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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Could Have Had Her Wish. She Just Did Not Want To.


It is now three days, and I am growing seriously sick and tired about all this rubbish about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s “dying wish”.

Firstly, the woman allegedly said she would wish her successor to be appointed by the new President. If Trump wins in November, there will be no new President. Trump will not become “46”, because Presidents are not counted by mandate. Therefore, what the woman said could simply be interpreted as “it would be so nice if they decided not to do anything, Biden won and appointed my successor”. A “pious” (!!) wish. A desire that everything might end well for her.

Secondly, if RBG really had meant to put pressure on the President, the Senate and the public opinion, what prevented her from saying these words on camera? I can vividly imagine Nancy Fraudosi and Alexandria Ochildo-Cortez crying in front of the camera whilst watching it. Of course, against this is the very simple fact that it would be simply unacceptable, as RBG herself knew all too well, to try to put the President, the Senate and the public opinion under pressure with her wishes.

Thirdly, and most importantly, who cares a straw for the politically motivated wishes of someone dying? This is different from the old man dying and asking his son to make him die happy and promise, say, to stay away from drugs, or to enrol in that nurse school, or to become an NRA life member. This “death wish” impacts every single American, born or unborn. Should they all held moral hostages of a power-crazed old woman dying? Thought not…

Lastly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg had it in her power to die knowing that her successor was in line with her ideological, baby-killing, perversion-promoting and, I think, hoplophobic stance. The only thing she needed to do was resign in 2009, at the ripe age of 76. Her successor would have been appointed by Obama, and would have been another disaster like the Fat Dike and the Wide Latina. RBG could, then, have died peacefully, knowing that her legacy lived.

But no. For this people everything is about themselves. They think that the Planet absolutely needs them, and nobody can take their place. Therefore, RBG decided to let her power trip go on for as long as possible, as she was celebrated like a living saint of the church of Moloch.

I don’t know whether the woman said those word, but they frankly sound like her. It could be that she expressed it as a “pious” (!!) wish she did not desire to be made public; it can be that she did desire that other people make it public. In both cases, her wishes are irrelevant.

She is six feet under now.

Politics isn’t made according to the deathbed wishes of the dead.




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