republicans now led 27 to 23. It should be like that, or better, come November.

Therefore, I suggest that all my US readers put the pedal to the metal and drum as much support as they reasonably can for Trump, without losing their job or being massacred by a horde of BLM savages.

This is, admittedly, not as vital as 2016 (imagine where we would be now if Hillary had won!), but is still extremely important for the future of the entire West.

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