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The Decrepit Old Man And The Roaring Lion

Let us forget, for a moment, the obvious ideological differences in pretty much everything between Trump and Biden’s handlers.

Let us look at the two candidates, themselves.

On the one side, an old guy who looks more fragile by the week; who is obviously unable to even read from a teleprompter without making a pig’s breakfast of his prepared answers; who sounds unable to even pronounce correctly and distinctly the words that he manages to read properly; who speaks in whispers; who, in a word, projects only one message: decrepitude.

On the other side, a man’s man; not only in full possession of his mental faculties, but with an energy and resilience enviable in a man his age. A roaring lion, delivering speeches well exceeding one hour with great frequency; improvising, joking with his audience, keeping them entertained, keeping it fresh and sparkly every time, making his case in a way that could never, never be seen as “fed” to him by an army of consultants.

You might say that these things are, in the end, peripheral to the issue, and you would be, of course, right in principle. However, I think that, in practice, the mere visual impression counts. The difference in energy, stamina, ability to entertain, and sheer testosterone is so marked that the casual, low-information voter (of which there are many) would feel disgusted inside at the mere thought of associating with a pathetic, already decomposing loser like Creepy, Sleepy Joe Hiden.

How much do the mere optics count? Half a percent? It’s not little in a close race. It’s the aura of victory that comes from the energetic billionaire, full of life and with the stunner wife, against the old, tired nincompoop, completely devoid of energy, probably struggling to remember his sister’s name, and clearly manipulated by a wife who wants to be President.

Everything, everything but the voter mail fraud is working for Trump. I have heard say (but I have not read anything specific yet), that he would already be 4 points in front of Biden in Florida. Look at the Latino car parades for Biden (less than a dozen cars) and Trump (thousands of them) and you can clearly see where this is going.

Only fraud can stop this steamroller.

I trust that a man of such energy, and so forward thinking, has his lawyers ready for that, too.

SCOTUS: Look At the Big Picture


President Trump will announce his candidate to the appointment as Supreme Court Justice on Saturday, 5 P.M.  I fear it will be Amy Coney Barrett.

Let us disabuse ourselves of the idea that she would be the ideal candidate. Her Catholicism is, from what I read, creepy; she belongs to some strange group of “novelty Catholics”; she is the cafeteria, “I oppose the death penalty” kind of gal; she has not given any indication of espousing freedoms in the robust way necessary today to counter the massive push towards government omnipotence. Possibly the worst of all, her Originalism is, some say, not so strong as advertised. I hope Trump will select somebody else, with a more clearly right wing record and unchallenged Originalist credentials.

Still, I profit from the occasion to remind my reader that God never lays a straight road in front of us. Progress is never a luminous process by which lights dispels the darkness whilst all the world watches in astonishment. Rather, it is a curvy, bumpy, often messy process, which requires a big picture mentality to see what is happening behind the drama of the day.

Take Trump. The best President that anybody could reasonably wish, and one who delivered beyond my wildest expectations, he is not without substantial flaws. I am not talking here of his Twitter behaviour, which is likely necessary and for which I do not care. I am talking of stuff like the occasional pro-alphabet rhetoric, the two years of deep sleep on the Wall, the unwillingness to go hard against illegals (the court haven’t helped him, but I never saw the kind of ruthless determination he could have showed, for example greatly increasing the budget and activity of the ICE in problem cities). I never liked the DACA rhetoric, either. The list can go on. Still, this guy is, on the whole, simply stellar.

Coming back to us, if Amy Coney Barrett is appointed, we would not have the dream candidate. But a huge improvement on RBG she would be for sure. Plus, she could improve with age.

In the end, it’s always a risk. Even Gorsuch proved much less reliable than expected. You never know how these things go. I for myself would wish for the Supreme Court to be moved to Boise, Idaho, far removed from the toxic Washington D.C. mentality and social environment. Let your average Justice keep some horses, sheep, hens and rabbits (if Anglos keep rabbits for consumption) in his farm 15 minutes of driving away from the job. We would see a different mentality at play, one much nearer to the one of the Founding Fathers.

Still, this is what we have. I think we are progressing, bumps and all. No, do not expect a repeal of Roe vs Wade with her nominated. Probably, do not expect it in the next years anyway. The Supreme Court will, I suspect, only change the Country when the Country has already changed. It starts from the grassroots, it ends with the Justices. We can dream, but we need to be realistic.

My bet is that Roe vs Wade will start to be eroded, slowly and methodically, but without the fatal blow for many years, possibly in my lifetime. But again, I saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the deposition and execution of Ceausescu in a matter of hours. Providence orders everything in a wonderful way.

I will await the announcement with a moderate optimism, thinking that things are going the right way.

It will never be 6-3. Roberts is actually a fake conservative, and a very real progressive and part of the Champagne Court Circuit.

But it will be much better than now.


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