“Cuties” And The Problem With The Left


The total scandal and perv fest that is Cuties keeps making waves.

**Obviously**, I have not watched that rubbish. Not even a pic. Not even a short video segment. Apart from being a sane person, it is enough for me that Tim Poole stated days ago that he has banned from his Twitter feed everyone who (and be it to criticise the movie) has put pictures and fragments of the movie in it, so sickening it was.

Tim Poole is a (moderate) leftist (but with some sense left, so he will vote for Trump), not a Southern Baptist Preacher who thinks that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon. This is serious.

Let me explain the absurdity of Netflix’ position.

Firstly, you don’t make a movie, or a documentary, about taboo arguments. “Taboo” means, literally, “you don’t talk about it”. This stuff can get in the news because some leftist millionaire or filmmaker gets arrested, and sadly the modern world does not respect taboos as the old one did, forcing me to write a blog post about this sickening stuff. Still, it is obvious that if there is a taboo issue, you don’t make “movies” or “documentaries” about it. How many documentaries about incest have you seen?

Secondly, the claim of those criminal perverts that the movie is “conservative” is dumber than Joe Biden on a very, very bad day. It is not conservative to sexualise children. It is not conservative to put pedo stuff on the TV screen. These people are sick, and they make me sick. 

Thirdly, the mixture of perverted attitude and marketing ploy (remember: perverts want to normalise perversion, starting from the so-called “gays”) is such a transparent lie. Who would make a documentary claiming to criticise incest and put incest scenes on it? Who would make a documentary claiming to address the “problem of bestiality” and put.. that stuff in it? Only a pervert would, that’s who.     

After these very obvious, preliminary consideration, I draw as conclusion that is, in my eyes, just as obvious. Netflix has been infiltrated by perverts, whose game is to normalise perversion under the guise of being “critical” about it. This needs to be addressed and I am not talking of educators, I am talking of prosecutors. I hope that prosecutors with a stronger stomach than me look very attentively at this stuff and think very carefully whether they should not arrest and prosecute all the people who have been instrumental in this. Again, I have not seen that rubbish, so it is difficult for me to form an exact judgment as to whether the behaviour is outright criminal. But I think the professionals of the sector certainly should.

More in general, it is very easy to note this: perverted “lifestyles” are, one and all, totally antithetical to Christianity and to the White Western Civilisation in general. Therefore, perverts are naturally anti-Christian and leftists. It is no coincidence that, of the women who originally founded BLM, three out of three are Marxists, and two out of three are Lesbians. It is not difficult to imagine that, among the activist and agitators in BLM and Antifa, the percentage of such people is high.

Do you remember the first person killed in Kenosha, a chap called Rosenbaum, the bald one with the bad temper? Look him up.

I’d love to know how many in the upper echelons of Netflix are, in fact, homos. I’d love to know about the director, screenplay writers, and other “creative” people within this disgraceful enterprise. I think we might discover interesting stuff.

Remember: not every homo is a paedophile, but almost all paedophiles are homos.





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  1. We must boycott Netflix, sell their stock. Money is their god and perversion is their joy.

  2. The problem with the left is that they have no right.
    Without God they will be left.
    Makes sense to me.

  3. CA has a bill pending to lower the age of sexual consent. Being “minor attracted” is now a thing, a thing defended by the professionals at no less than Johns Hopkins, where a conference was held about 2 years ago to discuss the “unfair stigma” attached to those minor attracted people, once known as dangerous perverts. These people wish sexual access to your children and mine, they wish to have no legal culpability attached, to sodomize little ones, the same children that if you gave them an aspirin in a public school you would be fired immediately. Children corrupted in such a way often commit suicide, especially when the perp is the opposite sex I believe, so the cemeteries are full of such children and young adults who couldn’t take the resulting pain inflicted. But the hell with it, it’s a stigmatized group, and they must have their way, children don’t vote, so rape them and as here, exploit them. The B-grade actor from King of Queens, that vile little pimple, Patton Oswalt, defends pedophiles. Gee, wonder why. When people use pornography, it takes more and more debased images to stimulate them. Kiddie porn is popular, because besides sex with creatures, what is more perverse than touching a child with sexual intent. I can hardly stand to type those words.

    The people of CA, even with all the punishment the Democrats throw on them daily, need to be out in force against this, as we all MUST when it shows up, and it will. Call a spade a spade, demand these perverts keep their hands OFF children and young people. Do not give them one year, not ONE YEAR in lowering the age of consent. Pray, and get going, they want your children.
    I won’t hold my breath about good people cancelling Netflix. I can’t even understand why men would continue to watch professional sports, let alone support those who push child pornography. I mean this as a prayer, God help us, and soon.

  4. Cancelled my account today. I think I have been paying Netflix since at least around 05 or 06. Feels good.

  5. The parents /guardians of these children should also be prosecuted for sex trafficking and kidnapping. Those little girls probably did not choose those ‘adults’.

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