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Trump Prepares To Play 4D Chess, Again


I do not like it when certain attributes – like having a vagina, or melanin in one’s skin – are used as a criterium for something that should be based solely on competence, like the decision of who should be the next Supreme Court appointee.

I also notice that even men – who should be less sensitive to social ostracism than women, who are, by their nature, more social and less willing to go for protracted confrontations – tend to “go native” after moving near the champagne-sipping circles of Washington. Roberts is an obvious recent example, let us pray very hard that Gorsuch does not become another. Make no mistake: the social pressure on a woman to align to the social world in which she lives will be massive, and we will need a Margaret Thatcher-like grit to resist to it.

Still, there are good arguments for the, ahem, strategic choice of a woman – provided she would be good enough without any consideration about her sex – for the Supreme Court. In fact, there is even more than can be said for the appointment – with the conditions explained above – of a minority woman. Let me say this once again: of a minority woman who would have been a very decent pick for the Court if she had been a man. Note, in fact, that Trump does not say that the next candidate has to be a woman, because equaliteee. He has said that he will make a choice, and it is likely to (happen to) be a woman.

It would be extremely embarrassing, for the Democrats, to throw mud on a “woman of color”. The fact is, this is something they are not supposed to do, no matter what. If it is fine for Jacob Blake to be a felon, because systemic racism, it must be fine for the minority woman who get picked to be around twenty time more atrocious than embodiments of White Privilege like, to mention one for all, Nancy Pelosi. Whatever issues the candidate would supposedly have – and they would invent some calumnious ones without any compunction – it would be merely the product of the systemic injustice working against all wymyn, particularly wymyn of coooolor, right?

My suspicion is that Trump would, in normal times, relish a protracted fight. But the time is not normal, and there isn’t much of it left. Therefore, he presents the candidate that would make it the most difficult for the Dems to attack him, and creates a situation in which it is easier for Mitch McConnell to put an end to the debate before November, put the thing to a vote and see how Romney, Collins and Murkowski react.

If he wins, he goes into November surfing the wave of success like he is the new edition of the Beach Boys. If he does not win, he can use this to ask the American people to return him and a true Republican Senate majority in November. No one could accuse him of not having done enough. He would be the absolute idol of the Republican masses. The mobilisation would be, I think, huge.

It’s not the situation I would like to be in. But RBG has done all she could to damage the US Institutions – and the Supreme Court in particular – from her very death bed.

Trump needs to play with the hands of card he was given. It seems to me he is about to make a smart play.





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