Scamdemic Useful For Something At Last

Forget the pumpkin…


The LA County has urged people not to go knocking on door on Halloween this year.  

It’s because of the scamdemic, you know. You could have an old 88 years, 400 pound diabetic woman with respiratory issues who, on hearing the knock at the door on the evening of the 31 October, thinks: “oopsy-daisy: who ever might be knocking at my door today of all days?” Then she opens and, to her utter surprise, she finds some 13 years old boys and girls saying: “trick or treat!”. And there it is, the unavoidable end of poor Mrs Anastasia Leadbottom; at least if we listen to Democrats.

Mind, I am not complaining. In fact, I think that this is a good development. This darn Halloween is a pagan cult which, under the excuse of “fun”, heavily distracts from the important Christian and, in particular, Catholic week: the last Sunday in October is the Feast of Christ the King according to the right calendar, then we have All Saints and All Souls immediately after this Halloween stuff. Halloween is a problem firstly, because it insinuates in the mind of the young a pagan ritual without any vestige of Christianity; and secondly, because it makes it more difficult for Catholic parents to direct the attention of their children to the proper priorities in those days.

Therefore, it seems that one evil movement (the Scamdemic) is contributing to pushing away another evil movement (the Halloween craze, now also present in Europe).

As they say this side of the Pond: every little helps!




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  1. When I was a kid we went door to door saying “help the poor” or “pennies for Palestine”. It was a fun thing. Not so much any longer. It has been organized into a community event–in line with other Communist trends.

  2. Feldman, Cynthia P

    I thought that might be the case, thanks. I didn’t realize you had seen him so much!

    What about a Walmart order for $461.99 on 8/12/20?

  3. COVID-19 was also a blessing… as well as a terrifying test.

    First, it has got a lot of people seriously investigating the prospect of home-schooling their children, just as the infrastructure rapidly developed to allow many of us to work from home. This could be huge. It may even be a path back to the stay-at-home-maternity family plan which so is to pleasing to God.

    But on the other hand, COVID forced Western society to admit which activities it now considers “essential”. We closed our churches even as we kept open our liquor stores and abortion clinics. Now that the heavenly court has observed the results of this test, can anyone claim to be surprised when God decides to give our land over to the Muslims… in His traditional manner of scattering His disobedient tribes?

    “These always err in heart. And these men have not known My ways, so I swore in My wrath that they shall not [remain in] my rest.”

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