March On, Mr President! Make Liberals Cry Again!

I read that the decision has already been made: the Senate is ready to examine the candidate to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  

It is late in the day, but not too late. If the Senate plays, there is time not until November, but actually until January. If the usual judases (Murkowski, Romney!) put obstacles in the way, this will inflame the campaign and mobilise even more Trump voters.

I think there is a clear enthusiasm differential between the vast number of clearly pro-life Republicans, and the smaller number of abortion bigots on the other side. This issue might well persuade to vote 1.25, or 1.5, or even 2 Republican voters for every Democrat who will decide to vote to prevent a more conservative Supreme Court. The fact is, the educated people on both sides are voting anyway, but against less educated and perhaps apathetic Republicans who might be moved to go to the poll because they find sufficient motivation in the SCOTUS appointments, there will be much fewer less educated Democrats who have even a faint interest in matters that do not give them a new TV set.

This is, by the way, why Republicans find it so easy to mobilise their voters with the SCOTUS arguments, whilst the Democrats need to stoke racial hatred as the only way to mobilise the overfed backsides of their less educated voters. The fact is that, as I wrote just some days ago, the ground is slowly but surely shifting, and on the matter of the unborn it is the Republicans who are now on the offensive and have the more motivated troops.

In fact, it is not unrealistic to think that, with God’s grace, the emerging of the Supreme Court appointment as a key issue in the 2020 election (whether the replacement for RBG is appointed or not; Breyer isn’t a spring chicken, either, the Wide Latina has health issues, and a 2020 victory opens the door for the replacement of Thomas and Alito with younger, but solidly conservative candidates) will move the one or other religious Black voter, who for mysterious reasons had refused to add two and two, to finally jump on the Trump Train.

March on, Mr President! Make Liberals Cry Again!







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  1. Too many of the useless “useful idiots” who are out on streets peacefully rioting are supposedly well educated graduates and students (on covid-1984 furloughs) of “good” colleges, well indoctrinated into the leftwing agenda.
    We have a tendency to confabulate “education” with “certification.” Certification means you completed a course, got a diploma, received a societal stamp of approval no matter what it was you supposedly learned or were taught.
    So “certification” is not the hallmark of a truly educated person. It just indicates that a person checked off the right boxes. I was pro-abortion/choice well into my “adult” years, for instance, despite my graduate degree.
    It is more than “school-learnin'” that makes one educated, and some of the best educated and most articulate people I know never went to college at all.
    Besides, liberalism makes you stupid, and no amount of education will overcome stupid.

  2. Puzzled that you speak of a replacement for Justice Clarence Thomas, who is old but a solid conservative! Agree completely with the rest of your post, Mundabor. GO TRUMP!

    • If Trump wins, Thomas himself has signalled he would think of it. A new judge in his mold of, say, 45 years of age would insure a longer conservative dominance of the SCOTUS.

  3. Justice Clarence Thomas, one on my very short list of heroes. What a courageous and principled man.
    Trump has sent some signal it will be a woman. I have no objection to it being a woman but I very much dislike selecting anyone based on genitalia. Foolish reason to pick someone for a job, let alone SCOTUS. The pinheads have decreed “there’s gonna be war!” if Trump makes the selection. But nobody has the slightest doubt the Democrats would select tomorrow.
    We can never kowtow to these Demo-Coms. We cannot live in fear of their temper tantrums. It’s going to get real, but we really have no choice. Defend, or disappear.

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