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The Slow Shift Towards Life

CatholicVote has just published a scathing attack to Sleepy Joe’s alleged “Catholic” credentials, and I remind you that this is possibly the only worldwide known guy who managed to have communion denied to him in recent times. What CatholicVote is telling Catholics is that this guy is a liar, a fraud, a phony, someone who would say anything for personal advantage.

Now, I have my doubts that the message will be a devastating blow to good old, folksy Two Finger Joe. My impression is that an awful lot of average “Catholics” don’t really care about Biden’s position on abortion, and would actually not like it if abortions were to be severely restricted,  let alone altogether banned, in the US.

What, however, seems relevant to me, is that the increasingly more outspoken stance of the Republicans – clearly driven by Trump – concerning abortion is slowly working; it is getting more embarrassing to be against abortion, and if your average milquetoast “c”atholic does not care much, others will care more.

Trump is, it seems to me, being President and Pope at the same time, occupying the space Francis and his bishops leave abandoned and derelict. Catholic issues like abortion are far away from being the dominant issue of this election – I would say that law and order and the economy move far more votes – , but I do not remember the issue being treated with the same relevance in 2016.

Every progress in Catholic matters, particularly abortion, but also alphabet issues, can only be slow and incremental, building on the slow emergence of a mainstream resistance to this atrocious, barbaric, pre-Christian practice. Unless the Supreme Court acts decisively, we need to advance one inch at a time; actually, this slow advance is the only hope to have to see the Supreme Court act decisively one day.

What I can see from here is that Trump is delivering, and giving more weight to voices like CatholicVote; whilst the absolutely vast majority of the Bishops – and, sadly, the majority of Catholics – are either disinterested or working against us.

Still, it seems to me that the shift is there. A Trump victory in November would only accelerate the movement.

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