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Dementia Joe, Irish Politics, And American Babies.

The news has just reached us this side of the Pond that Dementia Joe has threatened the nascent Trade Agreement with the UK if the British Government walks back on the Good Friday Agreement.

I really think these people are doing their best, and trying their hardest, to lose big.

The Americans of Irish descent aren’t so awfully terribly many. Of those who are, there will be a vast majority for whom the link to the Emerald Island has more a sentimental, family lore, fireplace nature than a real, lived, practiced, attachment to Irish matters. The vast majority of the US voters have, of course, no great interest in Ireland, nor do I blame them. Let us add to the utter stupidity of this supremely stupid move that an awful lot of people of Irish descent live in Eastern States like Massachusetts and New York –  States which Biden either has already in the bag, or he has problems of quite a different nature than sliding polls – and we understand the scale of this blunder. 

The result of all this is that Dementia Joe is asking the entire US population to sacrifice the best possible trade deal with one of the most important trade partners of the United States for …. some vague feeling of “give peace a chance” that is nothing to do with him, and the pandering to a minority of the US population concentrated in States he will win anyway.

You couldn’t make it up.

But you know what I would, if I were Trump, cudgel the old guy with the most?

With the fact that he is so interested in the affairs of people living an entire Ocean away that he asks his own voters to accept to suffer economic damage for them, but he does not care a straw for the around 900,000 little Americans To Be who are butchered every year, in his own Country, in the womb of their own mothers.

This guy is a walking (not much) talking (not much, either) joke, and a very evil one at that.

Vote, and make vote, Trump, Defender Of The Unborn.

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