Why I Need A New Popcorn Maker


You don’t wish ill to an old, ill man. But when the old man wants to become President even if his brains are decomposing like they are Obama’s “legacy”, one needs to pay attention.

Watch here. This is a man barely able to read from a teleprompter, garbling every word that is moderately difficult to pronounce and, in general, giving the strong impression of rapid progress in his mind’s deterioration.

Watch him as he desperately tries to persuade you he still has some vitality left by trying to get passionate, which is a contrived and more than a tad ridiculous thing to do if, as it seems here, he is not having an exchange with a crowd (as Trump does, amidst continuous cheers and cries of “U.S.A”), but rather reading a script from a teleprompter in front of either nobody, or a bunch of zombies.

I really, really hope the man can make it through the next two months, and remain the Democratic candidate until election day. I know, it would be fun if he retired and Kamala “Hoe” Harris, who is hated even by her own “coloured” people, were to run for President in his place. But I still think this guy is the best Dem candidate we can wish for.

I can’t imagine how this guy can go through three debates against that force of nature called Donald John Trump. The media will help him in any way they can, but in the end the contrast will be extreme even if Trump shows up drunk, and Biden is kept together by a mixture of adrenaline and cocaine injections.

Sleepy Joe is going down faster than Saddam from the scaffold. It will be cringe worthy, but fascinating to watch. I do not think the man deserves any quarter. I do not think Trump will give him any.

I think I need a new popcorn maker.









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  1. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Looks like a three bowl show under the big top!

  2. “Do away with all healthcare in America.”
    First, kill all the doctors, then the nurses, then the EMS responders. What an insdious plan on Trump’s part.
    I guess Doctor Fauci would be first on the list.
    When a mom takes a splinter from her child’s finger she will be risking her life under Trump.
    And with no medical personnell left there will be no one to diagnose, for instance, jojothemonkeyboy.

  3. Hi M. Popcorn time indeed. May I recommend a fine American brand, Orville Redenbacher’s? It’s the best. Pop a bag in the microwave. You’ll put your popper out to pasture like sleepy Joe ought to be.

  4. I think Crazy Bernie will not stand for Ho to be the candidate when Sleepy Joe commits Arkancide, or maybe just can no longer form words. Crazy would have won if Pocahontas hadn’t dropped out, giving her support to Sleepy.

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